Welcome to the Moosehead Men's League 2018 Season

2018 Moosehead Men's League is underway!

Jun 1, 2018 | Posted by The Commissioner





 Hello and welcome to the 2018 season. 

  Naturally, with the course being open for a few weeks, thoughts quickly turn to league play.   Important: Any male member who has attained the age of 19 is eligible to play.  The teams are now drafted and available to see on the leagues page. If you would like to play or we have somehow in our very finite wisdom, missed you, please make us aware and we will get you on a team. 

     We once again have 10 good, if not competent people as team captains for the 2018 season!  These are the people who chose you to be on their team with the hopes you will only have a positive impact this season. If you ever find yourself in the useless bastard section, remember leadership starts from the top and you can certainly place most of the blame on your team captain. 

     As most are aware, the league “competition” occurs throughout the summer.   Participants are free to play at any time on a league day and with anyone they choose.   The beauty of the format is that it rewards both performance and participation.  You don’t necessarily hurt your team when you don’t play but you definitely help your team when you do play so please don’t be concerned if you can’t play every week.  Sure we have guys who play every week but many, many of the participants are simply unable to make that commitment but – and this is important – every player who signs up is important and valuable to their team.  All we ask is that you play as often as your schedule and spouse permits. There are 10 weeks in the regular season. You must play in 5/10 to be eligible for the playoffs. 

We ask you tee off no earlier than 12:30 and that we have your scorecard in the shop or in the beautiful new box Rock Hudson crafted for us on #10, by 8:30 pm. 



To see what illustrious team you are representing this season. CLICK HERE to peruse the teams. 






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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Gross

Div 1 ( 3-5)

Nick Earle - 31



Low Net

Div 1 ( 3-5)

Matt Bacon- 32

Jim McHugh - 32

Scott Graham - 32



Low Gross

Div 2 (6-8)

Seamus Cox - 38



Low Net

Div 2 (6-8)

John McFadden - 30



Low Gross

Div 3 (9 )

Art MacDougall- 42

Bob Mazerolle -42



Low Net

Div 3 (9 )

Chris Hodd  - 33

Phil Reeves - 33

Bruce White - 33



Closest to the Pins

Paul Chase #2

Ryan Spencer #6

Derek McCaustlin #7

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Last Players Score Entered 5 days 22 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Chuck Hickey $114
2 Paul Chase $92
3 Kris McCaustlin $85
T4 Tim McCullough $83
T4 Scott Weatherhead $83
6 John McFadden $82
7 Stuart Earle $68
8 Nick Earle $67
9 Graeme Scott $53
10 Matt Bacon $52
11 Terry Cunningham $50.5
12 Mike O'leary $45
13 Bruce White $44.33
T14 Wade Hunter $42
T14 Joe Williams $42
16 Wade Bruce $39.83
17 Josh McHugh $38
18 Seamus Cox $35
19 Troy Noftell $31
T20 Bob Mazerolle $30
T20 Art MacDougall $30
T22 Colin MacKenzie $28
T22 Mike Mazerolle $28
24 Ryan Graves $27.33
T25 Chris Hodd $27
T25 Scott Graham $27
T25 Jim McHugh $27
T25 Phil Reeves $27
T29 Scott Estey $25
T29 Rick Stevens $25
T31 Kevin Cosgrove $22
T31 Mike Thompson $22
T31 Doug Myles $22
T31 Josh Mills $22
T35 Ryan Spencer $20
T35 Ray Sheehan $20
T35 Derek McCaustlin $20
T38 Zach Scott $19
T38 Chris Addison $19
T38 Warren Lingley $19
T38 Chris Oliver $19
T38 Neil Roberts $19
T43 Bob Keeffe $16
T43 Barry Reid $16
T45 Mike O'Brien $15
T45 Chris Nowlan $15
T47 Mike Buckley $10
T47 Tom Bishop $10
T47 Joe MacDonald $10
T47 Matt Mason $10
T47 Pete McCarthy $10
T52 Matt Arsenault $8
T52 Greg MacLeod $8
T54 Stan Ptasznik $6
T54 Dave Casey $6
T56 Gerry Hill $0
T56 Mike Graham $0
T56 Allen Graves $0
T56 Dave Greason $0
T56 Richard Harris $0
T56 Paul Hickey $0
T56 Matt Joyce $0
T56 Paul Hill Sr $0
T56 Doug Hubbard $0
T56 Rock Hudson $0
T56 Bruce Gault $0
T56 Jeff Keleher $0
T56 Jeff Lacey $0
T56 Mike Leblanc $0
T56 Steve Leblanc $0
T56 Matt Leger $0
T56 Rick Gerrior $0
T56 Steve Foldi $0
T56 Chris Gallant $0
T56 Mike Byrne $0
T56 Gary Limkilde $0
T56 John Allan $0
T56 Craig Bird $0
T56 Larry Brown $0
T56 Ron Brunet $0
T56 Doug Buckley $0
T56 Wayne Craig $0
T56 Max Frees $0
T56 Alex Cunningham $0
T56 Kevin Donovan $0
T56 Braden Duffley $0
T56 Rob Elkin $0
T56 Steve Evans $0
T56 Bob Fellows $0
T56 Andy Fox $0
T56 Jeff Legere $0
T56 Richard Smith $0
T56 Warren Long $0
T56 Rob Thibodeau $0
T56 Don Roberts $0
T56 Matt Ross $0
T56 Andrew Savoy $0
T56 Mike Setchell $0
T56 John Shea $0
T56 Mike Theriault $0
T56 Bob Tilley $0
T56 Ross Reid $0
T56 Terry Totten $0
T56 Blaine Walsh $0
T56 Jim West $0
T56 Bob Whipple $0
T56 Dave Whipple $0
T56 Ken White $0
T56 Reg Williams $0
T56 Scott Robart $0
T56 Kevin Quinn $0
T56 Bob Lourie $0
T56 Terry Monaghan $0
T56 Bill Lunderville $0
T56 Glen MacLean $0
T56 Paul Maguire $0
T56 Brian Marks $0
T56 Tilmon Martin $0
T56 Rob McGuire $0
T56 Laurie Melanson $0
T56 Art Morris $0
T56 John Price $0
T56 Adam Mosher $0
T56 Joe Murphy $0
T56 John Murray $0
T56 J.T. Nugent $0
T56 Jacques Ouellette $0
T56 Mike Pougnet $0
T56 Sid Powell $0
T56 Richard Alderman $0
Total Payout $1830.99