Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2017 Season

Jun 20, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Hit it Like Henderson... Close!

We saw a beautiful day yesterday at the club. The course is in fabulous shape - the greens are rolling smooth and true, the rough is challenging and the grass is as green as ever! If you ever come across the Maintenance team, feel free to give them a wave or a pat on the back for the immaculate job they do!

Yesterday we had a Closest to the Pin Challenge on #4 White. The winner of this challenge was Don Goldrup. You win a small Retro Cooler from Mill Street Brewery, complete with a sleeve of golf balls from E. Dyck Opticians. This prize is valued at $115.00.Congratulations!

The 50/50 Winner Was Dave Ferneyhough winning a total of $87.00. Congratulations! 


Let's see how you did yesterday:

Team Scoreboard

Team Score   Team Score
Clubhouse Semi Pros 171 vs The Pin Seekers 171
Reckless Drivers 184 vs The Putt Pirates 184
Turf Destroyers 166 vs Mill Street Fools 165

* We have our first tied games! 5 points are awarded for a tied game, while 10 points are awarded for a single win.

Who Are The Current MVPs?

Name Team Rounds Counted
Dave Fitton (Captain) The Putt Pirates 6
David Hughes (captain) Mill Street Fools 6
Ken Schade Reckless Drivers 6
Bill Weiler  Clubhouse Semi Pros 6
KG Forwell Clubhouse Semi Pros 5
Larry Harris Reckless Drivers 5
Allan Wessels Clubhouse Semi Pros 5
Brian Wettlaufer Reckless Drivers 5


The Sharp Shooters (Unassisted)

Position Name Gross Score
1 KG Forwell 31
2 Noah Wiles 32
3 Jade Farwell 33
T4 Blake Ralston 35
T4 Matt Shantz 35
T4 Don Goldrup 35
T7 Andrew Hirst 36
T7 Don Wiles 36
9 Robert Dougan 37


What's up next week: Tombstone!

Upon check-in, you will receive a flag that has your name and a number written on it (for example 36). This number is based on your established handicap. Once you've taken that number of strokes (i.e.. on your 26th shot), place your flag in the ground from the location of that shot. If you finish your front nine without reaching that number (i.e.. you shoot 25), place your flag on the big practice putting green close to the stretching stations. Have fun!


Some Fun Information About Aces with the Men in the League:

- If my memory recalls correctly, we had an Ace last year by Richard Stumpf on #1 White 

- Greg Schwab had 2 aces on #3 Red here at Merry-Hill in 1983 and 2000

If you want to share any of your hole-in-one experiences, comment on the blog below!


Keep swinging smooth!





Jun 13, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Bingo, Bango, Bongo!

Another week has gone by with beautiful weather, low scores and lots of laughs! This week's game challenged you all to hit it close and sink long putts! A Bingo point was awarded to the player that was first on the green, a Bango point was awarded to the player that had their shot closest to the pin once everyone was on the green, and a Bongo point was awarded to the player that sunk their putt first (longest putt made). I hope you all enjoyed the game and will keep it in your back pocket for side games outside of the league! The person that collected the most points for Bingo, Bango, Bongo was Greg Shwab! Greg, you have won a Nike Golf Cap and a Sleeve of Golf Balls valued at $36.00. Congratulations! 

Our 50/50 draw continues to bring in the dough! This week the winner was Derrick Stryker and he takes home $99.00! That means another $99 is being donated to our Junior Golf Programs! Again, a very large THANK YOU for your support!

Now, let's take a look at our team rankings.

Team Scoreboard

Team Score   Team Score
Reckless Drivers 186 vs Clubhouse Semi Pros 189
The Pin Seeker 182 vs Mill Street Fools 168
Turf Destroyers 181 vs The Putt Pirates 182


Standings for 2017

1. Turf Destroyers with 108 points

2. The Pin Seekers with 94 points

3. Mill Street Fools with 85 points

4. Clubhouse Semi Pros with 82 points

5. Reckless Drivers with 74 points

6. The Putt Pirates with 69 points


Captain Crunch? Is that really you?

Position Team Name Net Score
T1 Turf Destroyers Blair Morrow 30
T1 Mill Street Fools David Hughes 30
3 The Putt Pirates Dave Fitton 32
4 The Pin Seekers Larry Pillon 34
T5 Reckless Drivers Brad Forwell 37
T5 Clubhouse Semi Pros Tom Gutpell 37


Scoring Average for June 12

Number of Players Gross Scoring Average Net Scoring Average
76 42.28 32.93

*Our average weekly attendance is 72 players


Now, let's get on to more fun stuff!

1. The Management Team at Merry-Hill is sending all you Men's League Players a Challenge... June is Hole-In-One-Month! I got a hole-in-one on #12 at our sister course Innerkip Highlands on Friday. Dan got a hole-in-one on #4 red here at Merry-Hill. Which one of you is next!? The first man in Men's League to get a Hole-In-One during league play, with witnesses of course, will receive a large Mill Street Retro Cooler for your backyard patio/deck/gazebo...or wherever you hang your hat when you're not golfing! If we go the season without an ace, this cooler will be raffled off on our closing date with proceeds going towards, you guessed it, our Junior Golf Programs! This cooler is valued at $400 so get the sticks out and start playing more golf to increase your chances!! 

2. Next weeks game is Closest to the Pin. Up for grabs is a small version of this very cool Retro Mill Street Cooler. If you ace your shot, you will win Closest to the Pin and receive a set of matching Coolers! Good Luck!!


