Welcome to the Men's Day 2018 Season

Sep 20, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

Final Week

It's Over!!!! The final week has come and gone, thank you everyone who helped make the season a success. We saw our first ever full rain out this season, we had players shoot personal best and worst, and saw 120 players try to help there team climb to the top of men's league glory.

Congrats to the Sandbagger who even though receive nothing for their effort other then pride and bragging rights took down the full 19 week season schedule with an amazing 13-6 record. I questioned Seeders picking as he seemed to take only close friends but it paid off in the end. As for the bottom of the pile So Bloody Lucky must of be very done on the luck as it just didn't go their way this season but there is always next.

As for second season pay out!!!

1. Seeder's Sandbagger                            6. Stroke of Luck

2. The Mashie Militia                                 7. Dirty Birdie

3. Back to the Kutcher                               8. Who Gives a Shit

4. The Shooter McGavins                         9. Sultans of Swing

5. Fore Fuck Sake                                     10. So Bloody Lucky


I Would just like to say that it was very impressive with participation this season with it only coming into play with 3 teams 228 being a perfect attendance we saw 212 be the highest and 190 the lowest really hurting the Shooter McGavins.

Also don't be alarmed by all the DNF's for the final day it is the only way I can add every ones team earnings to the money list but final standings were taken before the dnfs were added to each team!!!!

I will hopefully have all the cheques ready by next Wednesday for pick up if I don't suffer a writers cramp injury 120 is a lot to write. Also come see me for any unclaimed closest 2 prizes. I will draw the Butcher Baker prize for number 7 also this week and post in clubhouse!!!!

Closest 2 for final week

2. Robert Coleman

5. Jon Bailey

7. Bill Humble

9. Bill Humble

8. Gary Howard.


Thank you again everyone for a great season and see everyone next year!!!


Sep 13, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

week 19

Week 19 saw a record high number of players not bother entering a score, and with only 1 week left in the race to the top of the second half it can't do anything but hurt your squads as every point will count coming down the stretch. I don't know if it was the mosquitos keep you away or the perfect golf conditions!!! 

The sand baggers, who finished middle of the pack season one have been flying to a 6-2 record in season 2 to be a top the leader board, 3 other teams, Back to the Kutcher, Shooter Mcgavins and Mashie Militia all sit at 5-3 with only participation points separating the squads.  Sultan of Swing currently hold the bottom position at 2-6 but with So Bloody lucky and season one top dog Who gives a shit sitting a 3-5 there is room for them to climb. The rest of you in the middle of the pack at 500 records every point will count as you try to move up spots for the extra $2.50 per finishing spot. 

Also next week is a catered dinner for all members of the league this is FREE. anyone who wishes to eat that isn't in league it is a $15 fee.

This weekend we will see our 12 players from the Muni compete for the Romeo Cup, Saturday at the SCC and Sunday back home. We will be going for our 6th straight win of the event and fans our more then welcome to stop by and watch the action and cheer on Team Muni. 

Team Roster

Brock Gleadall

Kyle Brodhagen

Dean Sharp

Scott Bailey

Scott Morris

Kevin Bice

Willy Keller

Wayne Huggins

Josh Demo

Greg Preszcator

Bill Humble 

Norm Bradshaw

Good Luck gentlemen!! 

We will be having a quick team get together tonight at 4:30 for anyone who can attend. but details are as follow Saturday Scc 7:30am for pairings followed by team best ball, then team scramble

(Please wear a black shirt to match team along with tons of bug spray as Scc is swarming with mosquitos that people our walking off course)

Sunday individual matches- pairing start 9:30am with 10am tee time start.


Closest to pin winner

#2 _________ Tough hole I guess 

#5 Wayne Huggins

#7 Rob Speak

#8 Dave Campbell

#9 Dean Sharp



Sep 6, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

week 18

Week 18 September's first men's night brought the heat, and with the heat and the recent non stop rain coupled with a broke down rough unit has brought on some very penalizing rough and mosquitos!! Thank god for the lift clean and place rule, which I'm very much considering to start following myself as a few very tough lies made for a bunch of bogeys in a row, Or I could just hit it down the middle. We now only have 2 weeks remaining in the men's league with 1 steak night and a final week catered dinner Free for the members of the league and $15 still for non members who wish to eat. Lastly with the last few weeks please keep in mind the pace of play as the sun begins to set earlier and earlier, I know its not an issue for everyone teeing off before 530 but please be respectful to the guys behind you who wish to finish with some light. 

Closest to pin winners

#2 Kj Tashi

#5 Jon Bailey

#7 Josh Demo

#8 Bob Parsons

#9 Dean Sharp


Aug 31, 2018 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

week 16

Just a quick one as I was away yesterday and now that it is Friday the Wed Blog writing isn't in me. First Congrats to all 12 players who made the Romeo Cup team. I spoke to you all Wed and I am looking forward to going for the 6 peat with all of you on Sept 15th and 16th. Also look forward to see out some fans come Sunday at the Muni or even Saturday at the SCC. 

