Welcome to the Men's League 2017 Season

Apr 24, 2017 | Posted by Kim Bronson

The Origin of Men's League

     In ancient Rome, conquering heroes returned from wars throughout the empire bathed in glory and the adulation of the citizens. Soon after however, the reality of daily life returned and Centurions and Legionaries alike pined for the camaraderie they shared while out on campaign. Instead of the company of fellow soldiers, they were forced to deal with the wrath of disgruntled wives, consorts and/or concubines who grew embittered by being left behind during the campaigns.

Familiar laments such as:

“Listen Centurion, I don't give a merda that you’re some kind of conqueror, you're taking me to see the crucifixions tonight!”

“Our servants are useless! And don’t get me started about those eunuchs!

     So, as a method of dealing with their plight, a number of soldiers decided to get together once a week at the local Palaestra and challenge each other in noble pursuits such as wrestling, races and what appears to be an early version of dodge ball.

     Replete with copious amounts of food, wine and grog, it soon became more a social occasion and was named “Noctis Ligue”, roughly translated as “Men’s League”.  Thus began a fine traditional that's been passed down over the last 2000 years and is now honoured here at the club every league day during the summer.

     Not surprisingly, we’ve dispensed with the more physically challenging portion of the competition but I assure you that the chance to bond with fellow members and escape the rigours of daily life is still very much alive. You won’t be expected to grapple with any fellow members (unless he’s a Habs fan or the bastard refuses to putt everything out) but instead, enjoy a golf game followed by delicious fare and cold libations in the bar.

     Things get underway on Monday April 24th so bring your "A" game and plan to stick around afterwards for a little grog and some meat while we watch the scores come in.   Should be a great year. 


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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Kevin MacVicar $1695
2 Tim Alexander $413
3 Dustin Beebe $394
4 Don Franks $167
5 Shaun Jarvis $114
6 Ignatius Philpott $113.5
T7 Chris Gruszie $101
T7 Barry Charlton $101
9 Rod Schmidek $93
10 Garry Withers $90
11 Tom Alexander $81
T12 Trent Willford $80
T12 Les Beebe $80
14 Jeff Nickerson $77.5
15 Terry Carson $71
16 Gordon Wallsmith $70
17 Daniel Spurgeon $57.5
18 Craig Owens $54
19 Bart Dillman $51
T20 Clayton Knutson $50
T20 Bob Bildfell $50
T20 Steve Brier $50
23 Larry Fassnidge $49
24 Terry Rattai $47
25 Dwain Willford $45.5
T26 Gerry Andreas $45
T26 Dean Reid $45
28 Ryan Vallely $41
29 Garth Fairless $37.5
30 Wylie Affleck $36
31 Dennis Glass $35
32 Maury Geib $34.5
33 Doug Pierce $33
34 Brad Gruszie $32
35 Jim Saucier $28.5
T36 Bob Hutchings $27
T36 Juergen Tappmeyer $27
38 Barry Freeman $26
39 Cory Dulle $25.5
40 Dan Rattai $22
41 Lindsay Brooks $21.5
42 Mason Flegel $21
T43 Tim Taylor $20
T43 Leo Wolfer $20
T43 Danny MacVicar $20
T43 Robert Noyes $20
T43 Warren Sandham $20
T43 Donovan Bellamy $20
T43 Carl Seitz $20
50 Rob Hammel $19
T51 Jarrett Johnson $18
T51 Dan Hall $18
T51 Frank Lemna $18
54 Mike Plotsky $17
T55 Jeremy Daffy $12
T55 Justin Maser $12
T55 Scott Meier $12
T55 Mark Reed $12
T59 Tom Whyte $11
T59 Steven Kemp $11
T61 Darcy Fischer $10
T61 Spencer Caham $10
T61 Randy Ruff $10
T61 Bruce Layton $10
T61 Brent Magistad $10
T66 Dennis Meyer $9
T66 Payden Lassiter $9
T66 Gordon King $9
T66 Joe Thompson $9
Total Payout $5118.5