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Red Not my Favourite Colour

Aug 2, 2018 | Posted by Jeff Roy

For those who have had the unfortunate pleasure of having to play alongside me while I struggle to maneuver my ball around the course will undoubtedly remember my calm and somewhat simple demeanor. Nothing really gets to me. You can talk, laugh (which is what most sane people do when they see me play anyway) you could drive a cart during my attempt to advance the ball or a number of other things that would cause the faint of heart to flinch and recoil if done during their swing. Not me, I only ask one thing of those who must endure my game. It’s a rather obvious flaw, but nonetheless a flaw is a flaw. I am a simple person, but I become hag-ridden by my fear of RED FLAGS. I have only one request of those who play alongside me. Listen to my small but cherished ranting about how I HATE red flags!!! There I said it, it's out there for everyone to know.


You may ask, what is the big deal with red flags. Well, at most courses not really a big deal. But here at Niagara’s friendliest golf course the Red flag denotes the pin has been properly place at the FRONT of the green. This formable test of golf we love to play has one strikingly obvious design characteristic which makes red flags or front pins the ultimate challenge. All the greens are slightly elevated from the fairway. The difficulty lies in your choice of approach. If you choose to fly the ball onto the green you will likely end up at the back of the green since we mortals cannot control balls coming into the green at high altitudes and travelling at a high rate of speed to stop once said ball has struck the putting surface.


Those shots from on high do produce a ball mark which is our responsibility to fix. We fix these scars because golf etiquette teaches us to leave the course in better condition than when we found it. Also, a freshly repaired ball mark will heal within 24 hours where as a ball mark left unfixed will remain for at least 5 days or more. Cathy Sherk always told me, “Fries, when you fix more than just your ball mark, the green gods will owe you a putt.” And I have always tried my best to fix more than just one ball mark. I am still patiently waiting to collect on this debt. I have often thought if all the golfers playing at any given time fixed more than one ball mark, the whole golf course would experience an apocalyptic experience of such epic proportions that all putts would automatically drop no matter what the length or break. One can only hope, pray and wait while the green gods get their act together.


Now for the supposedly safer approach to the green while attempting to somehow get our ball somewhat remotely close to that pesky red flag.  We carefully attempt to roll or bounce our ball on and many of those attempts stay SHORT of the green. Why, you ask? Its that slight elevation. So steep at times Sir Edmund Hillary could not make it to the summit!  ERRRR!!! In golf lingo, a chip-putt now turns into a chip-chip- putt-putt.


Don’t laugh we have all been there and more than likely we will be there again, and again, and again.


“This game is just too tough, it will never catch on.” Not sure who said it, but they have a valid point.


See everyone tonight,




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