Welcome to the Men's League 2020 Season

May 30, 2020 | Posted by Abe Buckle

2020 Men's League

     Welcome to the new Men's League Website!  We are excited to announce we’ll be using a new online scoring system specifically designed for our league.  Thanks to this unique web based program players can track their individual and team performance, and we now have the ability to display live scoring on the club TV's!


     Team Competition: Teams are comprised of four players.  A team score will be determined by the total of the two (2) lowest net scores posted by the team.  Teams will earn points each week based on where they finish relative to the field.  Simply put, the higher your team score (Higher is better with Stableford!) the more points your team will earn.

Optional Skins / Deuce Pot

Skins Entry Fee: $1 Gross / $1 Net  -  Every entrant will be placed in both flights

Deuce Pot Entry Fee: .50 Gross Only (No Flights)

Live Scoring / League Handicaps

     One of the hi-lights of the program is the actual real-time scoring.  As the Pro Shop staff enter the scores, the scoring system will determine your Stableford Points, track our team competition, and calculate our Skins, Deuce Pot and whole bunch of other cool stuff all in real-time online.  Another bonus is the program actually maintains a separate league handicap so you can rest assured that it will be fair and balanced for everyone.  That, my friends, is pretty good.

     Questions?  Comments?  We'd love to hear from you.  Please send me note to abebuckle@hotmail.com

Important Dates

June 4th: Opening Night of Men's League / Practice Round

June 11th: First Week of Team Play


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League Convener

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Top Team


The Eagles

EMCO Hole Hogs


The Dire Wolves

High Stableford (Gross)


Marcel Barrault


Mike L Henaff

Deric Laing

Marc Charbonneau

High Total Points (Net)


Don Coates


Wayne MacNicol


Gross Flight +3 to 30.0

Skin Value: $21.00

Ted Adel

Marc Charbonneau

Net Flight +4 to 30.0

Skin Value: $14.00

Murray Arsenault

Graham Cochrane (2)

Deuce Pot

Gross Flight +4 to 30

Deuce Value: $21.00

Ted Adel

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Mike Fraser $61.25
2 Craig Cromarty $57.67
T3 Will Zorn $55.83
T3 Howard Firth $55.83
5 Chad Harwood $44.5
T6 Craig Dempsey $42.75
T6 Steve MacNicol $42.75
8 Marcel Barrault $40.66
9 Terry Deforrest $32
T10 Wes Wirth $28
T10 Mike L Henaff $28
T10 Sean Drouillard $28
13 Cam Malloch $25.67
14 Dan Russell $22.33
15 Tracie Guidolin $15.25
T16 Michael Watts $14.25
T16 Sam Hurley $14.25
T18 Justin Saunders $9.5
T18 John Sembsmoen $9.5
T18 Colin Dawe $9.5
T21 Ron Gunn $0
T21 Pat Hill $0
T21 Jordan Holway $0
T21 Shawn Horte $0
T21 Cody Hougen $0
T21 Steven Dynes $0
T21 Joe Densmore $0
T21 Murray Arsenault $0
T21 Wes Houston $0
T21 Bruce Beaton $0
T21 Denis Boyd $0
T21 Don Campbell $0
T21 Hector Campbell $0
T21 Brad Candow $0
T21 Neil Chambers $0
T21 Marc Charbonneau $0
T21 Bernie Adilman $0
T21 Don Coates $0
T21 Mike Amirault $0
T21 Graham Cochrane $0
T21 Bill Cullen $0
T21 Keely Davingon $0
T21 John Aldrich $0
T21 Kaleb Dawe $0
T21 Jared Hougen $0
T21 John Mahoney $0
T21 Paul Hunter $0
T21 Lowell Tait $0
T21 Andrew Pothier $0
T21 Patrick Potter $0
T21 Thomas Scoffin $0
T21 Dave Sembsmoen $0
T21 Rob Sinclair $0
T21 John Small $0
T21 Russ Smoler $0
T21 Kevin Tarapaski $0
T21 Taylor Pasloski $0
T21 Craig Tuton $0
T21 Al Wallace $0
T21 Logan Wedge $0
T21 Mark Wesolowski $0
T21 Brian White $0
T21 Matt Zago $0
T21 Gord Zealand $0
T21 Alexx Peech $0
T21 Darrell Pasloski $0
T21 Steve Jacob $0
T21 Kynan McIntyre $0
T21 Doug Janzen $0
T21 Andy Kaszycki $0
T21 Denny Kobayashi $0
T21 John Kostelnik $0
T21 Steve Lee $0
T21 Fred Linville $0
T21 Wayne MacNicol $0
T21 Shawn McLeod $0
T21 Ben McPherson $0
T21 Dilan Parker $0
T21 Grant Minor $0
T21 Barry Mole $0
T21 Pat Molloy $0
T21 Shay Mortimer $0
T21 Frank Musil $0
T21 Connor Nielsen $0
T21 Mike O'Connor $0
T21 Travis Adams $0
T21 Steve Arrell $0
T21 Robert Green $0
T21 Rob Fahr $0
T21 Steve Fontaine $0
T21 J.J. Gainsforth $0
T21 Ron Gorrell $0
T21 Erik Gray $0
T21 Mason Gray $0
T21 Ted Adel $0
T21 Stan Dorosz $0
T21 Danny Guhl $0
Total Payout $637.49