There is now only 3 weeks left so one more pork night and steak night and the year end free meal!!!!

Closest to pin winners

#2 Kert Coffey

#5 Steve Nesbitt

#7 Steve Nesbitt

#8 Jason Clarke

#9 Steve Bush



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2018 Men's Day

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Ed Dojlovic $400
2 Brock Gleadall $230.82
3 Dave Scott $140.83
4 Mike Mortimer $120
T5 Troy Montgomery $115
T5 Kevin Bice $115
7 Steve Bush $110
8 Kert Coffey $103.33
9 Justin Lingard $100
10 John Altenburg $97.5
11 Joe McDonald $95.83
12 Frank Mark $95
13 Terry Pellar $94.58
T14 Bill Haggarty $92.5
T14 Michael Plowman $92.5
T14 Scott Morris $92.5
17 Tim Heinbuch $90.83
18 Bill Roach $88.33
T19 Tom Demo $87.5
T19 Arnie Pleil $87.5
T19 Bob Millar $87.5
T19 Tony Rebelo $87.5
T19 Ian Weber $87.5
24 Wayne Huggins $85.83
T25 Bob Plociennik $85
T25 Dean Sharp $85
T25 Dan Martin $85
T25 Rob Peters $85
29 Rob Speak $83.75
T30 Roger Lloyd $82.5
T30 John Dixon $82.5
32 Jim Kehna $81.66
33 Roger Parsons $80.83
T34 Neil Gaul $80
T34 Jim Betts $80
T34 Scott Bailey $80
T34 Mike Coffey $80
T38 Al Holmes $77.5
T38 Mike Jones $77.5
T40 Ron Anderson $75.83
T40 Cecil Matt $75.83
T42 Jamie McArdle $75
T42 Dennis Gerber $75
T42 Jon Bailey $75
T45 Don Morris $72.5
T45 Bruce (E) Brodhagen $72.5
T45 Joe West $72.5
T45 Colin Grimes $72.5
T45 Merv Bennett $72.5
T45 John Charbonneau $72.5
T45 Quinn Malott $72.5
T45 Alex Robertson $72.5
53 Wayne Melvin $70.83
T54 Dave Dubrick $70
T54 Chris Dickenson Sr $70
T54 Jeff Gleadall $70
T54 Paul Grasby $70
T54 Robert Coleman $70
T54 Bud Dixon $70
T54 Steve Eldridge $70
T54 Dave Reeves $70
T54 Steve Bingham $70
T63 Bill Humble $68.33
T63 Dan Maloney $68.33
T65 Chris Chaisson $67.5
T65 Mark Nelson $67.5
T65 Lonnie McKay $67.5
T65 Mike Harcus $67.5
69 Jimi Heinbuch $66.66
70 Jason Clarke $65.83
T71 John Brown $65
T71 Brent Fountain $65
T71 Hugh McDonald $65
T71 Greg Preszcator $65
T75 Steve Nesbitt $62.5
T75 Grant Rae $62.5
T75 Rob Mogk $62.5
T75 Fred Judge $62.5
T75 Dave Campbell $62.5
T75 Jay Ford $62.5
81 Bill Sinclair $60.83
T82 Craig Foster $60
T82 Bob Cassels $60
T82 Mike Gordon $60
T82 Tom Ball $60
T82 Dave Cameron $60
T82 Andrew Bernard $60
T82 Doug Brown $60
T89 Larry Murch $57.5
T89 Kyle Brodhagen $57.5
T89 Norm Bradshaw $57.5
T89 Dustin Early $57.5
T89 Andre Morin $57.5
T89 Terry Robinson $57.5
95 David St. Louis $57.08
96 Scott Regan $56.25
97 Mike Mousley $55.83
T98 Steve Stacey $55
T98 Todd Nickel $55
T100 Rick Slawek $52.5
T100 Gary Howard $52.5
T100 Dave Burford $52.5
103 Bill Middleton $51.66
104 Josh Demo $50.83
T105 Shawn Gould $50
T105 Brian Nigro $50
T105 Mark Ford $50
T105 Don Moon $50
T105 Jamie Antonio $50
T105 Jack Brooks $50
111 Willy Keller $48.33
112 Daryl Stacey $42.5
113 KJ Tashi $40
T114 Dean McKelvie $37.5
T114 Jeremy Hunt $37.5
T116 Bob Hughes $35
T116 Bob Parsons $35
118 Ron Harrison $30
119 Steve Lyoness $28.33
120 Mark Innis $25
Total Payout $8879.9