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You Canít Make This Stuff UP!

Sep 5, 2018 | Posted by Jeff Roy

While my good friend Art and I were warming up last night for our Stag Night reunion tour today. (try saying that after 3 Sinister Ministers) Suffice it to say we were playing the Serpent and doing our absolute best on taming the wild beast when a memory from the past came rushing into my not so fertile mind. Art and I were simply discussing some of the strange things people do on a golf course, playing or not. It was at this very moment in our conversation that I began to be transported back in time to a golf course not so far from here.

I picked the title since that is the motto out on the PGA Tour, “you just can’t make this stuff up.” You see the story unfolds like any other golf story. You have golfers on the course, each doing their best to hit that one shot that will bring them back again and again. Well this particular Saturday morning was no different until I got a call over the radio that simply stated, “Fries, go to channel 2.” Channel 2 was designated for only 4 radios out of the 10 we used daily. Me and my 3 Assistant Professionals. Going to channel 2 was never a good thing, most of the time. This one time was truly an exception.

The Golf Shop received a phone call from the 10th fairway. (aren’t cell phones wonderful) As this foursome approached the green they saw what can only be described as “no, not on a golf course!”  This foursome found themselves staring at a lovely young couple. Who for whatever reason decided to park their car on the side of the road, hop the fence and dash into the grove of pine trees directly behind the 10th green.

When the call came over my radio to go to channel 2, it was to inform me that an unknown male and a female where engaging in, well use your imagination. But they performed this one act play in front of no less than 8 golfers. What was I to do? I decided that speed was of the essence, so I dispatched the closest adult I could fine to the scene. This gentleman that I dispatched to the scene was the ultimate in manners, good taste and customer service. What I couldn’t tell him over channel 1 was what he was driving into as he headed to the trees behind the 10th green. He would have to figure that out for himself, he was on his own. But I had faith in him and in his ability to handle any situation thrown at him, come what may.

I stood on the 10th tee waiting for this gentleman to report back from his assignment. I wanted to hear how he handled this rather unusual predicament. As I watched him approach, I could not help but notice the seriousness on his face and immediately inquired as to what was the out come of his rendezvous with this young couple and their ill-timed hanky-panky. This is were you can’t make this up.

He explained it this way. He politely went up to the young man and tapped him on his bare shoulder and simply stated, “when your through would you mind getting dressed and quietly leave the golf course.” To which the young man replied, “I will be through in a minute.” Low and behold, he kept to his word. The two strolled out of the trees and hopped over the fence all the while getting dressed along the way.

There you have it. One for the record books. Cross that off your Bucket List. One romantic interlude on a crowded golf course on a Saturday morning no less. Who would have thunk it. Awe they do say that love is blind.

Silly me, my only fear was I hope the young man have enough sunblock on his behind!




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