Welcome to the Men's Day 2017 Season

Aug 15, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Playoffs Are Heartbeat Away

Week 15  - Tuesday August 15, 2017

 Playoffs Are A Heartbreat  Away

We have one more week remaining in our men’s day league… one more week before playoffs… holy crumbling cracker jacks, Batman! This year our closing dinner, on Tuesday September 19th, will follow the last day of playoffs.  The playoffs will again be held in divisions. The top four teams will compete. Teams five through eight will battle and finally teams nine through twelve will do the golf ball shuffle.  I believe the league standings will be based on the final year-long standings. If I happen to miss the mark, it probably is another example of fake news. Hopefully after the close of golf business on Tuesday September 19th, each team will dip their collective toes into the prize-pot pool. As in the past, there most likely will be a sign-up sheet to help determine numbers at the closing dinner.

Today … Hislop gets Walkered

Who shoots the lowest gross score of the year at 33 and does not win the week? The answer is Steve Hislop. He was “Walkered. “ One Mark Walker moon-danced right by Steve and posted a season low score of 32. Personally, I’d be overjoyed at a low-net score of 32. Talking about low-net, Mark failed to break into the top two of the low-net parade. He was tied with tow others for third place. Congratulations to both players for wowing us all.

In the world of low-net, our King of “Baggerdom” , Tim Rau, managed to break through the net thirty ceiling. His net twenty-nine has eyebrows raised in the direction of “His Royal Highness”.  It’s a good thing that Mark’s results over-shadowed all other scoring feats.

Low Gross - 1st Mark Walker, T2 Colter Illingworth, Al Zorgdrager, Matt Smyth

Low Net - 1st Tim Rau, T2 - Ray Black, Kyle Grimes

CTP #4 - Tim Rau

CTP #8 - Larry Lobsinger

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Bill Helmuth

Until next week

Ken H.

Aug 8, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Umbrella


Week 14  - Tuesday August 8, 2017

 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Umbrella

We showed up as usual for men’s day. Today we had to try and survive drowning in sunshine but not Ray Black. He was fully prepared as he took his pet rainbow umbrella for an eighteen-hole stroll. No sunshine was going dampen his golf day. There is a rumour that he has painted clouds on the underside of his “brelly.”  Ray’s “brelly” was a perfect colour fit for the day. When I arrived to prepare, I strolled by the practice green. My eyebrows raised as I witnessed a number of golfers from the Hiller group working on perfecting their putting. Right in front of me was a full rainbow of colours. Even the leader of the grey and black shirt club was wearing pink and chartreuse. Holy yellow brick road, Batman!  By the way, we have two more weeks to blossom before playoffs start.


Who should happen to show up sharing the throne as a king of “Baggerdom” ? King Paul Lobsinger  hit a low-net of 31. Sure he fired a hot gross score of 34, tying Rob Douglas for low round “au natural’” Wow, Paul is a double-dipper. Not often do we find a golfer topping both scoring lists. Fabulous day Paul.  Also, I congratulate  “bagger” Bob Pilon for sharing the low-net throne with a hot score of net 31.

Until next week,

Ken H.

Aug 1, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Golf...Dream Team Fantasy Thoughts

Week 13- Tuesday August 1, 2017

 Golf …. Dream Team Fantasy Thoughts

Today there were collective shudders rushing up and down the backs of every educator holding membership. The last quarter of the season is in the building. Congratulations go out the Greens N Regulation for finishing first in segment three. Swedish House Mafia bounced into second, while ZZ Toppers and Hit It Thin Lizzy settled for third. Tied for fifth were Lowest of the Low, Black Sabbath, and Fairway To Heaven.

We have baseball, football and basketball fantasy camps. Heck we have fantasy fantasy camps. What if we held a Stratford golf fantasy event? The five of you who read this blog, might ask, “How would this work?

Your fantasy team would consist of three people from three different handicap pools. 

  • one player would hit the first shot… personally I’d want a bomber
  • one player hit the second shot … a steady fairway player with good irons, fairway metals or hybrids
  • one player to chip and putt… no one with the “yips” need fill this roll

So if there were three handicap groupings, one from zero to nine, second from ten to fifteen and third sixteen and over….

Who would you have on your Stratford Golf Club fantasy team? 


Today was a super golf day that we should be able to box up and bring back about twenty times this coming winter.  Garry Lobsinger, Rob Douglas and Steve Hislop were basking in the sun. Their low-gross score of thirty-four demonstrated that the two obviously rule any months that begin with the letter “A” . Congratulations on a super round of golf.

You’ve heard of “courses for horses”. Well Stratford was obviously set up perfectly for our green’s keeper. Greens were just fast enough and the rough was trimmed to a perfect one and five eight-inch level. Reed Norman, along with Graham Heaton and Aidan Kuepfer rocketed to the throne as the joint kings of “Baggerdom.” Their low-net hunky-bunky score of thirty-one topped all netters. Congratulations.

T1 Low Gross - Garry Lobsinger, Steve Hislop T3rd - Jamie Allen, Chad Smalley

T1 Low Net - Graham Heaton, Reed Norman, Aidan Kuepfer

CTP #4 - Rick Nelson

CTP #8 - Monty Smith

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Reed Norman


Until next week, 

Ken H.


Jul 25, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Pause For Thought When Your Tank in On Zero

Week 12- Tuesday July 25, 2017

 Pause For Thought When Your Win Tank Is On Zero

At the close of today’s action, three of four segments will be complete. The sign-up sheet, for the Club Championship, is now posted as we wait to shortly turn another calendar page. Results will be posted in next week’s blog. I have looked to Red Green’s words for those who fell short this segment. They might distract you from the results of an over-active golf game.

