Welcome to the Men's Day 2018 Season

May 18, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

Week 2

Week 2 saw a course that is finally starting to round into shape!! All though still not a lot of roll we didnt see balls stay right where they landed and the greens started to roll out that extra foot or two. That being said the beautiful warm weather after all that rain has made the rough very lush and extermly tough to hit from. Congrats to Greg Preszcator on being the first person this year to break the par mark and shot a 34, the irons must of been on with that almost ace on 7!!

Our team score did drop a little this week but we are still seeing lots of high scoring occur with a Gross average of 46.25 and a net average of 39.79. I'm still gonna blame early season rust and tough conditions to this reason, but hey who knows maybe the Muni just doesnt want to give up those low numbers and the constant changes around the course have made this place a course to recken with. Bring it on SCC in the Romeo Cup!!!

Lastly I have had several people come up to me and ask why we can't play lift clean and place every week, as last week they had several times with mud on their balls or just buried lies in the rough that not even I could get a wedge on clean so I cant imagine Seeder trying to hit his 5 iron from that same spot...  As a golf purest I don't see that side of the story as I take my bad lie or mud as a challange or bad break and continue to hack along, but the more I have thought about it the more I can see how for the every day golfer which 80% of you are it can make the game and Weds that much more enjoyable if you could avoid that bad lie etc... and probably 25% of you already roll the ball on Wed anyways without anyone knowing. So Ive devided that we will put this into action as if everyone is doing it then the league remains fair for everyone. Now this does not mean I'm behind a tree I lift it up clean it place it back 10 inces to the left and have a clear shot *The Ball Must Still Go Back To Its Original Location*** and if your in a hazard our red stake locations or a bunker you still can not touch the ball.  I hope that this can help everyone enjoy their rounds more on Weds along with keep pace of play up and see some lower scores as this 39 over par shit So Bloody Lucky this week is Gross.

Closest to pin winners

#2 Dan Martin- how did the first on the left not get in the way of your slice?

#5 Bill Sinclair- You shot 40 you sure you hit it close anywhere?

#7 Greg Preszcator- 8 pars and 1 birdie?

#8 Longest Putt- Mike Mousley- Rolled in that putt like you where driving a city bus into the shop

#9 Wayne Huggins- I call bullshit again!!! Plus if I put my name on it you wouldnt win I was 1"  Your Welcome.

See ya next week


May 10, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

Week 1 Review

What a first week to start the 2018 Men's league!!!

First I'd like to start by thanking everyone for supporting the league as this year we have been able to hit the 120 players mark which is incrediable, and 80 meals sold which is 15 above what we  have averaged the last 3 seasons. Also a Huge Thanks to Tom Newton at the first tee as he was able to make sure everyone was getting off on time and I believe only a few later groups were behind but by less then 10 minutes. Pace of play also average about the 2hr 20 minute mark which for the number of strokes taken last night was pretty good considering. I expect that to do nothing but pick up as the season goes and scores improve.

Now to the good stuff!!!

With lots of winter rust, high winds and soft course conditions scores were HIGH!!! With the addition of two extra net scores to our team totals this season a team score at par is 245. This week the lowest score was 267 just a little bit over the mark with the highest team total reaching 292. ***47 strokes over par as a team ouch!!!

Congrats does have to go to the Dirty Birdies though and Captain Steve Eldridge for being the low score in week one, I guess your replacement Mike Jones at the draft did a fine job and you owe him a beer or 7. As for Who Gives A Sh1t maybe you should start giving a sh1t cause 292 is not gonna cut it. I expect so much more Lonnie with that new Hip.

All jokes aside though as a refresher for old members and for any new members who didnt know. Even with the league play we make it so triple bogey is the max on any hole. So if we are struggling which a lot of you did last night please pick up once you reach the triple bogey mark. This helps with pace of play along with keeping our scores averaged as we can all have that big blow up hole. 

I always try to place each weeks rules etc. on the chalk board at the first tee, that rule seems to go missed, but please make sure to give the board a read each week, as some of you *Terry Pellar* didnt know it was lift clean and place this week and want 4 shots off of score. 

Also for the future can I please ask sicne we have some new workers and also a lot of new faces around the course, that we put first and last names on the score card so the girl can enter the scores in a timely manner without having to ask me or another member who each person in the group is.

Lastly I apologize to the last groups who missed dinner because of the bbq being turned off, again with some new faces the girls didn't know there where still dinner tickets to be claimed as they didnt see anyone getting food for awhile, but your meal ticket will transfer to next weeks Steak!!


Closest to Pin Awards

#2 Scott Morris (Must of been the only good shot you hit.)

#5 Norm Bradhsaw ( He missed the putt)

#7 David St. Louis  ( 1 hell of a shot into the fan to that back pin. You hit a 3 wood?)

#8 Longest Putt- Gary Howard ( I got nothing for this great putt from range)

#9 Wayne Huggins (how did you win a closest to now your not in the last group of the night)




May 7, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

2018 Men's Day

Welcome back to the 2018 Muni Men's League!! 

This season should be quite the thrill as we have 10 great team put together by some very proud confident and chirpy captians. 

This season we will see 7 scores count towards your team total vs the 5 in the past, as our Men's league has continued to gorw and we have 118 players playing this season, and it is also an effort to get more guys invovled. We will still be doing a mid season break and reset for team payouts, along with individual awards in each flight. So bring your good stuff. Again we will see 5 closest to awards on course from our great sponsors, along with another Triple Bogey tasting night on June 27th. 

Because the League is full!! for anyone who missed our mens night meeting, some quick notes.

We will have a starter on the tee this year Tom Newton. please treat him with the most respect he is volunteering his time to help us all enjoy our night that much more. Tom will be making sure people are off in time and also tracking groups pace of place to keep them at the 2hr 10 minute mark.

If players are late for their time, they will not just jump in, they must wait till 6:20 in the last group or hope and wish that another group no shows and they can fill that spot. 

We have to all work together to make it enjoyable for everyone so please abide by these rules. 

Our First week meal will be Smoked Chops and Sausage, and I look forward to the start of the season and the stories I get to tell via this blog each week. 


Men's Day Sponsors:

Triple Bogey

Fosters Inn

Joe's Diner

Butcher and Baker

Pro V1

Weather on course
13℃ / Overcast
Full Forcast

Last Players Score Entered 4 days 16 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Dave Scott $27.5
2 Wayne Melvin $25
3 Tom Demo $22.5
4 Terry Pellar $20
T5 Greg Preszcator $15
T5 Troy Montgomery $15
T5 Gary Howard $15
T5 Kert Coffey $15
T9 Steve Bush $12.5
T9 John Dixon $12.5
T9 Ed Dojlovic $12.5
T9 Jay Ford $12.5
T9 Arnie Pleil $12.5
T9 Joe West $12.5
T15 Alex Robertson $10
T15 Mike Mortimer $10
T15 Scott Bailey $10
T18 Quinn Malott $5
T18 Brock Gleadall $5
T18 Jack Brooks $5
T18 Kevin Bice $5
T18 Jamie Antonio $5
Total Payout $285