Welcome to the Men's Stag Night 2017 Season

Sep 20, 2017 | Posted by Jeff Roy

Force Field for Good

Well it is sad to say but the season is finally ending for another year. We laughed, then we laughed some more and somewhere in the mix of things we actually found time to play some golf. Hat’s off to our fearless leader Fred for organizing once again an entertaining year. I liken Fred’s job to “herding kittens” or “pushing string” and he does it all with a smile. Our Team Captain Lou who was sideline for most of the season due to an ill-timed eye problem, I am using his off course absent as our excuse why our team couldn’t win this year. His guidance on the course was surely missed, although it was rumoured that he was captain of the 19th hole gang each Wednesday evening. Thanks to Jessica, Luke, Adam and the whole Golf Shop crew for organizing and helping keep us on the proper fairways each Wednesday. To Susie and the Clubhouse girls you make each Wednesday a treat. You welcome weary golfers with a warm smile and just that smile helps us forget all our misplaced shots. To Ashley, Johnny and Zack, wow! Thanks so much for the great food. When asked about why Stag Night is so important, I tell them it’s not the golf, it’s the food coupled with great guys who know how to have fun. Turning in to the drive way each Wednesday is like going through some sort of force field for good. All the crazy day to day stuff we each must deal with just seems to stay out on Lorraine Road.

See everyone Sunday for the final Wednesday Men’s Stag Night played during the day, go figure!


Sep 13, 2017 | Posted by Jeff Roy

Last Weekend’s Stories Come to Life

No this is not about Halloween. Its about some stranger phenomena that starts to occur well before Halloween. This starts in mid summer here at Whisky Run. You might have experienced it, I know I have. It starts out with some innocent comment from a fellow stag night traveller. The secret conversation goes something like this;

“Are you going?” 
“Going, going where?” you answer.  
“You know, to Pennsylvania.” Comes the reply
“Who’s all going?
“Shhhh, not so loud. You’ll know everyone, really.” This coming from your would-be friend.
“Why is it so secret?” is your logical retort.
“It’s not secret, it’s, it’s just crazy, you know. We play some golf, some cards, down a few adult beverages and the best part is we get to do it for three days in a row, with NO supervision, none!!”
Your next sane response is, “Crazy in I will have a crazy good time, or crazy that I might end up in jail, crazy?”
“Could be a little of both, but you didn’t hear it from me, right!” Such a comforting response.
Your next logical response is the baffling one, “Great, count me in! When do we leave?”

Well the fun ended this past Sunday on this secret escape to a foreign land, so tonight is our night for those who were wise enough to stay back and hold the Fort to hear all about the miss-adventures of this motley crew. But never forget the customary clubhouse rule in golf, if someone whish to disclose there round of golf to you or their memories of past weekends (regardless of how fuzzy they are) you insist on the story teller coughing up the cash for a drink or maybe two if the story is longer than 5 minutes.



Sep 6, 2017 | Posted by Jeff Roy

The Unbreakable Human Spirit

Mother Nature can be cruel when unleashed, life can also be so unfair at times, however I truly believe the human spirit is tougher than both. Seeing our friends in Texas battle the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. Now Hurricane Irma is setting her sights on Florida. We are reminded yet again that when the going gets tough people get tougher. Some of us still recall the Blizzard of ’77. What I remember most is how we came together as a community. People helping people. Not the government coming to the rescue, but all of us collectively caring about one another. Doing our best to ensure that no one was left behind.

I am sure you are wondering why a Stag Night Blog that attempts to see the lighter side of life is talking about natural disasters? It’s because I have finally been able to realize why Whisky Run is such a special place. Deep down when you take away all the fun we have, we know that when called upon through some unfortunate twist of fate we will be there for one another. There exists a genuine caring toward one another. We collectively gather each Wednesday night for a little reprieve from the hectic pace of todays life and set aside time to laugh and escape together. That’s all that is needed to allow each of us to recharge our emotional batteries and give us the right amount of charge to get us through to the weekend.

Thanks to everyone for coming out and making each Wednesday a great night. Whisky Run just wouldn’t be the same without you.


Aug 30, 2017 | Posted by Jeff Roy

Ying Yang

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Not true. I am going into what can best be described as Stag Night withdrawal. In trying to quench my thirst for some semblance of a social life I resorted to sneaking out on Monday night and did my best to blend into the Monday Night Mixed League play. Art and I bribed Helen and Garret Smits into joining forces to tackle the Fox for my “golf off” score. Helen and Garret are two of the nicest people I have ever met and truly give meaning to the phrase, “Niagara’s friendliest golf course.” Although, when I found out that Helen was a Smith and married a Smits and only had to change one letter after her “I do” to Garret, it soon occurred to me that she is one smart lady.

I got to thinking about the yin yang symbol which represents the belief that everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary. I concluded that missing too many Stag Nights is not complementary to my finding harmony and balance. I grew accustomed to being included in the weekly male bonding rituals of the Wednesday night banter. Where else can one go and feel the love of being called a “useless bastard” with true sincerity.

Speaking of balance, who’s idea was it to shorten the golf season? It feels like just two weeks ago we were at the beginning of the season and now it’s Labour Day already. Before you know it, we will all be playing our final Wednesday Night Stag night on the last Sunday in September.  (I now consider this switching of days to be a Whisky Run miracle, you know water to wine, Wednesday to Sunday, it works.) Then we will have to survive the winter months on memories from this year to sustain us to next summer. I guess that is where the “yin & yang” come in.


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The Whisky Run Way

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