Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2017 Season

Aug 18, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Who's The Best at Pin Seeking?

Another week of beautiful weather has passed us by, and we are getting another week closer to some big events!

This coming Monday, August 21 is our last regular season league day. Starting September 4th, we will be entering our play offs for the season to determine which team really is the best!

Monday, August 28th is the Men's League trip out to Innerkip Highlands. For those of you who cannot make it, please still come and play at Merry-Hill. Please note that scores will not be entered into the pool for this Monday. 

We are also getting close to our final league day and closing tournament - which will be held on Monday, September 25th. This is included in your league registration fee, however, I will need RSVPs as well as meal orders. Registration for this event will take place on September 4th. You will be able to register online, or at the Golf Shop Counter. 


Now, let's look at how you all did this week!

Closest to the Pin

We had some sharp shooters out on the course this week, with 4 people getting pretty close to the pin. Bill Weiler got the first ball closest to the pin, but was then beat out by Steve Wilson. Steve was then beat out by Nick Dendy, who was finally beaten out by our winner, Dan Prior.  Congratulations to Dan for being this weeks winner. You will receive a Mill Street Hoodie and a Sleeve of Golf Balls from E Dyck Opticians, valued at $45.00.

Who's Got The Lowest Gross For the Season?

We've got a few players pretty close for low gross average, and I must say they are playing very well this season! (Hint: Captains, keep this in mind for next season!!). Noah Wiles is leading Low Gross with a 35.70 average. Dan Prior is in second with a 35.90 average, followed closely by John Scoyne (36.18) and David Hughes (37.00). Well done to all you players!

Team Scoreboard

Team Score   Team Score
Clubhouse Semi Pros 193 vs Turf Destroyers 182
Mill Street Fools 176 vs The Putt Pirates 178
Reckless Drivers 175 vs The Pin Seekers 184


Standings for 2017

The Mill Street Fools are currently in first place with a total of 250 points

The Turf Destroyers have second place with 234 points, followed by the Pin Seekers at 193. The Putt Pirates are at 185, the Reckless Drivers at 180 and pulling up the rear is the Clubhouse Semi Pros with 151. 

Keep up the participation for the next few weeks guys and we might be able to close these gaps! 

50/50 Winner

This week's 50/50 winner went to Jade Farwell, taking home $80.50. Congrats to Jade! 

Also in fun news, Roger in the afternoon group had an eagle on #2 white! That is always a great feeling, to jug one from your tee shot! Congrats to Roger!


Next week, the game is fairways. Keep track of how many fairways you hit! This game is just for fun and to help you focus on hitting fairways before heading into play offs.

Your Men's League Tee Times for Innerkip Highlands will be emailed out to you on Monday. Thanks for your patience on this.


I'm looking forward to the last few weeks of the league as we get into our Closing Tournament. I have been collecting some great prizes - enough that we will do a raffle! All proceeds, of course, will go towards our Junior Golf Programs! Help us grow the game of golf among youth in the area!


Until Monday,

Keep dreaming of the fairway!



Jul 26, 2017 | Posted by Carly

Can You Hit Greens?

Hello Gentlemen! 


Another week has passed us, with smooth greens, great company.... and a touch of rain! It wouldn't be Monday if we didn't get a light sprinkle.


Our game this week was Greenies (GIR). Any time you hit a green in regulation, a point was awarded to you. The person who accumulated the most points on their front nine, is the winner! Now, many of you hit 4 and 5 GIR, which is fabulous! Looking through everyone's scorecards I was thinking, how am I going to award that many prizes to everyone! Luckily, Bill Weiler took the lead with 6 Greenies on Red #1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. Well Done Bill! You have won yourself a Golf Shirt valued at $65.00. He also shot a great score of only 3 over.... it really does pay off to hit greens!


Our 50/50 Winner this week is taking home $64.50! The 50/50 Winner this is Don Goldrup, congrats! I know that summer is upon us and a few more people are sneaking away for holiday's so the pot is getting smaller each week... but remember, your odds of winning are better than the lottery so make sure you buy your tickets! Plus, the other half is going to the kids in our summer camps - you're supplying the kids with the fun sport golf balls, divot tools, as well as crafts and a gym rental for rainy days. Your donations will also help to purchase Junior League T-Shirts for the kids in our Tuesday Afternoon league. Thanks again for all the support! 


Also, BIG NEWS! Dave Batten aced Red #7 on Monday. This is our first hole-in-one this league season on a regulation cup. Congrats to Dave! 


Now, let's see how we did this week!

Who Went Low 

Position Name Gross Score
1 Ron Low 32
T2 David Hughes 33
T2 Dave Fitton 33
T4 Steve Wilson 34
T4 Bill Weiler 34


Team Scoreboard

Team Score   Team Score
Clubhouse Semi Pros 180 vs The Pin Seekers 165
Reckless Drivers 182 vs The Putt Pirates 178
Turf Destroyers 172 vs Mill Street Fools 167


Team MVPs

Name Team Times Counted
David Hughes Mill Street Fools (C) 11/11
Brian Wettlaufer Reckless Drivers 10/10
Bill Weiler Clubhouse Semi Pros 9/9
Allan Wessels Clubhouse Semi Pros 9/11
Stan Winegard Clubhouse Semi Pros 9/11


Who's Making All The Money??

