Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2017 Season

Sep 20, 2017 | Posted by Carly

We Have Our League Champions!!

A beautiful day was had on Monday. The sun was shining, the greens were rolling quick and the look of competition was in everyone's eye!


After 18 weeks of league play, it has finally come to a close and we have our League Champions!! 

The second week of Playoffs had the Mill Street Fools leading with team points at 262, followed closely by the Turf Destroyers at 254. After our two weeks of playoffs, these teams switched positions! The Turf Destroyers won first place, accumulating 30 points for the win, and receiving 12 participation points. This brought them to a total of 310 points, making the Turf Destroyers the 2017 Men's League Champions!! 

Close behind was the Mill Street Fools who won 25 points for coming in second place, and 11 participation points, earning a total of 309 points. Captains, this goes to show how important participation is each week!!

Position Team Initial Points Points Won Part/Week Part/Playoffs Total
1 Turf Destroyers 254 30 12 26 310
2 Mill Street Fools 262 25 11 22 309
3 The Putt Pirates 203 75 11 21 299
4 Reckless Drivers 192 75 11 22 289
5 The Pin Seekers 211 60 7 16 287
6 Clubhouse Semi Pros 170 50 9 16 236


Our 50/50 Winner was Ray Peppler, winning $50.50. That brings us to a total of $1,161.50 in our Junior Golf Fund! Our goal is to reach a minimum of $1,500 on Monday at our Closing Event. 

In other exciting news, we had our THIRD Hole-In-One on Monday. Hank Boldt aced his tee shot on #9 White. Congrats to Hank! 

For those of you who want to participate in our closing event but haven't registered yet, please do so! I need to finalize our numbers so I can make sure we have enough food for you all. Please arrive at 4:30 on Monday the 25th to get into your groups and head off onto the course for a 5:00 pm Shot Gun!


I am very much looking forward to this event! If you have any questions regarding the league, or recommendations for next year, please let me know!


Keep dreaming of the fairway, and don't forget there is lots of fall golf to be had throughout October! 

Until Monday,



Posted by: League Lover | Sep 20, 2017 11:40 AM

Hi Carly: Great job with the league again this year! Look forward to it every week!

Posted by: Blair Morrow | Sep 21, 2017 12:40 PM

Great Job with the League this year. Very nice to see it grow over the last few years. Thanks Carly. Great Job Turf Destroyers. We showed up, We tore up some Turf and We kicked some ASS.

Sep 12, 2017 | Posted by Carly

First Round of Playoffs

Well Gentlemen, our first round of Playoffs is complete! With absolutely beautiful weather yesterday, many people came out to the golf course. 

Our 50/50 Draw winner was Noah Wiles, taking home $57.50! That leaves another $57.50 in the Junior Golf pot for 2018. We have raised upwards of $1,000 for junior golf this season. This money has been spent on a few sets of new rental clubs, the trophies for the Junior Club Championship, as well as prizing and lunch for all the juniors that participated in this event. Thank you again for your continued support of our Junior Golf Programs! 

With our first week of playoffs under our belt and each team battling each other, let's see how we did!

League Playoffs Team Scores

Position Team Score Playoff Points Won
1 The Pin Seekers 161 30
2 Reckless Drivers 165 25
3 Turf Destroyers 172 20
4 The Putt Pirates 176 15
5 Clubhouse Semi Pros 179 10
6 Mill Street Fools 190 5


League Playoffs Standings

Position Team Initial Points Points Won Part/Week Part/Playoffs Total
1 Turf Destroyers 254 20 14 14 288
2 Mill Street Fools 262 5 11 11 278
3 The Pin Seekers 211 30 9 9 250
T4 Reckless Drivers 192 25 11 11


T4 The Putt Pirates 203 15 10 10 228
6 Clubhouse Semi Pros 170 10 7 7 187


Next week will determine our League Champions! Don't forget, you receive 1 point for each participant, and you need a minimum of 5 players to count! That brings at least 3 teams into contention for the Championship Title! 


Good Luck to you all next week! Hit the airways and strive to make par's!


Aug 29, 2017 | Posted by Carly

August 28

Well,  we can't ask for better weather than what we had yesterday. With clear skies, a lit breeze and sunshine for the entire day, it truly was perfect golf weather!


For those of you who went out to Innerkip to play, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves! Hopefully no 10's were made on 10, you all #StayedAliveOnNumber5 and you enjoyed a round of drinks on the patio afterwards. 


With a much smaller number of participants at Merry-Hill yesterday, our 50/50 draw was not the best, but we still were able to raise $15 for junior golf, and give $15 to Brad Forwell! Congrats Brad! 


A few reminders:

- Next week there is no league play as it is the Holiday Monday. As always, you're welcome to come out and play to get your game in shape for play offs, but no scores will count and you will not receive your Men's League rate.

- Playoffs begin the following week on Monday, September 11 and continue until the 18.

- The League Closing will take place on Monday, September 25th. If you haven't already signed up for the event online, please do so soon. 


Enjoy the week and long weekend, and I hope to see you all out here before the 11th.


Keep dreaming of the fairway,



Aug 24, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Playoffs?!? You Talkin' Bout Playoffs???

     You heard the man... It's time to grow your beards cause we're headin’ to the Post Season!  How does it all work, you ask?  Well, to that end, I've taken the time to prepare this nifty Q & A that should explain it perfectly;

League Playoffs  -  Q & A

Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.  This is a very volatile format!


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with the same number of points they accumulated during the Regular Season.


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

Position Week One Week Two
1st 30 60
2nd 25 50
3rd 20 40
4th 15 30
5th 10 20
6th 5 10


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely! Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above.


Q: But, Carly, what does it all mean?

A: The team in 1st place at the conclusion of the Playoffs will be our League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot.


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for two weeks - Monday September 11th and Monday September 18th.


That is all,




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2017 Monday Men's League

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19 Mark Hopkins $40
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21 David Hughes $30
T22 Scott Charles $15
T22 Brian Wettlaufer $15
T22 Ernie Day $15
25 Dave Fitton $10
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