Welcome to the Men's Day 2017 Season

Jun 21, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

It's Not A race, but...

Week 7- Tuesday June 20, 2017

It Is Not A Race… but

 There is a continual spotlight on having fun when participating on mens’ day. That fun is a result of all or some of a number of factors, including…

  1. playing partners
  2. scoring success
  3. bantering and laughter – hopefully not during a player’s swing
  4. weather conditions
  5. pace of play

This week’s blog is focusing on “(e) pace of play. Tuesday play is not a race but there are steps that all of us can take to avoid having any golfers waiting to excess. You might be able to add to the following list…

  1. no ball hawking
  2. announce and play a provisional ball if ball flies ?
  3. pick up after reaching a maximum of three over par
  4. lost-ball searches should  last less than two minutes
  5. play ready-golf on the tee blocks…
  6. In carts, drop fellow-rider off and go to hit your next shot
  7. select your club  while player-partner is hitting
  8. score the hole after you move away from the  green
  9. if your group starts falling behind, you might hold off ordering excessive amounts of aiming fluids
  10. slow-walkers might try a sound system that plays marching music



I see a name that I have never mentioned on any blogs since Men’s day began at Stratford. Monty Smith is this week’s King of “Baggerdom”. His 29 net-score means that something has changed. It could be a swing thing or he could secretly be taking part in mental massages. Whatever the reason, Monty has come out of the low-net closet. Congratulations and sand castles all around.

Thirty-five was so common tonight that it was almost boring, Willy Keller, Steve Goforth, Al Glosnek and Chad Gerber all managed to hit that outstanding low-gross number. Sure four tied, sure it was not the lowest score of the year but it was better than most could fire. Congratulations to all.

Low Gross - T1st Al Glosnek, Willy Keller, T3 - Jason Baker, Garry Lobsinger

Low Net - 1st - Monty Smith, 2nd - Bill Helmuth, 3rd - Thom Brenner

CTP #4 - Al Glosnek

CTP #8 - Ken Dale

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Graham Wallbank

Until next week,

Ken H.

Jun 13, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Do I Have A No-Trade Clause?



Week 6- Tuesday June 13, 2017

Do I Have A No-Trade Clause?

A fellow teammate approached me, asking if he could be traded. He was not unhappy nor was there any team conflicts. He was concerned that, his less than stellar performances, could violate his contract and place him on the trading block.

John McPherson rests on The Black’s Sabbath’s Sinners roster. He has participated every week. Sure some scores soar into the fifties but they are overshadowed by John’s enthusiasm and sense of humour. So John did ask the question, so sending out feelers cannot be all that wrong.

For all teams, let’s put everything on the table. John was born in a small yet very small cottage some more that fifty years ago. It was an uneventful upbringing although there is, to this day, a strong attraction to tree bark. He was able to submerge his “barkitis anxiety disorder” until he took up golf. Now his golf balls mysteriously land his person in or close to trees. Don’t get me wrong. John is totally under control of his full gambit of emotions, unless he happens to brush up against any deposits of secreted tree sap. Playing partners need never worry. After four and a half minutes, the quivering and low-pitched mumbling fully subside. We don’t want any captains barking up the wrong tree here. Excluding his tree sap problem, John is a catch. We will host any inquiries by any team captains who might be “pining” for a golfer “extraordinaire”.


Tonight Rob hosted an eight o’clock event. The object was to a hit a ball through a target of paper-glass as fast as possible. The final contestant was Bill Lake from tier-three handicap. His first shot rocketed through the target in the evening’s fastest time. Bill said that his success was due to one major contributing factor. He did not fully understand the instructions and thought the object was to avoid hitting the glass-paper target. Anyways, congrats Bill.

In the world low-low net scores, there’s not much to be said after a posting of twenty-eight. Bill Hawkins is this week’s King of “Baggerdom”. His nine-hole handicap is one hundred and eight. With the low-net score of the year so far, Bill wins the keys to the Kingdom of “Baggerdom” and a Trump blow-up doll.

