Welcome to the Moosehead Men's League 2016 Season

Sep 24, 2016 | Posted by The Commissioner

Perfect Night for the finally, Perfect Shot by Hubbard!

Team Leblanc wins the

2016 Moosehead Men’s League

Doug Hubbard makes

bunker shots look easy!   


  On a beautiful final night of summer, 103 men showed up for the final men’s night. With the points increasing by 25% each week of the playoffs, and first place being worth 45 points, you could taste the drama in the air!

Realistically, it was a 3 horse race for first, as Team Leblanc, Hubbard and Buckley were all mathematically able to clinch first place. All it would of taken was a win and then having the other two teams with a biblical collapse and that would seal the title.

But in the end, Team Leblanc showed why they have been on top of the league throughout the season and played well enough to finished T3 on the evening. Participation points were huge throughout the season for Team Leblanc as well. Next season, we are going to have a draft and the players who show up for most nights will be just as valuable as the players who play consistently well.


But before we mention the league’s top winners, the biggest winner of the evening should be acknowledged. The Bunker Shot pot was huge and the anticipation for 7 pm was growing with each minute that passed. All players present were eligible for their name to be chosen to try to get up and down from the EB (Embarrassment Bunker) on 18, which would win them 1300 shillings. The first name drawn was Doug Hubbard. The second name drawn was….well that didn’t matter (sorry Travis Tufts) because Doug summoned the short game hands of Seve Ballesteros and hit a perfect bunker shot that hit and checked up within 2 feet of the cup. With the eyes of the Westfield membership looking on to make sure he did not anchor that canoe paddle of a putter, Doug calmly rolled in the putt. Well done Doug and Congrats!


We then moved inside to hand out the year end team and individual prizes.


First prize out was the Beat the Pro. All players that beat the pro each week names were placed in a jar. You received a ballot for every time you beat the PGA Professional. Some had 1 ballot and some had half the jar of names. The winner was selected and our Club Champ, Nick Earle’s name was chosen. Nick won a Titleist golf bag and dozen balls.


We handed out individual prizes as well. The Top 4 Gross and Net Year End Averages in each Division paid out. Theses were after regular season and not after the playoffs. The winners are as follows:


Division 1 (+3-5) Gross


Greg Mazerolle

Mike Leblanc

Ryan Spencer

Bob Keeffe

Don Roberts

Paul Hill Jr.

Nick Earle

Warren Lingley


Division 2 (6-9) Gross


Mike Setchell

Terry Monaghan

Bruce Gault

Bob Tilley

Doug Myles

Rick Gerrior

Tim McCullough

Shane Billingsly


Division 3 (10+) Gross


Art MacDougall

Max Frees

Dave Whipple

Larry Brown

John McFadden

Dan Vandenberghe

Derek McCaustlin

Mike Likely



Finally we come to the Team Prizes. We paid the top 6 teams:


Moosehead League Playoffs Standings









Team Leblanc







Team Hubbard







Team Buckley







Team Spencer







Team Earle







Team Cunningham







Team McCarthy







Team Roberts







Team Mazerolle







Team Savoy








Prizes were:

Team Leblanc - $75 Gift Card

Team Hubbard – Dozen ProV1

Team Buckley – Dozen Chrome Soft

Team Spencer - $30 Gift Card

Team Earle – Grass Roots Grill gift card

Team Cunningham – Moosehead Prize Pack


Be sure to stop by the proshop to pick up your prize.



And that wraps up a very successful year! Thank you to all the players who participated, to Braden Duffley in the Shop who checked everyone in each week, to the staff at the GRG for the delicious food and on course service and to our sponsors Moosehead and Seamus Cox Law Office.


Have a great off season and see you all in 2017!


The Commissioner

Sep 19, 2016 | Posted by The Commissioner

Team LeBlanc leading into final week!

     Team LeBlanc are doing their best to hold on for dear life their first place position going into the final week. They were the low team on week two of the playoffs with 236. Captain Leblanc finally found the center of the club face and shot 33 gross along with Rock Hudson's 36 gross. Richard "Bunker Man" Mclean was 32 net and Chris OIiver and Dave Greason helped out with 33 net. 

They currently hold a 21 point lead over Team Buckley, but with the points increasing by 25% each week and first place finish worth 45 points, anything can happen.

Team Buckley and Team Hubbard were neck and neck for the 2nd and 3rd spot, with only 1 point seperating them. Team Buckley was led by Rich Harris's 35 gross and Richard Alderman 31 net and Shane Billingsly 33 net. 

Team Hubbard were carried by the net scores, with Keith Doiron was 29 net and Doug Hubbard was 33. 


Team Spencer is holding onto the 4th spot at 311 points. Team Cunningham is in 5th at 294


The Final Men's night is this Wednesday were we will crown the 2017 Moosehead Champions. 

The schedule of events for the evening will begin once we find a winner for the Bunker Shot. The pot is over $1300 and we will begin drawing names from all the present participants at 7:15.  We will keep drawing names and trying to get up and down until someone wins. Then we will know who is buying all the drinks for the rest of the night. 