 Red Green’s Pause For Thought

If you need proof that your actions today will affect your life tomorrow, eat a pound of cheese

When you shirk responsibility, some of the energy you saved must be directed at coming up with a good excuse

If you cannot impress women with your body or your mind, you will have to buy them something

Wait until people ask to see your scar

Proctologists aren’t good at looking people in the eye

Women with large breasts are generally more successful than men with large breasts


For some of us breaking through the ceiling of thirty low-net is the impossible dream. For Kevin Misner it is this week’s reality. His low-net of 28 has him resting comfortably on top of the “Baggerdom” throne. Holy banana split Batman, we’re going to have to make the throne taller.

In the real world of low-gross play, Matt Francis showed everyone that he is indeed on top of his game. Boasting a low score of 34 is indeed impressive. Congratulations Matt.

Low Gross - Chad Smalley, 2nd - Alan Zorgdrager, T3 - Garry Lobsinger, Al Glosnek, Ken Hundert

Low Net - Mike Elliott, T2nd - Geoff Grimes, Jeff Orr

CTP #10 - Sean Atkinson

CTP #13 - Chad Smalley

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Sean Atkinson

Until next week,

Ken H.

Week Eleven "Atta Boy!"

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Mark Walker $167.5
2 Sean Atkinson $130
3 Chad Smalley $127.5
4 Ken Hundert $111.15
5 Kirk Speiran $106.66
6 Mike Elliott $106.6
T7 Ken Dale $101.6
T7 Willy Keller $101.6
9 Matt Francis $98.6
T10 Brian McQuarrie $96.6
T10 Bill Helmuth $96.6
12 Al Glosnek $95.8
13 Steve Goforth $95
14 Graham Heaton $94.45
15 Ray Black $94.1
16 Paul Lobsinger $92.5
T17 Larry Lobsinger $92
T17 Jeff McPherson $92
19 Chad Gerber $91.6
20 Bob Pilon $90
21 Tim Rau $88.33
22 Rick Nelson $87.5
23 Jackson Blowes $86.6
24 Louis Pass $85.83
25 Reed Norman $84.1
26 Doug Barkman $83.1
27 Steve Hislop $82.5
28 Matt Smyth $82.43
T29 John McPherson $81.6
T29 Rob Douglas $81.6
T29 Dale Roe $81.6
32 Geoff Grimes $77.5
33 Steve Ollson $73.75
34 Monty Smith $72.5
T35 Bevan Moir $71.6
T35 Charles Longston $71.6
T35 Craig Foster $71.6
T35 James Arnold $71.6
T35 Jamie Allen $71.6
T35 Mike Heisz $71.6
T35 Jason Knechtel $71.6
T35 Dan Paul $71.6
43 Dave Zorgdrager $69
44 Bob Callingham $68.33
45 Dave Griffith $68.3
T46 Dom Gaffney $67.5
T46 Barry Cameron $67.5
T46 Paul Graham $67.5
T46 Jason Lott $67.5
T46 Marc Paquette $67.5
T51 Gary Sood $65
T51 Paul Butson $65
T51 Jesse Duval $65
T51 Craig Pearce $65
T51 Brian MacLachlan $65
56 Don Gregory $61.5
T57 Mike Collins $60
T57 Rasmus Fahraeus $60
T57 Bill Hawkins $60
T57 Myron Rudiak $60
61 Josh Coffey $57.5
62 Ron Deichert $57.01
63 Matthew Kahnke $57
T64 Mario Tiano $55
T64 Gary Yantzi $55
66 Bill Lake $54.1
67 Colter Illingworth $53.33
T68 Ross Yantzi $52.5
T68 Jason Baker $52.5
T68 Frank Nemeth $52.5
71 Larry Appel $51.67
72 Greg Haase $51.63
73 Aidan Kuepfer $50.6
74 Perry Hill $50
T75 Paul Farrell $49.1
T75 Kevin Misener $49.1
T75 Ed Francis $49.1
78 Jeff Orr $49
79 Bob Jeppesen $48.3
80 Matt Johnson $47.5
81 Bob Downham $45
82 Don Galloway $43.3
83 Rick Matthews $40.83
T84 Peter Paiva $40.8
T84 Garry Lobsinger $40.8
T86 Mark Straus $40
T86 Jalen Aitcheson $40
T86 Alan Lightfoot $40
T86 Bob Rogerson $40
T86 Elmer Dredge $40
91 Neil Tobin $39.1
T92 Bob Taylor $37.5
T92 John Tafts $37.5
94 Quincy Wilker $35.8
T95 Randy Benjamin $35
T95 Kurt Wall $35
T95 Eli Bernard $35
T95 Mike Rivers $35
T95 Steve Campbell $35
T95 Peter Hiller $35
T101 Brian Blowes $34.1
T101 John McGraw $34.1
T101 Gary Van Bakel $34.1
T101 Brian Dahms $34.1
T105 Hugh McDonald $32.5
T105 Kyle Grimes $32.5
T105 Chris Dickenson $32.5
T105 Ken Chisholm $32.5
T105 Greg Young $32.5
110 Rod Hulme $29
111 Erik Anderson $28.33
T112 Tim Taylor $27.5
T112 Brent Webley $27.5
114 Peppi Rotella $25
115 Alan Zorgdrager $23.33
116 Roger Moorehead $22
T117 George Brown $20
T117 Dan Fleming $20
119 Thom Brenner $10
T120 Chip Vallis $5
T120 Ross Snider $5
122 Don Wright $1.5
Total Payout $7329.36