Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2018 Season

May 15, 2018 | Posted by Carly

Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

We are two weeks in now, and I hope everyone has enjoyed themselves this far! We were blessed with amazing weather on Monday, and after today's rain, the course is really starting to look green and have prime summer conditions!

This week's game was Bingo, Bango, Bongo. This is always a fun game to play with your group, and it helps to change the focus from score to other aspects of the game! We had another high pot this week for the 50/50 draw, with a total of $94 being donated to Junior Golf. This week's 50/50 winner was Captain David Hughes, taking home the other $94.00. Congrats David!

Let's take a look at this week's results:

Team Scoreboard

Grip It and Rip It 193 vs Divot Dragons 196
Fairway Fiends 181 vs Mill Street Foods 193
Weapons of Grass Destruction 202 vs The Ball Busters 187
The Scramblers 197 vs The Masters 202

So far, the Ball Busters, Fairway Fiends and Grip it and Rip it have not lost a game, bringing them into first, second and third place respectively. On the other hand, the Masters, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Divot Dragons have yet to win a game... and they have lower participation than the other teams. Common captains, reach out and encourage participation!

Who Are The Sharp Shooters?

John Scoyne led the pack with a low gross score of 33, followed by Dan Prior, KG Forwell and Jade Forwell with a 34. Well done fellas!

Handicap Assisted Low Net

Tim Brown shot a low net score of 26, followed by Jeff Welton at 27, and John Christman and Derrick Stryker at 28. 


If you're not sure what team your on, please click here to see! Next Monday, the 21st is a Holiday, so remember there is no league play. We will pick up on the 28th. See you then!



May 8, 2018 | Posted by Carly

Week 1

It has begun. The best League out there... the 2018 Merry-Hill Men's League!


I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine and the course yesterday... even if the scores weren't up to par just yet;)

I know for most of you it was your first round of the season - so well done! As I said at orientation, it will take a few weeks for the computer system to adjust the handicaps of new members in 2018. And for those returning, hopefully you're still playing close to your handicap, otherwise it too will adjust over the next couple weeks.

Now, time to get into the good stuff. First off, I want to THANK YOU all for such great participation with the 50/50 tickets yesterday. We had a total of $230 in the pot! The winner of the 50/50 draw is Noah Wiles, taking home $115.00 for the very first week! Congrats to Noah and thank you all for participating - that money will be well spent towards the juniors at Merry-Hill. With a winning pot like this, there is no reason not to buy tickets each week!

Team Scoreboard

Fairway Fiends 187 vs. Divot Dragons 205
Grip It and Rip It 188 vs. Weapons of Grass Destruction 203
The Scramblers 202 vs. Mill Street Fools 194
The Masters 193 vs. The Ball Busters 182


So far, the Ball Busters are in the lead with a total of 23 points - they won their game (10 points) and received 13 participation points. Tied for second is the Fairway Fiends and Mill Street Fools, both at 22 - (10 points for a win, and 12 participation points). To see more on the standings of each team, please click here

Who Went Low?

Handicap Assisted: Tied for first with a net score of 28 is Peter Laroche and Alex Hunter - both new players.... so maybe I started them off with too a high a handicap? Only time will tell!

Gross Sharp Shooters: KG Forwell shot a low 33 followed by Jade Farwell at 34.... is it genetics? We will learn more throughout the season.

How Did The Captains Do?

We had a few low net scores from our captains yesterday. Gary Simons of Grip It and Rip It shot a net 30, followed by Derrick Stryker of the Ball Busters at net 31. The putting threw Greg Schwab off from the Scramblers, with a lot net of 38 (we will blame it on spring greens). We had David Hughes, Larry Harries and Dave Ferneyhough all tied with a net 35, and Brad Forwell from Fairway Fiends came in with a net 36.

Closest to the Pin

The one and only name on the CTP marker was Rick McBay, congrats Rick! I didn't see where the marker was, but it must have been tight! You have won a Mill Street Prize Pack valued at $50.00. I will have this ready for you to pick up in about two weeks! Congrats to Rick once again.