Then we will come in the club house and give out all the prizes. We have prizes for the top 5 teams, the top Gross and Net averages in each division for the regular season, The Beat the Pro prize and much more.


So make sure you stick around and celebrate another fantastic men's night season. Should be a fun night. 


See you Wednesday.


The Commissioner. 




Sep 13, 2016 | Posted by The Commissioner

Team Spencer make the first Playoff move!

Team Spencer win Week 1 of the Playoffs

and inch closer to leaders Team Leblanc


     The scores were higher than normal on this first week of the playoffs. Maybe it was the condtions or the fragile mindsd and nerves of the players knowing that every shot and putt matters towards their team finishing in the money for the season. Whatever the cause, this weeks standings were dictated by the net scores, as most of the gross scores were just that...gross!


  Team Spencer was the low team on the night with a 242, despite Captain Spencer having his worst night in two years (38). Jim McHugh had his back though and matched that score. But it was "Mr. Pot calling the Kettle Black" Mike Graham who's 31 net led the team to victory. Dave Casey was 1 behind at 32 net and Bob Tilley and Mike Setchell both came under par 34 net for the win. 


Runner up on the evening was Team Roberts. This team has struggled a little bit this year, but if anyone knows about pressure, it is multiple Club Champion Neil Roberts, who was the low gross of the field. 34. The youngest Hill was a solid 37 as well.  Blaine Walsh, Bob Keeffe and Kevin Cosgrove were all 34 net. 


Coming in third by 1 point was league leaders Team Leblanc. The Captain was away on a media event after his recent Masters victory. But the team knows that they do not need him to win. In fact the team has a better win/loss ration without him there, and they LOVE to remind him of that all the time. Rock led the pack with a 2 over 37 gross and Chris Oliver did his best with a 41. Thank God for the high cappers though! Dan Vandenberghe was 31, Sean McCullough was 32, Wayne Craig and Dave Whipple were both 34 net. 


Team Cunningham came 4th and kept themselves in the mix for first place. A few good weeks and they can still come out on top. 

Team Buckley and Hubbard are still holding onto the 2nd and 3rd spot, but their margin is slipping away. Team Earle is not out of reach to get in the money and Team McCarthy needs two solid weeks to sniff the prizes. 

Team Mazerolle and Savoy are basically cheerleaders at this point. But their players can still win the weekly prizes. 


The Bunker pot is over $1100 now and this week we have Leo "The Real Deal" Leblanc and Ken White who will attempt to take home the cash. 



Sep 1, 2016 | Posted by The Commissioner

It's Time For the Post Season!

     Yes, my friends, it's time once again to grow them beard cause we're headin’ to the Playoffs!  How does it work?  I've prepared this nifty Q & A that should bring you up to speed;


Moosehead Men's League Playoffs  -  Q & A


Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with the same number of points they accumulated during the Regular Season.


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

1st...  29 Points

2nd... 26 Points  

3rd...  23 Points  

4th...  20 Points

5th...  17 Points

6th...  14 Points

7th...  11 Points

8th...    8 Points

9th...    5 Points 

10th...  2 Points

IMPORTANT: The points will increase for each week of the playoffs!


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely! Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above but only up to a maximum of 10 per week.


Q: What does it all mean, man?

A: The team in 1st place at the conclusion of the 3-week playoff will be our Moosehead Men's League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot.


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for three weeks - Wednesday September 7th, Wednesday September 14th and Wednesday September 21st.


That is all,


The Commissioner

Team Hubbard making a charge for top spot!

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3 Horse Race to the Playoffs!

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Team LeBlanc is the team to catch!

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The race is getting tighter!

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Final Results for Club Championship Qualifier

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Everyone is chasing Team LeBlanc!

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Team Leblanc and Earle still undefeated!

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Team LeBlanc with an early commanding lead!!

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Huge Turnout for 2016 Season!

May 25, 2016 | Posted by Commissioner

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Read Last Seasons Entries


Week 18 - Gross / Net


Low Gross Div 1 ( 1-5)

Greg Mazerolle 33

Don Roberts 33

Ryan Spencer 34

Andrew Savoy 36


Low Net Div 1 ( 1-5)

Mike Buckley 31

Ryan Belding 32

Steve Evans 32

Terry Henry 32


Low Gross Div 2 (6-9)

Mike Setchell 35

Kyle Cloutier 37

Mike Anderson 39

Gary Limkilde 39


Low Net Div 2 (6-9)

Bruce Gault 29

Doug Myles 31

Bob Mazerolle 32

Chris Oliver 32

Travis Tufts 32



Low Gross Div 3 (10 )

Dan Vandenberghe 43

Derek McCaustlin 44

John Murray 46

Brian Marks 48

Mike Theriault 48



Low Net Div 3 (10 )

