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Sep 24, 2019 | Posted by Carly

Recap of our Finale!

2019 Men’s League Finale

The finale event last night was a great success! With 80 of you coming out to participate in our 9-hole shotgun scramble tournament, we celebrated season-long achievements by each team, and of course, recognized our League Champions – congratulations once again to Par then Bar!


2019 Fundraising for Junior Golf

The weekly 50/50 Draws throughout the season raised just shy of $750.00.

The raffle prizes last night raised $1,455.00

The 50/50 last night raised $304.00 (thanks to Dave Koebel who donated back his $151.95 winnings!)

The combined total for the season-long fundraising for junior golf by YOU was $2,500. A very big thank you to each and every one of you who come out every week and support the league, support our junior golfers, and support Merry-Hill Golf Club! The league would not be as fun and successful without each of you! So once again, THANK YOU!


Our winners for Closest to the Pin were Tom Gutpell on the blue course, and Jim Knott on the white, and our winners for the Longest Drive were Jade Farwell on the blue course and Jeff Van de Vorst on the white. Congratulations to you guys, and enjoy your BBQ scrappers from Stryker Woodworking!


I wanted to share a few statistics from the season that I thought was kind of interesting! So, here they are.

Regular Season Statistics

Who played the most rounds: Gary Simons, Ed Koenig and Neal Trent at 15 rounds

Who counted the most times: Gary Simons (100% proficiency) at 15 rounds, followed by David Hughes at 13 rounds

Who counted every time for their team (100% proficiency): Gary Simons, Dave Dougan, John Scoyne, Peter Laroche and Larry Schenk

Who won the most money: Jeff Welton (who did donate most of it back to junior golf) at $114.22

Who had the lowest handicap: Aidan Fife at a +1

Which team had the most wins during the regular season: Par Excellence has 11 straight wins and 0 losses.


Playoff Statistics

Which team won the most playoff points: Grip it and Rip it won a total of 73 points, followed closely by Par then Bar with 71

Which team had the greatest participation during playoffs: Whack Attack had 44 players come out over the 3-week span; they also had the most participation for the entire season at 152 rounds (well done!)


Overall, it’s been a great season – thank you all for participating in the league! Details for 2020 will be released in the New Year! We look forward to having you back next season!


Stay safe and during the winter, keep dreaming of the fairway!

- C

Sep 17, 2019 | Posted by Carly

We Have our League Champions!

After weeks of battling each other, and sometimes the weather, we are finally able to announce our League Champions! Congratulations to Par Then Bar!

Par then Bar started off with an initial 228 points (in second place behind Par Excellence) but won a whopping 71 points during the three-week playoff mode, bringing their accumulated score to 342. Par Excellence came in second place with a total of 336 points (winning only 32 points during the playoffs), and the Whack Attack team in third place with 327 (winning 56 points during the playoffs).

1 Par then Bar 228 71 14 43 342
2 Par Excellence 269 32 10 35 336
3 The Whack Attack 227 56 16 44 327
4 Merry Hillbillies 196 64 13 37 297
5 Grip it and Rip it 180 73 14 38 291
6 Under Par 203 37 9 32 272
7 The Master Drivers 181 18 10 30 229
8 Warriors of Grass Destruction 151 29 10 32 212


Team Scores for September 16th

1 Merry Hillbillies 242
2 Grip it and Rip it 243
3 The Whack Attack 247
4 Par then Bar 259
5 Warriors of Grass Destruction 260
6 The Master Drivers 272
7 Under Par 280
8 Par Excellence 285


Congratulations to all the teams this season – it’s great to see so many of you out each week participating in the league and enjoying the golf course. Our 50/50 winner this week was Brian Wettlaufer, winning a small amount of $25.30. Congrats to Brian – don’t spend it all on beer!

It’s hard to believe that the league is now complete, with our last social tournament happening on September 23rd with a 5:00 pm shotgun. For everyone who has registered, your team groupings have been made and information will be sent out shortly to you. Everyone here at Merry-Hill is looking forward to closing off the season with a great game of golf, delicious food and fundraising for junior golf! See you on Monday for this event!


Until next time, keep swinging them smooth!

