Welcome to the Men's Day 2017 Season

Sep 13, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Golf is a bi-Product Of Having Fun


Week 18  - Tuesday September 12, 2017

Golf Is A Bi-Product Of Having Fun

The close of Men’s day is next week with the dinner starting at 7:00. There will be a flexibile menu  with choices, depending on individual preferences. Closing night will offer food and beer or beer and food. This also marks, for the five readers, my last, full    ponificating blog of the year.

Activities, at a golf club hosting members, are vital to a positive environment. There must be avenues for new members to interact and become involved. The men’s day offers a chance to meet or even play with others. Coming in each Tuesday and seeing a large number of fellow members is purely energizing. Playing golf is a bi-product of having fun with like-minded individuals. As this season races to a close, please think about investing in 2018 as many member events as you wish. If not, where will I ever be able to flaunt my wardrobe?


Spotlighting the head honcho, the grand pubba, the big enchilada in the Kingdom of “Baggerdom”, we find a long time member with his first chance to sprout his backside on the throne of sand heaven. Elmer Dredge fired a low-net of 31. Peppi Rotella is returning the “Baggerdom’ with 31. Returners to a top spot on the low-net parade get a mini throne. We pass on congratulation to both of you for shooting so well today.

There were four atop the low-gross mountain today. There is also a returning name of Lobsinger. The name is the same but the person is different. Today’s Lobsinger is Larry, not Garry. Tied with Larry are Matt Smyth, Matt Kanke and Rob Douglas. The four musketeers fired a very respectable 35 low-gross. Congratulations.

The Playoffs

Have a look at the playoff section of golfscoring.net. All three divisions grew very close. Next week’s scores and attendance will determine the division winners..

Low Gross - 1st - Matt Smyth, T2 - Paul Lobsinger, Garry Lobsinger

Low Net - 1st - Craig Foster, Matt Johnson, Charles Longston, John McPherson, Brian McQuarrie, Steve Ollson

CTP #4 - Matt Kahnke

CTP #8 - Barry Cameron

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Charles Longston


Until next week,

Ken H.

Posted by: chris venianakis | Jan 26, 2018 08:46 AM

Hi!! Is this the Ken Hundert that used to teach at hollycrest? I am a former student and want to thank you so much! i am a proud dad and instill some of your lessons way back when ( class of 86 ) ! never have forgotten about you

Sep 5, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Playoffs ... It's All about "N"


Week 18  - Tuesday September 5,2017


Playoffs … It’s All About “N”

 Today children around the province dribbled back to class to start their school year. On the other hand we are quickly shutting the door on our golf season. In two weeks (September 19th) players will compete on the final Tuesday and then celebrate the year at a closing dinner which will start at 7:00.

One of the positives in our playoffs is competing in divisions. Playing head on with teams with similar results, offers all a chance. Just have a look at the “B” an “C” Divisions. Who would believe that the  “Green N Regulation” and “Guns N Ringers” could be resting atop the heap? Teams chasing these two division leaders obviously will be adding an “N” to their team names.

Romeo Cup Alert

The Romeo Cup is taking place this weekend (yearly inter-club match between us and the Muni).  All are welcome to come to watch the matches that will be taking place starting at 7:30am at the Muni this Saturday and more importantly on Sunday at the SCC starting at 11:00! The Muni always gets a really good turn out from people wanting to watch so we are looking to match their enthusiasm this year!


Peppi Rotella bounced himself atop the throne in “Baggerdom” his low-net score of 30 was not in the twenties but is non-the-less very impressive. Well-done Peppi. Matt Smyth fired a red-hot low gross score of 34. We’ve had lower scores this season but when we examine today’s scores, his 34 is very special. Congratulations.

