Welcome to the Men's League 2020-2 Season

Sep 16, 2020 | Posted by Kevin Layte

... and then there were four

     Welcome to the final week of the playoffs.  When all is said and done today we'll have determined the best in each division;

A Division

Team 12  VS.  Team 8

B Division

Team 20  VS.  Team 15

     Please click HERE to view the scoring from the regular season and the first two weeks of the playoffs.


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Team 8


Team 12


Team 20

Low Gross


Scott Chauvin

Dan Laporte

Low Net


Jeff Danyluk


Scott Chauvin

Dan Laporte

Joe Garneau

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Devin Humphrey $90
T2 Jeff Santarossa $80
T2 Ronald Dowhan $80
T2 Scott Chauvin $80
5 John Fedory $65
T6 Bryan Graper $60
T6 Rick St. Pierre $60
T6 Kevin Koski $60
T6 Gregory Schertzer $60
T6 Tim Meloche $60
T11 Michael Papineau $50
T11 Marcel St. Pierre $50
T11 Doug Kimmerly $50
T11 Dave Kraus $50
T11 Brandon Freele $50
T16 Michael Gagnier $40
T16 Joe Garneau $40
T16 Roger Langlois $40
T16 Tom Parent $40
T16 Dylan Margerison $40
T16 Gary Thomas $40
T16 Corey Wilson $40
T16 Mathew Ponic $40
T24 Dave Kerekas $30
T24 Brian Bracken $30
T24 Phil Hoy $30
T24 Lee McDonald $30
T24 Robert Prevost $30
T24 Stephen Taylor $30
T24 Peter Tsuchiya $30
T31 Tim Worley $20
T31 Glen Seegar $20
T31 Mike Pitre $20
T31 Al MacIntyre $20
T31 Jeremy Koning $20
T31 Tom Dupuis $20
T31 Ed Derdaele $20
Total Payout $1615