Welcome to the Moosehead Men's League 2017 Season

Almost time to tee it up in 2017!!

Apr 6, 2017 | Posted by The Commissioner

Hello and welcome to the 2017 Moosehead Men’s League season.  As you read this there should be only a few weeks, a dozen degrees and the minor issue of an overdue account between most of us and the opening of the course for the 2017 golf season.  Naturally, with the opening of the course, thoughts will quickly turn to the 3rd Season of the Moosehead Men's League.   Important: Any male member who has attained the age of 19 is eligible to play.  Joining the league is simple; a sign-up sheet will be placed on the counter of the proshop.  Just add your name to the sheet to ensure you are included in the draft, and if you're able to attend Draft Night (Wednesday, May 17th 7:00 pm).  If you prefer, you can register electronically.  Just send an Email to Craig Bird at gussbird@hotmail.comor advise the Pro Shop (757-2907) of your desire to participate in the league.   

     As usual, we’ll have the weekly on-course competitions and team prizes along with our plentiful year-end team and individual prizes courtesy of our very generous sponsors.  If you'd like to support your league by becoming a sponsor, please contact Steve Leblanc at steveleblanc@westfieldgolf.ca .

     We are also looking for about 8/10 good, if not competent men with a strong desire to help and a borderline unhealthy need to control their own destiny.  That’s right, we’re talking about team captains for the 2017 season!  Key attributes include the ability to read, write and consume a large quantity of wings and beer which, frankly, means every damn one of you easily qualifies.  New to the idea of heading up a team?  Not to worry.  Prior to the draft, each captain is provided with a Central Scouting Report that ranks every player in the league based on past performance, league handicap, scoring average, participation, etc. so every captain has a better than average chance of drafting a strong team for the coming season.  Case in point… Mike Thompson captained the winning team in 2015.  Enough said. Interested captains can speak with Head Professional and last years Champions Team Captain,  Steve Leblanc at steveleblanc@westfieldgolf.ca .

     As most are aware, the league “competition” occurs each Wednesday throughout the summer.   Participants are free to play at any time after 1:30 pm on a Wednesday and with anyone of their choosing.   Note: 1:21 pm is not after 1:30 pm...The beauty of the format is that it rewards both performance and participation.  You don’t necessarily hurt your team when you don’t play but you definitely help your team when you do play so please don’t be concerned if you can’t play every week.  Sure we have guys who play every week but many, many of the participants are simply unable to make that commitment but – and this is important – every player who signs up is important and valuable to their team.  All we ask is that you play as often as your schedule and wife/girlfriend/life partner/pet permits.


So, What’s Been Going on Since We Last Spoke?

     It appears you're asking me to provide some sort of a review of the off season.  Well, I really don’t have much to say but here goes;

In November…

*  It’s impossible to write about 2016 let alone the month of November without dealing with what was, according to Google, easily the biggest story of the year; Tiger Woods confirming he was going to play in a meaningless tournament in the Bahamas!  Oh, sorry… that was according to the Golf Channel.  The second biggest story was undoubtedly that the American people had elected a new golfer-in-chief, Donald Trump.  Trump, who owns more golf clubs than the average person does golf balls, proudly announced his immediate plans to make the game more accessible by allowing people in gold-plated wheelchairs access to a few of his private clubs.  

*  Canada's own, Mackenzie Hughes, stunned the golf world when he won the RSM Classic in a playoff.  I’m not sure if the golf world looked stunned because Hughes is a rookie, that he's from Canada or if that's just how the golf world looks most of the time.


In December…

*  The USGA arrived approximately 9 years late to a “rule-changing party” when they announced that a player would no longer be penalized for not causing their ball to move.  While this was met with a collective, “thanks, captain obvious” from the people who actually play the game, the USGA excitedly added that they’re no more than 14 years away from updating 33 other poorly-written, out-of-date rules that the average person doesn’t understand, follow or give a damn about. 

*  In technology news, TaylorMade announced the release of the latest versions of their popular M1/M2 drivers.  The California based manufacturer electrified the golf world when they explained that the new versions contain all of the irrelevant features of the old ones along with the game-enhancing attribute that a slightly different colour guarantees. 

*  Canadian motorists struggle to afford ever-higher gasoline prices, prompting a pledge from our Prime Minister to do “whatever it takes” because he, more than any other Canadian, understands the consumers’ pain over this issue, since he owns “way more cars than most people.”


In January…

*  Justin Thomas, after shooting a 59 during the opening round of the 2017 Sony Open, goes on to the set the PGA Tour scoring record, an incredible 258 for four rounds.  His fantastic scoring leads to more talk about the golf ball going too far.  The USGA, after hours of intense discussion, threats of walkouts and countless press releases, announce they’ve hammered out a historic agreement under which the governing bodies will continue to monitor the situation.

*  On Friday January 20, 2017, Donald J. Trump, assumed the most powerful office on the planet.  Mr. Trump, eager to put the pettiness of the campaign behind him immediately gets down to the all-important work of taking Twitter shots at the cast of “Hamilton.”

*  Adam Hadwin becomes the 1st Canadian and 8th person to shoot 59 on the PGA Tour.  The USGA, in response to claims that the modern ball has reduced professional golf to a form of “pitch and putt”, accuses middling tour pro, Bryson DeChambeau of looking silly while he putts.    


In February…

*  Winter decided to arrive late to the party and crush all our hopes that we would be teeing it up in April this season. 

