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Temper Temper

Jun 26, 2018 | Posted by Jeff Roy

Some of the craziest things take place on a golf course. Some are actually hazardous to your health and even your equipment. This story was brought to the forefront of my cerebral cortex while driving 5 hours from Thunder Bay to Sioux Lookout on Monday. The whole drive had me feeling totally isolated and removed from my golfing warriors at Stag Night this week. I am told not to let work interfere with one’s social life, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. So here I sit in Sioux Lookout with only memories to tide me over to next week, but I digress.

Getting back to this story of how golf can be a real hazard. I was playing in a tournament in a previous life and was paired with this really nice gentleman from Texas. He even came with his own southern drawl that often made it hard for me to understand. Mostly I just nodded, smiled and said in true Canadian fashion, “Ah.” Which he thought was funny, since he thought his, “Ehu” sounded more sophisticated. I had to remind him that Canadians at least begin and end a sentence with the FIRST letter of the Alphabet!

This good-natured Texan wasn’t having a very good day. It went bad on the 1st tee when he teed off and sliced his ball in to the parking lot out of bounds. He hit his next ball in the exact same place. To which I simply said, “I think that lot is full.” He gave me a look that would make a Texas bull run and hide for cover, but not me. I am Canadian, he had to just deal with it.

Well as the round progressed it didn’t get any better for this now not so Southern Gentleman, he was getting more upset and irater as we moved from hole to hole. Well somewhere around the 7 or 8th hole, can’t quite remember, he blasted a drive so far left, I smiled and said, “That’s so far left, Elephants go there to die.”

He turned around and without any forethought, for I am sure if he really thought through this next move, he truly would have re-thunk it. He turned around looked at me and wanting to hit someone, (mostly me) or something. He chose the thing. He swung as hard as one could swing at the tee marker. A marker he must have thought was made of plastic. But “Oh, Canada” not this one, this one was pure steel shaped like a Maple Leaf, since we were playing in Toronto!

Seeing a Maple Leaf tee marker sticking out of the face of his NEW Taylor Made driver was priceless. I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, feel sorry or just run away. I opted to stay, which prompted him to ask me what he should do now, what’s the rule? To which I reminded him of the Rule 4 – 3 which states, Damage Other Than in Normal Course of Play , “If, during a stipulated round, a player's club is damaged other than in the normal course of play rendering it non-conforming or changing its playing characteristics, the club must not subsequently be used or replaced during the round.” Smashing his driver into a steel tee marker was most definitely NOT during “the normal course of play.”

To try and lighten the mood I chided him by saying, “Well the good news is you can play without your driver, just be thankful you didn’t hit the tee marker with your Scotty Cameron Putter!”

I haven’t spoke with him since that fateful day, and I don’t anticipate a call anytime soon. It was just a fond memory of how the game of golf can take over one’s emotions and spit them back out for all the world to see.

See everyone next week!



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7 Randy Mackay $35
8 Brian Friedlein $27.34
9 John Carbone $27
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15 Rick Heywood $16.45
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28 Mike Boulard $10
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T31 Ron Lee $8.5
T31 Jim Huntingdon $8.5
33 Tom Moffatt $7.47
34 Dean Miller $7.45
T35 Dennis VanBrussel $7.25
T35 Marty Smits $7.25
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T39 Art Cunningham $6.67
T39 David Drummond $6.67
T41 Asger Skrubbeltrang $5.33
T41 John Pool $5.33
43 Stan Sigut $4.5
44 Kent Sauder $4.25
45 Darryl MacMicken $2.6
46 Garry Patrick $2
47 Michael Behm $0.5
T48 Jeff Airhardt $0
T48 Luke Nieuwland $0
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T48 Bill Ayotte $0
T48 Joe Biamonte $0
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Total Payout $817.01