Next week we have Bingo, Bango, Bongo to play - a fun game that awards players for first on, longest putt and first in the hole. We played this last year and a lot of you enjoyed it - so it is back for another round!

Hopefully you can all get out for another round before next Monday and work those winter kinks out. If not, see you Monday!

Until then, keep dreaming of the Fairway.



May 1, 2018 | Posted by Carly

A Great Orientation Evening

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had as great a time last night as I did! It was fantastic to meet many new faces, and to catch up with several of our league veterans. I want to extend a warm welcome again to everyone... welcome to the 2018 Men's League at Merry-Hill Golf Club! We are pleased to have you join us this season!


Last night, eight teams were drafted by our captains this season. After a few minor changes, I have been able to create even teams (in terms of number of players), which are listed below. Each week, teams will face off against each other in a team vs. team format, competing for team points, as well as participation points (so it's important that you come and play each week!) These points will accumulate throughout the entire season, creating a total which will help us to determine the League Champions in September! Your team captains will be given your email address so they can be in touch with you regularly throughout the season.... so if you start slacking off and missing too many rounds, you might just hear from them!

Our 50/50 winner last night was Mike Flanagan, winning $60.50 - congrats to you Mike! What a fantastic way to start off the season.

The Masters Divot Dragons Fairway Fiends Grip It & Rip It

Larry Harris (Captain) 

Pat Aiello

Harry Barber

Robert Broad

Ernie Day

Bob Garton

Perry Hinnegan

Alex Hunter

Larry McConnell

Phil Mouco

Brad Sheridan

Richard Tisdale

Stan Winegard

Blair Morrow (Captain)

Hank Boldt

Bill Bowden

Joe Burns

Mark Gresko

Bob Harrison

Robert Metcalf

Ray Peppler

Leon Ribey

Richard Stumpf

Ray Tufgar

Jeff Welton

Brad Forwell (Captain)

Dave Anderson

Jade Farwell

KG Forwell

​Tom Gutpell

Geoffrey Lewis

Bob Muss

David Oberholtzer

Rob Odrowsky

George Schmitt

Greg Schott

Allan Wessels

Tim Brown

Gerry Lemire

Gary Simons (Captain)

David Batten

Ralph Beam

Charles Davis

Jim Diehl

Dave Fitton

Brian Hahn

Bill Hohenadel

Ron Johnston

Colin MacGregor

David Roach

Don Wiles

Mike Condie

Mill Street Fools The Ball Busters The Scramblers Weapons of Grass Destruction

David Hughes (Captain)

John Bettridge

Brian Burchatzki

James Davis

Steve Gyorffy

Ted Klaver

Rick Koebel

Jud Maillette

Rick McBay

Ken Schade

Bill Weiler

Del Wideman

Steve Wilson

Derrick Stryker (Captain)

Clint Bauer

John Christman

Gerry Hill

James Knott

Peter Laroche

Bob McVeigh

Larry Pillon

Dan Reid

Barry Rogers

Pat Schnarr

Jeff Van de Vorst

Brian Wettlaufer

Greg Schwab (Captain)

Bill Broome

Kenneth Coe

Mike Flanagan

Don Goldrup

Al Hartwick

Andrew Hirst

Dan Prior

John Scoyne

Steve Shields

Marko Sirotic

Aurel St Onge

Noah Wiles

Dave Ferneyhough (Captain)

Abner Baer

Scott Charles

Nick Dendy

Robert Dougan

​Mike Goldrup

Jack Graham

Rich Hertzberger

​Brother Ed Hohenadel

Barry Jones

Ron Low

Bob Schmitt

Hans Stuhlmacher


I will use this blog to communicate throughout the season. Please review it frequently to see how the teams did, what games were won, who the 50/50 draw winner was, and more! If you have any questions, comments or concerns throughout the season, please reach out to me via email at carly@merryhillgolf.com or by phone at 519-648-2831, or reach out to your captain.


I am looking forward to a great season, and can't wait to see you out here on Monday, hitting the fairways! 


Until Then,


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