Welcome to the Men's Day 2017 Season

Sep 14, 2017 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

end of the season

First of all Thank you everyone for another great year of mens league. It was a great season with zero rain dates, and close competetive teams battling for the top spot. Second half results are:

1. Grand Trunk Golf Smiths- 169                        6. Monsters of The Muni- 144

2. Duffnering Miss Daisy- 162                            7. So Bloddy Lucky- 136

3. Idleal Shank- 157                                           8. Arnies Army- 134

4. Seeder Sandbaggers- 155                            9. Dude wheres my par- 124

5. Firm Shafts- 145                                           10. Harold P. Ness- 116

I would also like to point out that participation played a huge role in the the year end total, as a team like Firm Shafts, had 2 more wins then Monsters of Muni yet on a season total Monsters finished with 5 more points!! So when picking make sure you are selecting players who attend or play out as it is huge come pay out day.

Congrats to Don Moon winner of $215 and last nights 50/50

Josh Demo who won the Triple bogey closest to draw for the TB Bag

and Neil Gaul who won the Butcher Baker $100 meat package form the closest to on 7

Anyone else who has yet to claim a closest to prize please come see me and we will square up.

I will be slowly chippng away at getting the cheques made but do to lack of cheques and waiting for the new book to come in, it will probably be 2 to 3 weeks till I will have everyone winning done and ready for pick up, but please stop by and grab cheques before season end. 

Lastly dont forget that your tee times are now no longer held on Wed so please make sure to book your times via calling or online for each Wed night you wish to play as if you just show up hoping to play at your normal time it may not be available.

Last nights closest to winners

#2 Wayne Huggins

#7 Jim Bannon

#9 Dave Campbell

#8 Bill Middleton.

Thanks again for another great year and I will be posting a date for our Closing very soon.


Sep 7, 2017 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

1 week to go

Next week will be our final men's league night of the year!!! With that brings some house cleaning. 

1. Next week is a free roast beef meal for anyone who is in the league the meal will be served from 5:30 till 8:30. If you are not in the league and wish to eat your more then welcome it will be the regular $15's 

2. With next week being the last week the blocks will no longer be reserved for the following week so please make sure you make a tee time if you wish to come out in the following weeks, as your TIMES WILL NOT BE HELD.... so please don't just show up at your usual time and try to squeeze in as it will fully be running off the tee sheet and you will have to wait for an open tee time. 

3. Our Romeo Cup team will be competing this weekend anyone who wishes to come out and cheer on the team / chirp Rob Douglas and the SCC is more then welcome. We will be at the Muni all day Saturday and the SCC from 11am on on Sunday.

4. Lastly thank you everyone for another succesful year of men's night, We had very few issues this year pertaining to slow play etc.. and again it has been a tight race to the top of the leader board.


Closest to pin winners

#2 Ian Weber

#5 Joe McDonald

#7 Jeremy Hunt

#9 Josh Demo

#8 Bruce Brodhagen


Also Again anyone who has a closest to pin award and hasn't collected please come see me next week to square up. 



Aug 24, 2017 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

Low Light

Not much of a blog today, as I don't got much to say. Just a quick reminder that light levels are starting to drop very quickly and that pace of play and being on time for your tee times must keep happening to allow the final groups to finish in the light. We have 3 weeks left and last night there was maybe room for 3 groups behind our final group. Also everyone that was invited to play on the Romeo cup team was given their official invite letter to play, please let me no asap of intent to play or not so spare can be found if need be but form what I heard last night, most of you sound in!!.

Closest to pin winner

#2 Mike Tracey

#5 Dave Reeves

#7 Neil Gaul

#9 Bill Roach

Longest Putt


Aug 17, 2017 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

Romeo Cup Cuts

Week 16 saw a few guys gripping the clubs just a little bit tighter as they tried to insure a spot on the 2017 Muni Romeo Cup Team, and when the dust settled on what was a perfect night for golf 12 guys were left standing, and here is your squad.

1. Brock Gleadall- Recently married and fresh off a honey moon one can only think that a stress free Brock will return with nothing but a 5th straight title on his mind.

2.Kyle MacKenzie- Still realtively new to the Muni and Romeo Cup Kyle has yet to see a team loss, and will be looking to have 3 straight Romeo cup appearances and Wins.

3. Kyle Brodhagen ( Captian)- Winner of 5 Romeo cups one dating back to 2011 first ever muni win, He is looking to make it 6 and  Captian his 3rd straight team win, and become a member of the 5 peat crew.

4. Dean Sharp- The Dickenson Slayer is also looking to become a member of the 5 peat crew, Whats 5 down with 7 to play? thats right an easy win on 17!!

5. Scott Bailey- Owner of Scott Baileys Golf Empourium, and once loser on the SCC team Scott made the switch to the muni last year and has been a winner ever since

6. Scott Morris- Also a 5 time winner on the Romeo cup and past Captian of the 2011 team which won the Muni's first ever Romeo cup, Scott looking forward to two days away from the family and work, drinking Caesars and winning the cup for the 6th time and joining the 5 peat crew

7. Greg Prezscator- New to the Romeo Cup team Gregs solid play all year on Men's night has earned him a spot on the team, and he will be looking for some of that 32 magic come the days of the big matches.

8. Kevin Bice- Solid play on Men's night has solified a spot on the team for two straight years for Kevin, and he is coming off a hot year where he had an 7 & 6 win in the single matches last year, and will be looking to repeat.