Until next week, keep dreaming of the fairway....or maybe I should say the hole! Good Luck and #HeadForTheHill



Jun 7, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Track Your Putts Like Tyrrell Hatton

Another week has gone by, which means your handicaps are becoming more and more accurate! 

This week we tracked our putts to see who had the hottest putter! With a few low gross scores by John Scoyne (33), Del Wideman (33), Colin MacGregor (34), Stan Winegard (34) and Brad Sheridan (34), surprisingly none of these sharp shooters qualified for top 4 low putters! 

Our top low putters were Bill Weiler and Pat Schnarr at 17 putts, Gerry Hill at 16 putts, and our winners are Mark Hopkins and Greg Schwab at 13 putts! Well done to you men! The prize for winning is a Mill Street Hoodie valued at $30.00 and a sleeve of Golf Balls donated by Noah Wiles.

We had another great week for our 50/50 draw, raising just over $100.00 for junior golf! I must say I am very impressed and happy for all of your support... the Men's League is raising more than the Women's League!! So well done!

The winner of this week's 50/50 took home $101.50.... who was it you want to know? Congrats to Jade Farwell!!

Team Scoreboard

Team Score   Team score
Clubhouse Semi Pros 182 vs Mill Street Fools 192
Reckless Drivers 173 vs Turf Destroyers 192
The Pin Seekers 178 vs The Putt Pirates 181


How'd The Captains Do?

Position Team Name Net Score
1 The Pin Seekers Larry Pillon 29
T2 Clubhouse Semi Pros Tom Gutpell 30
T2 The Putt Pirates Dave Fitton 30
4 Reckless Drivers Brad Forwell 32
5 Turf Destroyers Blair Morrow 33
6 Mill Street Fools David Hughes 35


Next week we have a new game, Bingo, Bango, Bongo. The rules are as follows...

1 point is awarded for each of the following on each hole:

- First ball on the green (bingo) gets 1 point

- Closest to the pin once everyone’s ball is on the green (bango) gets 1 point

- First player to put their ball into the hole (bongo) get 1 point

The player with the most points at the end of the round, wins! Have fun!! 


See you Monday!

Swing 'Em Smooth


- Carly

May 30, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Traveler Ball

Good Afternoon Gentlemen!


I received some great comments about the traveler ball and truly hope you all enjoyed it! Some very low scores were handed in, which should boost the moral for some of you.... the potential is there!

The Winners of the Traveler Ball were Dave Batten and Dan Prior, shooting a low score of 34!  Well done Dave and Dan! The prize this week is bragging rights for the season, so don't forget to boast next Monday!

We saw another great turnout for the 50/50 Draw with proceeds supporting our Junior Golf Programs. A big $90.00 was taken home by Richard Stumpf, and $90.00 is going towards new golf clubs I just purchased for our junior summer camps. Thank you again to all of those who participated this week. Keep up the great work!

If we look at the Team Scoreboard for Monday, May 29 we see our first tie! Reckless Driver and The Pin Seekers tied in third place with a score of 194. Mill Street Fools came second with 189 points, and leading the pack on Monday was the Turf Destroyers with a total score of 185. Please remember that we need at east 6 people to play each week to have your scores count!


We are now getting into the fourth week of the league, and your handicaps should be adjusting appropriately. But still, let's take a look at who still might be considered the "sandbaggers".

Position Name Net Score
T1 David Batten 28
T1 Dan Prior 28
T1 Dave Fitton 28
4 Brian Wettlaufer 29


Scoring Average for Monday, May 29

We had 70 players out on Monday with a gross scoring average of 44.11 and a net scoring average of 35.07. This has gone down from week 1, with only 61 people participating we had a gross scoring average of 47.07 and a net scoring average of 39.87. SEE.... playing golf more regularly does help lower your score and improve your game! 

Which Team is in the Lead?

So far, Turf Destroyers are leading the pack with a total score of 69, having won all three games and having an average of 11 people playing per week. Reckless Drivers is pulling up the rear with a total score of 36, having tied 1 game and lost 2.  Click here to see the Standings.

One housekeeping note is please put your full first name and last initial on your scorecard when you hand it in. We have some staff still in training and it makes it much easier for them to input your scores correctly if your information is readily available. Again, only your first 9 holes count towards the league.


Next week we are tracking putts, and the winner will receive a very comfortable Mill Street Hoodie, valued at $30.00. So get out this weekend and practice your putting.


Keep dreaming of the fairway!



Now We Are Into It!

May 16, 2017 | Posted by Carly

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Muddy Shoes and Fairway Blues

May 11, 2017 | Posted by Carly

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Rain, Rain, Go Away!

May 11, 2017 | Posted by Carly

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2017 Monday Men's League

May 11, 2017 | Posted by Carly

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This Week's Cool Stuff...


Low Team

Mill Street Fools



Low Gross

KG Forwell



Low Net Captain

David Hughes




Special Prizes
Name Payout Reason
Dave Ferneyhough $87 50/50 Winner!
Don Goldrup $115 Closest to the Pin
Weather on course
12℃ / Overcast
Full Forcast

Last Players Score Entered 5 days 18 hours ago

$ Here Comes the Money $
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Dave Ferneyhough $187
2 Don Goldrup $115
3 John Funk $108
4 Jade Farwell $101.5
5 Derrick Stryker $99
6 Richard Stumpf $90
7 Greg Schwab $76
8 Larry Pillon $75
9 Noah Wiles $60
10 Mark Hopkins $40
11 Ronald Johnston $22.5
Total Payout $974