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Your Stag Night Teams

May 30, 2018 | Posted by Jeff Roy

As I looked into the faces of the players assembled in the clubhouse this past Wednesday evening. Everyone stared with wide eyed wonderment at the TV screens which conveniently portrayed the results of their 113-minute sojourn into the abyss we so conveniently call golf. Each player looking to see how not only they did but how their team members faired in relation to the rest of the field. Looking with anxious anticipation to see who had succumbed to the pit of shame known affectionately as “Useless Bastards.”  

Stag Nigh Teams capture the essence of the true nature of word “Team.” All team members working together to achieve a worthy goal. I wonder what the goal is for Stag Night? Could it be just to survive?

I am considering pitching a new reality TV show. “Stag Night Survivor” Follow the playful antics of a group of highly intellectual men as they maneuver themselves around a golf course and end up verbally berating each other, their fellow team members and any passerby who fails to pass the simplest of test. Such as finding their way back to their table. All this is accomplished while consuming copious amounts of adult beverages and staring intently at numerous TV screens with in the confines of the clubhouse. (Back deck included)   

For those not inclined to use a computer or never go surfing on that ever-increasing wave of knowledge know affectionately as the internet.

Here are our 2018 Teams in all their glory and splendour;

Aesop’s Foebels

Bryan Foebel – Team Captain
Bill Ayotte
Jindy Bains
John Carbone
Art Cunningham
Dean Miller
Dennis VanBrussel

Luke’s Team

Luke Nieuwland – Team Captain
Brian Friedlein
Carmine Guadagno
Larry Layne
Gary Pinelli
Gord Tellier
Earl Tobias
Barrie Wilson

Stan’s Team

Stan Sigut – Team Captain
Jeff Airhardt
Ed Bogucki
Lonnie Daradick
Tom Moffatt
John Sider
Marty Smits
Ricky Thompson

The Duffer’s

Gary Rodgers – Team Captain
Bob Beck
Mike Boulard
Jim Hollingshead
Keith Huntingdon
Ted Kicinski
Garry Patrick
Sunny Tutti

The McChickens

Daryl MacMicken – Team Captain
Ken Burke Sr.
Jeff Galipeau
Kevin Hall
Bryan Hilborn
Marc Huminlowycz
John Pool
Jeff Roy

The Mexican’s

Phil Clough – Team Captain
David Drummond
Rick Heywood
Dave Humber
Randy MacKay
Paul Putney
Chris Rivando
Ron Lindhorst


The OV’s

Fred Moreau – Team Captain
Roger Beck
Joe Biamonte
Bob Desgardins
Michael Kerr
Steve Mester
Kent Sauder

U R Peein

Lou Nieuwland – Team Captain
Michael Behm
Rick Desjardins
Kevin Dobbs
Jim Huntingdon
Ron Lee
Asger Skrubbeltrang
Brian Pye

There you have it Stag Night enthusiast, your 2018 teams with their very own captains.  

The old Irishman said it best when he said, “It is better to spend money like there's no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there's no money!”

Swing On!


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Stan s Team

Luke s Team

Low Gross

Ken Burke Sr.

Low Net

Net Flight : Handicap Range 0 to 9

Keith Huntingdon

Net Flight : Handicap Range 10 to 40


Larry Layne

David Drummond


Gross Flight +3 to 9.0

Skin Value: $92.00

Randy Mackay

Gross Flight 10.0 to 25.0

Skin Value: $2.25

Joe Biamonte

Larry Layne

Darryl MacMicken

Ricky Thompson

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Ken Burke Sr. $74.33
2 Chris Rivando $62.8
3 Sunny Tutti $49.17
4 Jeff Roy $46
5 Kevin Dobbs $43.33
6 Bryan Hilborn $37
7 Randy Mackay $35
8 Brian Friedlein $27.34
9 John Carbone $27
10 Jeff Galipeau $26
11 Ted Kicinski $20
12 Paul Putney $19.91
13 Bryan Foebel $19.5
14 Gord Tellier $18.5
15 Rick Heywood $16.45
16 Gary Pinelli $15.17
17 Earl Tobias $14.75
18 Kevin Hall $14.3
19 Roger Beck $14.05
T20 Barrie Wilson $14
T20 Phil Clough $14
T20 Michael Ker $14
T20 Brian Pye $14
T24 Rick Desjardins $13.67
T24 Ron Lindhorst $13.67
T24 Ed Bogucki $13.67
27 Gary Rodgers $13.03
28 Mike Boulard $10
T29 Jim Hollingshead $9.25
T29 Bob Beck $9.25
T31 Ron Lee $8.5
T31 Jim Huntingdon $8.5
33 Tom Moffatt $7.47
34 Dean Miller $7.45
T35 Dennis VanBrussel $7.25
T35 Marty Smits $7.25
T37 Jindy Bains $6.8
T37 Fred Moreau $6.8
T39 Art Cunningham $6.67
T39 David Drummond $6.67
T41 Asger Skrubbeltrang $5.33
T41 John Pool $5.33
43 Stan Sigut $4.5
44 Kent Sauder $4.25
45 Darryl MacMicken $2.6
46 Garry Patrick $2
47 Michael Behm $0.5
T48 Jeff Airhardt $0
T48 Luke Nieuwland $0
T48 Lou Nieuwland $0
T48 Dave Humber $0
T48 Bill Ayotte $0
T48 Joe Biamonte $0
T48 Lonnie Daradick $0
T48 Bob Desjardins $0
T48 Carmine Guadagno $0
T48 Mark Hardy $0
T48 Ricky Thompson $0
T48 Marc Huminilowycz $0
T48 Keith Huntingdon $0
T48 Larry Layne $0
T48 Steve Mester $0
T48 John Sider $0
Total Payout $817.01