Low Gross - 1st - Sean Atkinson, 2nd - Ross Yantzi, T3rd - Chad Smalley, Jamie Allen

Low Net - 1st - Peppi Rotella, 2nd - Gary Sood, 3rd - Elmer Dredge, Jason Lott

CTP #10 - Hugh McDonald

CTP #13 - Willy Keller

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Elmer Dredge


Until next week,

Ken H

Aug 29, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Growing for the Playoffs


Week 17  - Tuesday August 29, 2017

Last Segment Success

The results for the fourth and final segment is as follows… Congratulations

1st  - Tragically Stiff             2nd  -  Black’s Sabbath Sinners  

3rd  -  ZZ Toppers                 4th - Red Hot Chilli Peppers 

5th -  Cone Heads                            6th -  Smash Mouth


Growing for the Playoffs

It seems just like yesterday that the Stanley Cup finals were finishing. How could we, as golfers, possibly benefit from professionals on ice? It seems that a prerequisite to playing in hockey playoffs is one’s ability to grow facial hair. The unwritten rule of no shaving is in full force. Now that we are starting our golf playoffs, we should be allowing our energy to grow along with our whiskers. Someone should hide the razors for this week’s most useless bastards. Can’t  grow stubble fast enough?  Those on this week’s list, might purchase eyebrow pencils to create their own whisker bundles. We’ll soon see how facial hair enhances results. I would almost guarantee that those, on this week’s list, who show hearty hair, will not find themselves on next week’s M.U.B. At worst we might see rival team members start crosschecking each other with nine irons.


In the Kingdom of “Baggerdom”, we find a new king. Playing for years as a commoner in the kingdom, Al Lightfoot hoisted himself onto the throne with his low-net 29. Congratulations Al.

It was a super-duper day for one Matt Kahnke. His low-gross 32 topped all scores. I saw Matt on the second hole putting for a birdie. He missed. Obviously he didn’t miss a whole lot from holes three through nine. Matt’s facial hair was obviously a factor!

Low Gross - 1st - Matt Kahnke, 2nd - Steve Hislop, 3rd - Tim Rau

Low Net - 1st - Al Lightfoot, T2 - Don Gregory, Paul Butson

CTP #4 - Brian MacLachlan

CTP #8 - Chad Smalley

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Bevan Moir


Until next week

Ken H.

Aug 22, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Goforth and Prosper


Week 16  - Tuesday August 22, 2017

 Goforth and Prosper

Today we finish the 2017 regular season play. The standings for this fourth and final segment will be posted next week. My hope is that every team has won something in the four segments. The reality might be a smidge different. In next week’s blog I hope to post the last segment results.

This past weekend Stratford Country Club hosted its club championship. Our 2017 club champion is no other that Steve Goforth. Steve is a long-standing member who has been an enthusiastic participant in club events. Approaching the subject of why now, there might be another smidge of fake news. I asked Steve how he blossomed this year. What did he do in 2017 that caused his game to bubble to overflowing? He reported regularly encouraging fellow golf partners daily. Finally Steve turned his encouraging words inwards and walked the talk. Well done and congratulations.

A Club Championship spotlight also glowed brightly on Mark Walker.  He is our 2017 Senior Club Champion. Mark also has been a long-standing member who has continually supported our membership activities. Well done and congratulations.


On the weekend I witnessed some superb golf shots that Matt Francis produced. His talent obviously is still highly engaged with “the Force”. Matt’s low-gross 33 topped all of today’s golfers. Congratulations Matt.

I am feeling that today’s first nine must have been swallowed up by a “Bermuda Triangle” effect. How else could you explain a low-net 27. Bob Jeppesen was dizzy as he looking down from his throne in “Baggerdom”.  Bob must have chipped in on five holes.  A low-net 27 … holy twilight zone Batman!

Low Gross - 1st - Matt Francis, T2 - Al Glosnek, Mark Straus

Low Net - 1st - Bob Jeppeson, T2 - Graham Wallbank, Greg Haase, Josh Coffey, Ross Snider

CTP #10 - Rick Nelson

CTP #13 - Craig Foster

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Bob Taylor

Until next week

Ken H.