In March…

*  The USGA released a draft of 36 proposed changes to the rules of golf.  The proposed changes were immediately denounced and/or heralded by the 60 million or so golfers in the world who neither know, understand, abide by or give a damn about any of the current set of rules. 

*  Donald Trump shocked the world when he brazenly accused former President, Barack Obama, of tapping his phone(s).  Several unnamed, unqualified, self-proclaimed experts immediately offered uninformed explanations for the as yet unproven accusation;

   Trump is trying to distract people from stories he wants to avoid

   Trump is a buffoon

   Trump overheard an aide saying, “Obama been tapping that” and completely misunderstood the context

*  Our elected leaders produced a federal budget that finally addressed some of the issues that matter to real-life, hard-working Canadians.  You know, stuff like labour market transfer agreements, public transit tax credits, a venture capital catalyst initiative and, most importantly (I’m not making this stuff up), a comprehensive spending review of “at least three federal departments,” to be named later.  Millions of Canadians breathed a sigh of relief and basked in the knowledge that this government, by making some very tough choices, has whittled the federal deficit down to just $23,000,000,000. 


In April

*  The golf world is yet again thrown into chaos when, based on a casual viewer's complaint regarding a possible rules violation that took place the day before, Lexi Thompson is hit with a four shot penalty during the final round of the ANA Inspiration.  Questions surrounding the incident abound;

*  Should TV viewers act as rules officials?

*  How do people know who to call and why do tour officials answer the damn phone when they do?

*  Should previous results be considered final once they've started the next round?

*  Why is a professional marking a one foot putt?

*  To hell with "Tee it Forward"... what about "Mark it Forward"?

     So, how did it come to this?  Without pointing the finger of blame at any one institution, I would say it is entirely the fault of the USGA.


... more to come, I'm sure


That is all,


The Commissioner


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Congratulations to Team McCarthey for Finishing First During The Regular Season!


Playoffs Start Wednesday August 23rd!!!

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1 Nick Earle $449
2 Neil Roberts $297.17
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4 Mike Theriault $231
5 Joe Williams $223
6 Matt Mason $213.33
7 Chris Gallant $204.27
8 Mike O'Brien $193.33
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21 Ryan Spencer $163.67
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23 Gary Limkilde $160.87
24 Brian Marks $160.6
25 Jim McHugh $159.33
26 Mickey Tait $158
27 Doug Myles $154.2
28 Richard Alderman $152.6
29 Seamus Cox $149.6
30 Chuck Hickey $146
31 Terry Monaghan $145
32 Andrew Ogdan $142.73
33 Sean McCullough $138
34 Richard Smith $137.4
35 Art MacDougall $135.2
36 John McFadden $135
37 Blaine Walsh $132
T38 Doug Hubbard $131
T38 Paul Hickey $131
40 Tim McCullough $129.6
41 Glen Maclean $125
42 Laurie Melanson $119.33
43 Walter Foster $117.33
T44 Kevin Cosgrove $117
T44 Barry Reid $117
46 Bob Lourie $115
47 Kevin Quinn $111
T48 Ken White $110
T48 Ron Brunet $110
T50 Rob Thibodeau $109
T50 Matt Bacon $109
52 Larry Brown $104
53 Mike Pougnet $103
54 Dave Whipple $102.67
T55 Reg Williams $100
T55 Scott Weatherhead $100
57 Stan Ptasznik $99.5
T58 Terry Henry $94
T58 Tom Bishop $94
60 Richard Mclean $91.5
61 Art Morris $90
62 Matt Ross $89.33
63 Gerry Hill $85
64 Mike O'leary $84
65 Craig Bird $83.33
66 Derek McCaustlin $83
67 Bob Tilley $82
68 Paul Hill Sr $80.6
T69 Alex Cunningham $79
T69 Rick Gerrior $79
71 Warren Lingley $76.67
T72 Kevin Bodechon $75
T72 Max Frees $75
74 Ross Reid $73.67
75 Doug Buckley $72
T76 Bob Fellows $69
T76 Mike Leblanc $69
T78 Phil Jones $67
T78 Bill Lunderville $67
T80 Terry Cunningham $66
T80 Jack Keir $66
82 Keith McGovern $65.6
T83 Braden Duffley $65
T83 Dave Greason $65
T83 Matt Arsenault $65
T83 Andy Fox $65
87 Billy Johnstone $62
88 Greg Macleod $60
T89 David Howe $57
T89 Dan Vandenberghe $57
T91 Steve Foldi $52
T91 Scott Estey $52
93 Craig James $50.53
T94 Bob Mazerolle $50
T94 Tilmon Martin $50
T96 Todd Chenier $47
T96 Jeff Lacey $47
T96 Bruce Gault $47
T96 Kris McCaustlin $47
T96 Ed Arsenault $47
101 Dave Casey $45.33
T102 Jack Evans $45
T102 Rob Elkin $45
104 Jacque Ouellette $44.5
105 Jim West $42
T106 Mike Setchell $40
T106 Mark Anderson $40
108 Bob Whipple $34
109 Jeff Keleher $28.67
T110 Sid Powell $25
T110 Colin Mackenzie $25
T110 Chris Nowlan $25
113 Wade Bruce $24.67
T114 Chris Addison $20
T114 Zach Scott $20
116 Mike Thompson $19
117 Rob McGuire $15.33
118 Don Alderman $15
T119 Steve Leblanc $0
T119 Kris White $0
T119 Chris Oliver $0
T119 J.T. Nugent $0
T119 Adam Mosher $0
T119 Steve Evans $0
Total Payout $12458