There is some sweet and sour to this week’s low-gross winning score. The sweet is a low-gross score of 34. Rob led all golfers with his fine play. The sour is …

  1. Rob is on my team and

(b) I was the other low-gross counter … “Holy right in the ear, Batman !”

Jun 6, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

That's what Mens Day Is All about

Week 5- Tuesday June 6, 2017

That’s What Mens’ Day Is All About

I would like to focus on a group of gentlemen, who epitomizes what Mens’ Day is all about. This group has supported play since this format was introduced. They regularly rush from work to attend and stay after to enjoy food and drink. Last week they were sitting on the patio as usual. I inquired about their golf rounds.  Their account of their collective experiences was less than positive. Later, at home, I was checking “Golfscoring.net” and witnessed two names on the Most Useless Bastard list. Bob Rogerson topped the list with Hugh McDonald not far behind. Well, how did the others in the group fair? Brent Webley also posted a nine-hole score in the fifties, while Brian MacLaclan barely stayed in the forties.

Tombstone is a game where you add the par for the course with your handicap. When the player’s score reaches the sum of the two, a marker is placed into the ground. Hopefully, the marker gores into the ground at the back of the final hole. These four gentlemen obviously played “Reverse Tombstone.”   These four were playing “first to sixty wins”. Around 7:00pm, when I visited, they were, as usual, on the patio socializing, laughing and having fun as they no matter what the results. After all, isn’t that what’s men’s day is all about?

Segment One Results

Congratulations to all players. I see that the Swedish House Mafia is trending upward. Well done. We have the following teams bubbling up to the top of the leader board…

First                 Smash Mouth                                   $40.00 per person

T-Second          Black’s Sabbath Sinners                    $32.50 per player

                        Tragically Stiff                                   $32.50 per player

T-Fourth            ZZ Toppers                                       $22.50 per player

                        Lowest of The Low                             $22.50 per player

T-Sixth              Greens N Regulation                         $5.00 per player

                        Red Hot Chili Dippers                         $5.00 per player

Tonight we start fresh as segment two begins.

Low Gross - 1st Mark Walker, T2nd - Jeff McPherson, Matthew Kahnke, Colter Illingworth, Steve Hislop, Rasmus Fahraeus

Low Net - T1st - Larry Appel, Kirk Speiran, Ron Deichert

CTP #4 - Sean Atkinson

CTP #8 - Kyle Grimes

Closest to the Belfor Sign #7 - Geoff Grimes


May 30, 2017 | Posted by Ken H.

Blasting Away The Crust Is A Must

Week 4- Tuesday May 30, 2017

Blasting Away The Crust Is A Must

This week ends segment number one. We blinked and four weeks blew by. There was some confusion on draft night. I sat next to Rasmus as he carefully constructed his Swedish House Mafia team. His goal was to corner the point standings, grabbing more than any other team (186). As of last week, his band of merry men has more than surpassed all expectations. Unfortunately on the route to men’s day success, it is the team with the fewest points that will be rewarded with riches beyond their wildest dreams. Obviously the quest for less cannot be too tough. As of week three, Team “HIt Thin Lizzy” and Team “The Tragically Stiff” were tied at the top of the list (168).

There is, for one, a virtual three-way tie after three weeks. Don Wright streamed over to me and pointed to “The Swedish House Mafia” team score and proclaimed that was a three-way tie after three weeks. To quote Donny, “Look at the Mafia’s team score. It’s exactly the same as the other two teams… 168“

You see Rasmus, in  “Dyslexia World” your team has collectively pulled the golden ring of success. In reality, you simply have to blast through the crust covering your team talent.  With time, there will be no limits placed on your placement. Next week we will have segment one results.

This Week

With segment number one closing out this week, we find a new and unexpected name in the Kingdom of “Baggerdom” Dave Griffith is a member of The Chili Dippers. This week he was reminded to look at his team’s full name. We witnessed a Clark Kent type metamorphosis. Dave has incorporated, Red Hot  into his weekly performance. For the first time we have a Chili Dipper as the King of “Baggerdom” with a sizzling hot net of 29. This is result of a 39 gross score with a ten handicap. “Holy cracking knuckles Batman!” Congratulations.