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50/50 Winner - $165.00

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50/50 Winner - $117.50

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50/50 Winner - $235.00

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Mark Walker $197.5
2 Al Glosnek $168.3
3 Steve Hislop $157.5
4 Willy Keller $156.6
5 Sean Atkinson $155
6 Matt Francis $153.6
7 Chad Smalley $152.5
8 Ken Hundert $146.15
9 Mike Elliott $141.6
10 Steve Goforth $140
11 Kirk Speiran $136.66
12 Ken Dale $136.6
13 Bill Helmuth $131.6
14 Ray Black $129.1
15 Brian McQuarrie $126.6
16 Graham Heaton $124.45
17 Josh Coffey $123.75
18 Tim Rau $123.33
19 Paul Lobsinger $122.5
20 Larry Lobsinger $122
T21 Chad Gerber $121.6
T21 Craig Foster $121.6
23 Bob Pilon $120
24 Don Gregory $119
25 Bob Jeppesen $118.3
26 Doug Barkman $118.1
T27 John McPherson $116.6
T27 Dale Roe $116.6
T27 Rob Douglas $116.6
30 Louis Pass $115.83
31 Brian MacLachlan $115
32 Bob Callingham $113.33
T33 Jason Baker $112.5
T33 Hugh McDonald $112.5
T33 Frank Nemeth $112.5
36 Aidan Kuepfer $110.6
T37 Gary Sood $110
T37 Alan Lightfoot $110
T39 Geoff Grimes $107.5
T39 Rick Nelson $107.5
T39 Paul Butson $107.5
42 Matthew Kahnke $107
43 Jackson Blowes $106.6
44 Mike Collins $105
45 Monty Smith $102.5
46 Matt Smyth $102.43
T47 Charles Longston $101.6
T47 Bevan Moir $101.6
T47 Dan Paul $101.6
T47 Jason Knechtel $101.6
T47 Mike Heisz $101.6
T47 James Arnold $101.6
53 Rick Matthews $100.83
54 Peter Paiva $100.8
55 Colter Illingworth $98.33
T56 Ross Yantzi $97.5
T56 Mark Straus $97.5
58 Jamie Allen $96.6
T59 Craig Pearce $95
T59 Jesse Duval $95
61 Dave Griffith $93.3
T62 Chris Dickenson $92.5
T62 Greg Young $92.5
64 Jeff McPherson $92
T65 Elmer Dredge $90
T65 Bob Downham $90
67 Bob Rogerson $85
T68 Reed Norman $84.1
T68 Ed Francis $84.1
70 Kevin Misener $79.1
71 Ron Deichert $77.01
72 Perry Hill $75
73 Bill Lake $74.1
74 Steve Ollson $73.75
T75 Jason Lott $72.5
T75 Matt Johnson $72.5
T77 Jalen Aitcheson $70
T77 Peppi Rotella $70
79 Paul Farrell $69.1
80 Dave Zorgdrager $69
T81 Barry Cameron $67.5
T81 Dom Gaffney $67.5
T81 Paul Graham $67.5
T81 Marc Paquette $67.5
T81 Bob Taylor $67.5
T81 John Tafts $67.5
87 Quincy Wilker $65.8
88 Ken Chisholm $62.5
89 Garry Lobsinger $60.8
T90 Rasmus Fahraeus $60
T90 Mike Rivers $60
T90 Eli Bernard $60
T90 Randy Benjamin $60
T90 Kurt Wall $60
T90 Bill Hawkins $60
T90 Myron Rudiak $60
T90 Peter Hiller $60
98 Neil Tobin $59.1
99 Rod Hulme $59
100 Greg Haase $57.88
T101 Tim Taylor $57.5
T101 Brent Webley $57.5
T103 Mario Tiano $55
T103 Gary Yantzi $55
T105 Brian Blowes $54.1
T105 Gary Van Bakel $54.1
T105 Brian Dahms $54.1
T105 John McGraw $54.1
109 Kyle Grimes $52.5
110 Larry Appel $51.67
111 Jeff Orr $49
112 Erik Anderson $48.33
113 Alan Zorgdrager $43.33
114 Don Galloway $43.3
115 Roger Moorehead $42
T116 George Brown $40
T116 Dan Fleming $40
118 Steve Campbell $35
119 Ross Snider $31.25
120 Thom Brenner $30
121 Graham Wallbank $26.25
122 Chip Vallis $25
123 Don Wright $21.5
T124 Tom Campbell $20
T124 Jordan Domm $20
T124 Garry Brodhagen $20
T124 Wayne Rider $20
T124 Bob Shepherd $20
T124 Gary Arnstowski $20
T124 Les Burton $20
T124 Allen Amey $20
Total Payout $11199.36