- C

Sep 11, 2019 | Posted by Carly

September 9

2 weeks down, 1 to go... Before you know it, we will have our league champions!


This week, Par then Bar had the best team score at 253, winning 29 points for their team. Second place was Grip it and Rip it, at 257, earning themselves 25 points, and third place was Par Excellence with 259, earning 21 points.

After week two, the playoff standings are as follows:

1 Par Excellence 269 29 11 25 323
2 Par then Bar 228 49 13 28 305
3 The Whack Attack 227 29 12 28 284
4 Under Par 203 29 11 23 255
5 Merry Hillbillies 196 28 12 24 248
6 Grip it and Rip it 180 42 11 24 246
7 The Master Drivers 181 5 7 20 206
8 Warriors of Grass Destruction 151 12 10 22 185


The leaderboard from this week is below, showing the points earned and the total team score in comparison to all the other teams.

1 Par then Bar 253 29
2 Grip it and Rip it 257 25
3 Par Excellence 259 21
4 Under Par 262 18
5 Merry Hillbillies 264 14
6 Warriors of Grass Destruction 266 10
7 The Whack Attack 267 6
8 The Master Drivers 0 0

It looks like the master drivers didn't have enough players out to count this... make sure you come out for the last week guys!


Our 50/50 Winner this week was Paul Meier, taking home only $33.25, BUT, I guess it’s better than nothing!


With only 1 week to go, participation and low scores are everything! Get out over the next few days to practice, and good luck on Monday!


- C

Aug 27, 2019 | Posted by Carly

August 26

Round 1 of Playoffs

Well, gents, it’s hard to believe it is so late into the season, but here we are. Week 1 of playoffs is now complete.

A quick reminder of how the playoffs are different from the regular season we are no longer in a team-vs-team format, but rather each team is up against each other, fighting for points, for the next three weeks. The points you win in playoffs are added to your team’s season-long points. At the end of our 3 weeks of playoffs, we will have our league champions!


Let’s take a look and see how the teams did this week:

Playoff Team Scores

1 The Whack Attack 239 23
2 Par then Bar 242 20
3 Grip it and Rip it 249 17
4 Merry Hillbillies 260 14
5 Under Par 263 11
6 Par Excellence 264 8
7 The Master Drivers 266 5
8 Warriors of Grass Destruction 269 2


Playoff Standings

1 Par Excellence 269 8 14 14 291
2 The Whack Attack 227 23 16 16 266
3 Par then Bar 228 20 15 15 263
4 Under Par 203 11 11 11 225
5 Merry Hillbillies 196 14 12 12 222
6 Grip it and Rip it 180 17 13 13 210
7 The Master Drivers 181 5 13 13 199
8 Warriors of Grass Destruction 151 2 12 12 165


Based on the standings, it looked like the Warriors of Grass Destruction, the Master Drivers and Grip it and Rip it need to improve on their participation – remember guys, the more scores handed in, the better the opportunity to win a match, and the more points you get for your team in participation points! 

Par Excellence is leading the pack with a total of 291 points, however, you’ll notice they only won 22 points in the first week of playoffs, while the Whack Attack won 39 in the first round of playoffs… this goes to show that your total points are a combination of participation and low scores!


The winner of our 50/50 this week was Jeff Welton, bringing in $41.50 and donating another $41.50 to our junior golf programs. Thank you to all of you who participate each week!

Keep up the swings over the long weekend, and we will see you out here for round two on September 9th.

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Last Players Score Entered 6 days 7 hours ago

$ Here Comes the Money $
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Jeff Welton $114.22
2 Blair Morrow $106
3 Nick Valeriote $100
4 Perry Hinnegan $94.25
5 Paul Meier $89.5
6 Mike Flanagan $83
7 Mike Strub $63.5
8 Randy Kretschman $60
9 David Hughes $56
10 Harry Barber $55
11 Bob Muss $50
12 Mike Burke $47
13 Hussein Maherali $45
T14 Craig Saunders $44
T14 KG Forwell $44
T16 Harry Milburn $40
T16 Brad Kerr $40
T18 John Scoyne $20
T18 Gerry Hill $20
T18 Brad Forwell $20
Total Payout $1191.47