9. Bill Sinclair- Well aware of the stakes Bill has finally booked of Romeo cup weekend and wont be rushing from his night shift job to the first tee for a day of 36 holes. Bill will also look to join the 5 peat crew

10. Jeff Gleadall- After a few year slump which did see a alternates pick in 2015 and a Captains pick to be team Coach in 2016, Jeff has reach his goal of earning a spot back on the team.

11. Willy Keller- Unsure if he will be able to play with his Arch revial Ken Brooks not on the SCC team Willy will have to take his game up against someone else this year in  a push to also join the 5 peat crew

12. Josh Demo- Just squeezing into the 12 spot after battling injuries this year Josh his looking to heal up and peak come Sept, and join the 5 peat crew!!


Wayne Huggins- This may be the first time in 5 years that Wayne hasnt outright made the team but if called up we know he will be there looking for the 5 peat crew

Craig Foster- Member at both course we still are not sure where is proud lies, Hope he doesnt sneak on team with a hidden agenda for the Friday night SCC boys. Jk Craig im sure you would bring your best for the Muni

Closest to the pin winners this week

#11  Cody Patterson

#12 Kert Coffey

#14 Bill Sinclair

#16 Andre Morin

Longest Putt

#17 Jim Betts

Next week we will return back to the white tees for our final four week stint


Only 5 Weeks remain

Aug 10, 2017 | Posted by Chilli Dipper

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Rain shield over the Muni

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Canadian Open

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Heavy Competition in Flight B

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Tequila Over Pork Night

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End To The First Half

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Only 1 week left till season restarts

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Short and Sweet

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DB9 For The Boys

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2017 Underway

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 David St. Louis $389.98
2 Don Moon $255
3 Kevin Bice $217.31
4 Scott Bailey $175
5 Brock Gleadall $158.33
6 Scott Herbert $151.66
7 Josh Demo $136.66
8 Mike Tracy $125.83
9 John Dixon $118.33
10 Greg Preszcator $112.48
11 Bill Roach $110
12 Joe McDonald $107.08
13 Dean Sharp $105.83
14 Bob Hughes $104.5
15 Patrick Hannaberry $103.75
16 Don Soper $98.33
17 Andre Morin $97.5
18 Dave Reeves $95.83
T19 Bill Humble $95
T19 Ian Weber $95
21 Roger Lloyd $92.5
22 Roger Parsons $91.66
T23 Jimi Heinbuch $90.83
T23 Cody Patterson $90.83
T25 Mike Jones $89.16
T25 Dean McKelvie $89.16
27 Jeff Healey $88.33
28 Bill Sinclair $87.48
29 Jim Bannon $84.5
30 John Brown $84.16
31 Dave Mewhinney $84.15
32 Jeff Gleadall $83.33
T33 Dave Dubrick $82.5
T33 Craig Foster $82.5
T33 Scott Regan $82.5
T33 Jon Bailey $82.5
37 Al Holmes $81.66
38 Ron Harrison $81.25
39 Hugh McDonald $80.83
40 Neil Gaul $80
T41 Michael Binns $77.5
T41 Kert Coffey $77.5
43 Willy Keller $76.66
44 Mike Coffey $75
T45 Scott Morris $73.33
T45 Bud Dixon $73.33
T45 Steve Bingham $73.33
T48 Don Morris $72.5
T48 Chris Dickenson Sr $72.5
T48 Colin Grimes $72.5
T48 Daryl Stacey $72.5
T48 Steve Nesbitt $72.5
53 Dave Burford $70.33
54 Quinn Malott $70
55 Dan Maloney $69.5
56 Rick Slawek $69.16
T57 John Sinclair $67.5
T57 Steve Eldridge $67.5
T57 Kyle MacKenzie $67.5
T57 Bob Cassels $67.5
T57 Wayne Melvin $67.5
62 Tom Ball $66.66
T63 Justin Lingard $65.83
T63 Jim Betts $65.83
T63 Wayne Huggins $65.83
T66 Tom Demo $65
T66 Brody Telford $65
T66 Paul Grasby $65
69 Robert Coleman $64.16
70 Gary Howard $63.33
T71 Bill Middleton $62.5
T71 Grant Rae $62.5
T73 Tim Heinbuch $62
T73 Ron Anderson $62
T75 Dave Campbell $60.83
T75 Rob Speak $60.83
77 Frank Mark $60.33
78 Alex Robertson $58.75
79 Tony Rebelo $58.33
T80 Dave Cameron $57.5
T80 Jeremy Hunt $57.5
T80 Joe West $57.5
T80 Dennis Gerber $57.5
84 Steve Lyoness $57
85 Mark Ford $55.33
86 Bob Fulford $55
T87 Merv Bennett $53.33
T87 Bob Parsons $53.33
89 Bruce (E) Brodhagen $53.31
90 Mike Gordon $52.5
91 Terry Hartman $50.83
92 Dan Martin $50.33
T93 Paul Schuster $45
T93 Jamie McArdle $45
T93 Fred Judge $45
T96 Bob Millar $43.33
T96 Dave Gould $43.33
T98 Ed Dojlovic $42.5
T98 Terry Huggins $42.5
T98 Kyle Brodhagen $42.5
T101 Doug Brown $40
T101 Terry Pellar $40
103 Chris Chaisson $37.5
104 Bill Haggarty $32.5
Total Payout $8413.7