Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2020 Season

Welcome to the 2020 Men's League

May 29, 2020 | Posted by Carly

Hello everyone and welcome to the 2020 Men's League! 

I am pleased to say we are gearing up for another great season, and all of us at Merry-Hill appreciate your patience as we got started this season. For those of you who haven’t played yet, the golf course is in miraculous shape and playing wonderfully, so you’re sure to enjoy your game on Monday.

Here is what you need to know for Monday!

  1. Teams have been drafted randomly for the season – click here to view the teams
  2. Groupings have been made and season-long tee times booked – please remember to call the golf shop if you need to cancel your tee time. Our no show policy is in full effect this season and requires 24-hour notice.
  3. The online system is set up for you to enter your own scores – please remember to do this when you finish your round, or when you get home. If you’d like to download and print off our Merry-Hill Score Card, you can do so online here.
  4. Please practice physical distancing at all times at the golf course
  5. If you haven’t already, please call the clubhouse to place a credit card on your file prior to arrival to expedite the check-in process


Men’s League Check-In Procedure

1. Please arrive approximately 30 minutes before your tee time. You will be asked to wait at your vehicle until 20 minutes prior to your tee time, then make your way to the front of the parking lot to meet the Starter.

2. You will have roughly 10 minutes to go into the Golf Shop to confirm your tee time booking, pay for your golf or rent a power cart if required. If you need to use the restroom or purchase anything (drinks, snacks, golf balls, etc.) you can do so during this time. We are referring to this stage as being on “double deck”.

  • In order to ensure safe, contactless and secure payment we require that you have either a PrePaid balance on your account or a credit card on file.
  • You can authorize the Golf Shop to automatically charge your account each week for your golf to minimize your entry into the Clubhouse. We require written consent to process these transactions on your account.
  • A written consent sheet will be available in the Golf Shop on your first league day to confirm this request


3. When you are “on deck”, or teeing off next, you will be able to practice on the putting green for roughly 10 minutes. The putting green will be reserved for your group and your group alone. The hitting net will be available during this time as well, for a maximum of 4 people at a time, if it’s not reserved or in-use for lessons.

4. The Starter will let you know when it’s time to head down to the tee.

If you are late, your group will be sent at their tee time.  You may be allowed to catch up based on customer activity around the Clubhouse. We will work extremely hard to stay on time, not ahead, or behind so you can count on your tee time as a reference.


Tracking your Handicap and Submitting your Scores

To ensure the safety of our staff, we will not be accepting scorecards in the Golf Shop. You will be responsible for submitting your scores online. Please remember that even if you didn’t play your best, submitting your score will give your team an extra participation point, and your handicap may be updated. Please remember to do this every time after your golf! 

o   Website address to visit: www.golfscoring.net/admin

o   Username: merryhill-scores

o   Password: merry18

o   Please select “Men’s League” from the dropdown, select the correct day and the correct course.


Junior Golf Fundraising!

Each week you can participate in either a 50/50 draw or a mulligan purchase. Virtual 50/50 tickets can be purchased for either $2 for a single ticket or $5 for 3 tickets. Mulligans can be purchased each week for $2, and you're only allowed 1 mulligan per round. You can purchase these each week in the golf shop by credit card (no cash!).


If you have any questions before Monday's round, please reach out to me directly! Enjoy your weekend, and we all look forward to seeing you on Monday!


Cheers, and good luck hitting the fairway on Monday!


- Carly


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Par Excellence


Grip it and Rip it

Par then Bar

Low Gross


Chris Pudifin

KG Forwell

Low Net


Mike Flanagan


Dave Ferneyhough

Larry Pillon

Shane Micher

Special Prizes
Name Payout Reason
Jeff Welton $58.8 50

Last Players Score Entered 13 days 17 hours ago

$ Here Comes the Money $
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Jonathan Hyde $152.5
2 Ross Muir $89.5
3 Rich Hertzberger $87.5
4 Craig Saunders $84
5 Chris Pudifin $83.5
6 Ray Peppler $82.5
7 Richard Tisdale $71.5
8 Shawn Giffin $71
9 Jeff Van de Vorst $67.5
10 Paul Meier $57
11 Ed Koenig $52.5
T12 Adam LeBrun $45.5
T12 KG Forwell $45.5
Total Payout $990