Jim Mclean 32

Leo Leblanc 33

Larry Brown 34

Andy Fox 35

Max Frees 35




Closest to the Pin

#2 - Ryan Belding

#6 - Richard Harris

#7 - Reg Williams


Doug Hubbard won $1305 on Bunker Shot

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Full Forcast

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Greg Mazerolle $506.2
2 Nick Earle $303.67
3 Ryan Spencer $275
4 Dave Whipple $230.51
5 Dave Greason $227
6 Mike Mazerolle $203.01
7 Gary Limkilde $199
8 Rick Gerrior $193
9 Blaine Walsh $192.17
10 Don Roberts $187
11 Alex Cunningham $186.5
12 Sid Powell $183.17
13 Josh McHugh $180.67
14 Mike O'leary $178.67
15 Mike Buckley $177.5
16 Kevin Cosgrove $176.5
17 John Murray $169
18 Steve Foldi $167.67
19 Terry Monaghan $166.4
20 Bruce Gault $164.34
21 Kris McCaustlin $164
22 Mike Byrne $161
23 Terry Totten $154.9
24 Mike Leblanc $153.7
25 Paul Hill Jr $151.5
26 Jack Keir $149.5
27 Scott Weatherhead $146.17
28 Terry Henry $145.17
29 Rock Hudson $145.1
30 Mike Graham $144.34
31 Jeff Lacey $138
32 Adam Mosher $134
33 Barry Reid $133.5
34 Bob Tilley $133
T35 Pete McCarthy $131
T35 Joe Williams $131
37 Gary Comeau $128.67
38 Mike Lannigan $127
39 Mike Setchell $126.5
40 Tom Bishop $125.5
41 Craig Bird $125.17
42 Tim McCullough $125
43 Richard Harris $123.5
44 Matt Bacon $122.5
45 Dale Price $119
46 Shane Billingsley $117.67
47 Bob Blanchard $116.17
48 Ryan Belding $114.5
49 Bob Mazerolle $112.34
50 Marc Goguen $108
51 Mike Theriault $99
52 Greg Macleod $98.5
53 Walter Foster $98
54 Sean McCullough $97.4
T55 Morgan Matheson $96
T55 Richard Alderman $96
T57 John McFadden $95
T57 Art Morris $95
59 Gerry Hill $94
60 Brendan Kane $93.67
61 Ken White $93
62 Glen Maclean $92.67
63 Jack Evans $91.5
64 Bob Fellows $90.67
T65 Andrew Ogdan $90
T65 Jeff Keleher $90
T65 Brian Marks $90
68 Wayne Craig $88
69 Derek McCaustlin $86.5
70 Paul Chase $82
71 Chris Gallant $80.67
72 Dan Vandenberghe $80
T73 Andy Fox $79
T73 Keith Doiron $79
75 Jim Mclean $78.84
76 Paul Hickey $78.67
77 Tilmon Martin $75
78 Jacque Ouellette $73.67
79 Rob Elkin $72.5
80 Mike Pougnet $72
81 Mike Likely $70.5
82 Phil Jones $69
83 Richard Mclean $68.5
84 Larry Brown $67.83
85 Seamus Cox $65.5
T86 Kyle Cloutier $65
T86 Rob Thibodeau $65
T86 Ray Sheehan $65
T86 Neil Roberts $65
T86 Steve Totten $65
91 Matt Ross $62.13
92 Paul Hill Sr $62
T93 Dave Casey $61.5
T93 Art MacDougall $61.5
95 J.T. Nugent $60.17
96 Bob Keeffe $60
97 Warren Lingley $59.5
98 Bob Lourie $57
99 Chris Addison $55.5
T100 Doug Myles $55
T100 Jim West $55
102 Matt Joyce $54.5
103 Steve Leblanc $54
104 Mickey Tait $52.5
T105 Todd Chenier $52
T105 Trevor Thibodeau $52
107 Chuck Hickey $50.67
108 Chris Oliver $50
109 Colin Mackenzie $45.5
110 Ross Reid $44.5
T111 Doug Buckley $42
T111 Jim McHugh $42
113 Doug Borthwick $40.5
T114 Mike Anderson $40
T114 Steve Evans $40
116 Shayne Brown $38.5
117 Tom Sawyer $37.34
118 Doug Hubbard $34
119 Ron Brunet $33.67
T120 Eric Muise $32.5
T120 Terry Cunningham $32.5
T122 Travis Tufts $30
T122 Joe Sheehan $30
T122 Trong Tran $30
T122 Reg Williams $30
126 Jeremy Gibson $28.67
127 David Howe $28
128 John Fitzpatrick $25.5
129 Laurie Melanson $25
130 Doug Patterson $20.34
T131 Max Frees $20
T131 Andrew Savoy $20
133 Sheldon Hunter $16
134 Mike Thompson $13.67
T135 Alex Saintonge $10
T135 Leo Leblanc $10
T135 Mike O'Brien $10
T138 James Barrington $0
T138 Scott Reid $0
T138 Matthew Leger $0
Total Payout $13432.13