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Aug 22, 2018 | Posted by Jeff Roy

Many years ago, I came across a nice gentleman who loved golf and he was not shy if a wager or too was mentioned either. He taught me a lot about playing under pressure. I asked my new friend to define “pressure?” That was simple he chuckled, “Playing for $100 bucks when you only have $5 in your pocket, now that’s pressure.”

His name was Gary Sootheren and he loved the game so much that his insight into the simple chore of writing your score on the card after you play a hole was priceless. At the completion of any given hole I would ask, “Gary, what did you have there?” His response was always the same, “how many did you see?” The saying never got old.

I am mentioning my friend from long ago since he is the only golfer that I know of that has a specific place on every hole he plays, regardless of the course, named after him. Oh, I know of golfers who brag about having a bunker, a tree or maybe a tee box named after them. Most likely due to an excessive amount of adult beverage consummation that made the said golfer do some life altering experience such as a perfect face plant while departing a tee. That hole will always be connected to poor Rob, remember when he …. And that is how legends are born.

As Gary started showing signs of age and had lost considerable distance, he devised a clever scheme to still play for the big bucks, albeit with a slightly larger handicap. Gary became known as the master of the short game. Every hole he played his SOP was to get his ball down about 20 to 30 yards from the green. This is long before forward tees and everyone played off the White markers. That spot on every hole that lies roughly 20 to 20 yards from the green is known affectedly as “Soothieville.” Gary would knock his ball right where he needed it to be for the best line to the hole. Gary had a better than 50/50 chance to get it up and down for his par. No body ever counted him out on any hole. He was just that good from “Soothieville.”

One last funny story about playing with Gary. He needed a fourth for the day. Gary took me as his partner. Not sure why you would pick a +2 handicap, but he did. Gary just said to me, “you play, I bet” On every tee there as heard, “press.” Then, “press you back,” and so on. There were so many presses that day, I lost count. I just thought this is going to be a big payout for me, so I was counting all the cash I could get my hands on once this round was over. To my delight the round end in what is affectively known as “a walk in the park.” No money was to change hands. What a relief, but I asked Gary how that was possible, since I only shot 73, while Gary shot right to his handicap. We surely couldn’t of beat them, not with their handicaps, those “sandbaggers.” But he smiled and simply stated that “the only secret was to know when to press.” I found out later that in our 18-hole match there were 24 presses!!

See everyone tonight and give a nod to Gary when you come up short of any green. You are welcome anytime in “Soothieville.”




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Stan s Team

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Low Gross

Ken Burke Sr.

Low Net

Net Flight : Handicap Range 0 to 9

Keith Huntingdon

Net Flight : Handicap Range 10 to 40


Larry Layne

David Drummond


Gross Flight +3 to 9.0

Skin Value: $92.00

Randy Mackay

Gross Flight 10.0 to 25.0

Skin Value: $2.25

Joe Biamonte

Larry Layne

Darryl MacMicken

Ricky Thompson

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Ken Burke Sr. $74.33
2 Chris Rivando $62.8
3 Sunny Tutti $49.17
4 Jeff Roy $46
5 Kevin Dobbs $43.33
6 Bryan Hilborn $37
7 Randy Mackay $35
8 Brian Friedlein $27.34
9 John Carbone $27
10 Jeff Galipeau $26
11 Ted Kicinski $20
12 Paul Putney $19.91
13 Bryan Foebel $19.5
14 Gord Tellier $18.5
15 Rick Heywood $16.45
16 Gary Pinelli $15.17
17 Earl Tobias $14.75
18 Kevin Hall $14.3
19 Roger Beck $14.05
T20 Barrie Wilson $14
T20 Phil Clough $14
T20 Michael Ker $14
T20 Brian Pye $14
T24 Rick Desjardins $13.67
T24 Ron Lindhorst $13.67
T24 Ed Bogucki $13.67
27 Gary Rodgers $13.03
28 Mike Boulard $10
T29 Jim Hollingshead $9.25
T29 Bob Beck $9.25
T31 Ron Lee $8.5
T31 Jim Huntingdon $8.5
33 Tom Moffatt $7.47
34 Dean Miller $7.45
T35 Dennis VanBrussel $7.25
T35 Marty Smits $7.25
T37 Jindy Bains $6.8
T37 Fred Moreau $6.8
T39 Art Cunningham $6.67
T39 David Drummond $6.67
T41 Asger Skrubbeltrang $5.33
T41 John Pool $5.33
43 Stan Sigut $4.5
44 Kent Sauder $4.25
45 Darryl MacMicken $2.6
46 Garry Patrick $2
47 Michael Behm $0.5
T48 Jeff Airhardt $0
T48 Luke Nieuwland $0
T48 Lou Nieuwland $0
T48 Dave Humber $0
T48 Bill Ayotte $0
T48 Joe Biamonte $0
T48 Lonnie Daradick $0
T48 Bob Desjardins $0
T48 Carmine Guadagno $0
T48 Mark Hardy $0
T48 Ricky Thompson $0
T48 Marc Huminilowycz $0
T48 Keith Huntingdon $0
T48 Larry Layne $0
T48 Steve Mester $0
T48 John Sider $0
Total Payout $817.01