As for our low-gross score of the night, we congratulate Steve Hislop and Rob Douglas who both fired a very hot low-gross of thirty-four. Today’s weather conditions certainly made their below-par scores even more impressive. I don’t know about Steve, but Rob’s play must be a direct result of being drafted by The Black’s Sabbath Sinners. One glimpse at the team roster and he was scared straight.

Low Gross - T1st - Jamie Allen & Al Glosnek, 2nd - Jeff McPherson

Low Net - 1st - Dave Griffith, T2nd - Steve Ollson, Graham Heaton, Ron Deichert, Ken Hundert

CTP #10 - Mark Walker

CTP #13 - Frank Nemeth

Closest to the Belfor Sign - Larry Lobsinger

Until next week,

Ken H.

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Weather on course
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Full Forcast

Last Players Score Entered 4 days 18 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Al Glosnek $92.5
2 Steve Goforth $75
3 Mark Walker $67.5
4 Kirk Speiran $64.16
T5 Bob Callingham $60
T5 Mike Collins $60
7 Josh Coffey $57.5
T8 Jason Baker $52.5
T8 Willy Keller $52.5
T8 Frank Nemeth $52.5
T8 Ken Dale $52.5
T12 Matt Francis $47.5
T12 Bill Helmuth $47.5
T14 Colter Illingworth $45
T14 Bob Downham $45
T16 Jackson Blowes $42.5
T16 Steve Hislop $42.5
T18 Bob Rogerson $40
T18 Bob Jeppesen $40
T18 Don Gregory $40
T18 Mark Straus $40
T18 Alan Lightfoot $40
T18 Elmer Dredge $40
24 Ken Hundert $38.75
T25 Louis Pass $35
T25 Sean Atkinson $35
T27 Peter Paiva $32.5
T27 Doug Barkman $32.5
T27 Mike Elliott $32.5
T27 Rick Matthews $32.5
T27 Aidan Kuepfer $32.5
T27 Rob Douglas $32.5
T27 Dale Roe $32.5
T27 John McPherson $32.5
T27 Hugh McDonald $32.5
T27 Ray Black $32.5
T27 Greg Young $32.5
T27 Chris Dickenson $32.5
39 Dave Griffith $30
40 Graham Heaton $28.75
T41 Bill Hawkins $25
T41 Peppi Rotella $25
T41 Monty Smith $25
T41 Ross Yantzi $25
45 Ron Deichert $22.91
T46 Larry Lobsinger $22.5
T46 Bob Pilon $22.5
T46 Gary Sood $22.5
T46 Paul Butson $22.5
T46 Craig Pearce $22.5
T46 Brian McQuarrie $22.5
T46 Jason Knechtel $22.5
T46 Chad Gerber $22.5
T46 James Arnold $22.5
T46 Bevan Moir $22.5
T46 Craig Foster $22.5
T46 Mike Heisz $22.5
T46 Charles Longston $22.5
T46 Dan Paul $22.5
T46 Geoff Grimes $22.5
T46 Brian MacLachlan $22.5
T46 Jesse Duval $22.5
T63 Jamie Allen $20
T63 Kyle Grimes $20
T63 Gary Yantzi $20
T63 Mario Tiano $20
T67 Matt Johnson $17.5
T67 Garry Lobsinger $17.5
69 Larry Appel $16.67
T70 Chad Smalley $15
T70 Paul Farrell $15
T70 Jeff McPherson $15
73 Steve Ollson $11.25
T74 Thom Brenner $10
T74 Matthew Kahnke $10
T76 Eli Bernard $5
T76 Dom Gaffney $5
T76 Barry Cameron $5
T76 Chip Vallis $5
T76 Neil Tobin $5
T76 Ross Snider $5
T76 Paul Graham $5
T76 Rasmus Fahraeus $5
T76 Kurt Wall $5
T76 Mike Rivers $5
T76 Randy Benjamin $5
T76 Peter Hiller $5
T76 Perry Hill $5
T76 Rick Nelson $5
T76 Marc Paquette $5
T76 Reed Norman $5
T76 Dave Zorgdrager $5
T76 Tim Rau $5
T76 Jason Lott $5
Total Payout $2562.49