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God Bless My Captain!

Jun 5, 2018 | Posted by Jeff Roy

You know you have written way too much in a Blog post when you overhear two Stag Night operatives exclaim that it had taken 2 beers to fully read last weeks post outlining the teams. Really, only 2 beers. I know of a few warriors who would have taken up the challenge to polish off at least 3 beers. However, reading about one’s exploits is not for the faint of heart. It takes real courage to look at your fellow team mates and wonder WTF was our captain on when he assembled this group of mismatched warriors.

Having experienced the love that comes from ones very own team is quite an unnatural phenomenon here on Stag Night. Having looked at the scores from last week and seeing that The McChicken’s actually pulled a fast one and came in first place for the night. And my being totally absent could only have helped. I was so proud of my team. Until I got the message from my very own captain saying, “we done really good without ya’ this past Wednesday, maybe you should consider staying away for a few more nights and let us build up a comfortable lead, then ya’ can come on back, ok?” Spoken like a true Shakespearean scholar.

To say I was a little taken back by this bold comment I would be lying. I realized my captain was only thinking of what was best for the rest of the team. Putting all worldly pursuits aside and focusing on the losing team member takes courage and devotion. I am proud to call my captain not only Captain, but my friend. A friend who is willing to lay it on the line for his team. What courage, what? You fill in the rest.



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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Stan s Team

Luke s Team

Low Gross

Ken Burke Sr.

Low Net

Net Flight : Handicap Range 0 to 9

Keith Huntingdon

Net Flight : Handicap Range 10 to 40


David Drummond

Larry Layne


Gross Flight +3 to 9.0

Skin Value: $92.00

Randy Mackay

Gross Flight 10.0 to 25.0

Skin Value: $2.25

Joe Biamonte

Larry Layne

Darryl MacMicken

Ricky Thompson

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Ken Burke Sr. $74.33
2 Chris Rivando $62.8
3 Sunny Tutti $49.17
4 Jeff Roy $46
5 Kevin Dobbs $43.33
6 Bryan Hilborn $37
7 Randy Mackay $35
8 Brian Friedlein $27.34
9 John Carbone $27
10 Jeff Galipeau $26
11 Ted Kicinski $20
12 Paul Putney $19.91
13 Bryan Foebel $19.5
14 Gord Tellier $18.5
15 Rick Heywood $16.45
16 Gary Pinelli $15.17
17 Earl Tobias $14.75
18 Kevin Hall $14.3
19 Roger Beck $14.05
T20 Barrie Wilson $14
T20 Phil Clough $14
T20 Michael Ker $14
T20 Brian Pye $14
T24 Rick Desjardins $13.67
T24 Ron Lindhorst $13.67
T24 Ed Bogucki $13.67
27 Gary Rodgers $13.03
28 Mike Boulard $10
T29 Jim Hollingshead $9.25
T29 Bob Beck $9.25
T31 Ron Lee $8.5
T31 Jim Huntingdon $8.5
33 Tom Moffatt $7.47
34 Dean Miller $7.45
T35 Dennis VanBrussel $7.25
T35 Marty Smits $7.25
T37 Jindy Bains $6.8
T37 Fred Moreau $6.8
T39 Art Cunningham $6.67
T39 David Drummond $6.67
T41 Asger Skrubbeltrang $5.33
T41 John Pool $5.33
43 Stan Sigut $4.5
44 Kent Sauder $4.25
45 Darryl MacMicken $2.6
46 Garry Patrick $2
47 Michael Behm $0.5
T48 Jeff Airhardt $0
T48 Luke Nieuwland $0
T48 Lou Nieuwland $0
T48 Dave Humber $0
T48 Bill Ayotte $0
T48 Joe Biamonte $0
T48 Lonnie Daradick $0
T48 Bob Desjardins $0
T48 Carmine Guadagno $0
T48 Mark Hardy $0
T48 Ricky Thompson $0
T48 Marc Huminilowycz $0
T48 Keith Huntingdon $0
T48 Larry Layne $0
T48 Steve Mester $0
T48 John Sider $0
Total Payout $817.01