Welcome to the Ladies League 2018 Season

Jul 17, 2018 | Posted by League Committee

2018 Ladies League

     Welcome back to the St. Mary's Ladies League website!   We're excited to announce that we'll once again be using our online scoring system that was specifically designed for our league here at St. Mary's.  Thanks to this unique web based program players can track their individual and team performance and we now have the ability to display live scoring on the TV in the clubhouse!

     The idea behind the program is simple... the more you play, the better it is for you and your team.  For the Regular Season, teams will compete in a round-robin; teams that win their weekly match earn 10 points, 0 if they lose and, in the case of a tie, each team earns 5 points.  But, and this is importnat: supporting your team is very important.  Teams receive one (1) additional point for each participant regardless of their performance as long as they reach the minimum number of players required to post a team score (5).  Team scores will be determined by the total of the five lowest net scores posted by the members of the team.  Those that don't count toward the team total are still extremely important to the cause because of the participation points and, of course, they can always find a quck fix in order to count the following week.

       One of the high-lights of the program is the actual real-time scoring.  As the staff enter scores throughout the day the standings, individual results, team scores and a bunch of other cool stuff is updated in real-time on the Internet.  Girls that aren't able to play or those who can't get out until later in the day can log onto the league website to see how things are shaping up.  Another bonus is the program actually maintains a separate league handicap so there is no need to worry about each team being balanced - it's all been taken care of.  All you have to do is play at least 9-holes, turn in your scorecard and then join us in the clubhouse for a drink, a bite to eat and a laugh as the scores come in.  I'm sure it will be another great year! 


See you on the course,


Ladies League Committee

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