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August 19

Aug 21, 2019 | Posted by Carly

It was the week before playoffs, and all around the course, the players were nervous and not playing in full-force.  Stay calm said the captains, there is still time to succeed, we have three weeks of playoffs to take the final lead!

Play-Off Details:

August 26th, September 9th and September 16th.

For the following three weeks, all teams will compete against each other and will build on their accumulated points from the entire season.  Below are the standings for the entire season. Captains, I suggest you start doing the math and figuring out how to accomplish a win!

Now that you all know where you stand, let’s see how you did on Monday.

Team vs. Team

Warriors of Grass Destruction 268 vs Grip it and Rip it 254
The Whack Attack 267 vs Under Par 265
Merry Hillbillies 268 vs The Master Drivers 281
Par then Bar 249 vs Par Excellence 246


50/50 Winner

Michael Flanagan - bringing home $46.00

Closest to the Pin (Afternoon Men Only)

 Randy Kretschman - you will win a round of golf and a hat, valued at $60.00

Low Gross Score

T1 Bradshaw Sheridan 33
T1 Patrick Houle 33
3 Blair Morrow 34


Low Net Score

1 Barry Jones 23
2 Lindsay Kenyon 24
3 Stephen Massel 26
4 Nick Dendy 27


As we get into the playoffs, please remember to enjoy your time on the golf course, soak up the last of summer, and throw darts all day long. There are no weekly games as we play the playoffs, and don't forget to mark your calendars for the Closing Event on September 23rd. 

Good luck over the next couple of weeks - let's see how it rally's and who will become our league champions!!


- C


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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Merry Hillbillies


Grip it and Rip it

Low Gross


Jade Farwell


David Hughes

Low Net


Bob Stagg


Ed Koenig

Hans Stuhlmacher

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Last Players Score Entered 20 hours 30 minutes ago

$ Here Comes the Money $
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Jeff Welton $114.22
2 Blair Morrow $106
3 Nick Valeriote $100
4 Perry Hinnegan $94.25
5 Paul Meier $89.5
6 Mike Flanagan $83
7 Mike Strub $63.5
8 Randy Kretschman $60
9 David Hughes $56
10 Harry Barber $55
11 Bob Muss $50
12 Mike Burke $47
13 Hussein Maherali $45
T14 Craig Saunders $44
T14 KG Forwell $44
T16 Harry Milburn $40
T16 Brad Kerr $40
T18 John Scoyne $20
T18 Gerry Hill $20
T18 Brad Forwell $20
Total Payout $1191.47