Dave Ferneyhough - $187

Roger Telfer - $178

Jud Maillette - $158

Bob McVeigh - $150

Jade Farwell - $116.50


Next Week we have a fun 2-man scramble for you to play (if you wish). This is just a fun way to mix it up and see how low you can go! No prizes will be awarded for low team score.


Until next time! Keep thinking of that fairway, and greens! See you Monday!




Jul 19, 2017 | Posted by Carly

How Do You Like Your Bark?

Monday's challenge was a rather fun one, testing your ability to save par by making up&downs from the trees. As a teaching professional, I would say these shots are very important, and very few people practice it. My advice, if you weren't able to save par or even bogey after being in the trees, try and make some time to chip and putt around the green before the end of the season!


The challenge was "Barkies", and we did have a few people save par after hitting into the trees, and even a birdie barkie! Brian Wettlaufer had a barkie bried onRed #5. Pars were made by Scott Charles and Greg Schwab on Red #2, Ernie Day on Red #6, Stan Winegard on #2 White, Jud Maillette on White #3, and Jade Farwell saved par twice on Blue #1 and #2. Well done to you all! You each win a sleeve of golf balls valued at $15.00.


Our 50/50 winner this week was Gary Simons, collecting $73.50 for future golf rounds here at Merry-Hill! Congrats to Gary and I wish all you non-winners the best of luck next week!


Let's take a peak at the scores from Monday.

Team Scoreboard

Reckless Drivers 174 vs Clubhouse Semi Pros 176
The Pin Seekers 170 vs Mill Street Fools 163
Turf Destroyers 169 vs The Putt Pirates 159


Low Net - aka Handicap Assisted

1 Ernie Day 23
T2 Scott Charles 24
T2 Harry Milburn 24
4 Dan Reid 25
T5 Richard Tisdale 26
T5 Brian Burchatzki 26
T5 Brother Ed Hohenadel 26


Daily Average for July 17

Number of Players Gross Scoring Average Net Scoring Average
74 39.92 30.30


Click here to view the 2017 Team Standings. Mill Street Fools and Turf Destroyers are Neck in Neck for the season! 


Next Monday, we will be playing Greenies. Very similar to barkies, except when you his a green in regulation, circle or highland that hole. The person with the most Greenies will win! The prize is a Golf Shirt valued at $65.00.

I am working on making a date for you all to visit our Sister Course Innerkip Highlands. Hopefully we can make this happen sometime in August. I will keep you posted.


Until Monday, enjoy the sunshine and keep thinking of the fairways....and greens!


Jul 11, 2017 | Posted by Carly

How Far Can You Smack It???

Well, the word is out.... everyone feels relieved after smashing marshmallows around the golf course yesterday! If Golf goes down hill (no pun intended) maybe we should start a new game that uses stress balls or marshmallows instead of $7 golf balls! 

The game yesterday was of course longest drive with a Marshmallow. Don Wiles led the pack for a while, but in the end Harry Barber outdrive Don, Dave Hughes and Ray Peppler to WIN longest drive! Contracts to Harry Barber! Your prize is a Mill Street Brewery duffel bag and a sleeve of golf balls, valued at $115.00. Well Done!

Our 50/50 winner on Monday was Jud Maillette, taking home $71.50. Congrats to both our winners this week! 

We also had an exciting event take place yesterday...Our very own Captain, Mr. Brad Forwell of the Reckless Drivers had a Hole-In-One!! This was on #7 White. Now, his teammates said "unfortunately it went into the big cup", but I don't think there is anything unfortunate about an ace (especially if you reap the beer benefits)! Either way, congrats to Brad for this achievement! A certificate will be at the golf shop counter for you to pick up next Monday.

Now, let's get into the dirty details of the week.

Who Went Low?

Position Name Gross Score
1 John Scoyne 32
2 Dave Batten 24
T3 Robert Dougan 35
T3 Greg Schwab 35
T5 Steve Shields 36
T5 Al Hartwick 36
T5 Clyde Joseph 36
T5 Noah Wiles 36


Team Scoreboard

Team Score   Team Score
Clubhouse Semi Pros 188 vs Mill Street Fools 169
Reckless Drivers 179 vs Turf Destroyers 166
The Pin Seekers 168 vs The Putt Pirates 167


Who Are Our Top Counters?

Name Team Times Counted
Dave Hughes (C) Mill Street Fools 9
Ken Schade Reckless Drivers 8
Bill Weiler Clubhouse Semi Pros 8
Allan Wessels Clubhouse Semi Pros 8
Brian Wettlaufer Reckless Drivers 8
Dave Fitton (C) The Putt Pirates 7
Stan Winegard Clubhouse Semi Pros 7


Next week's game is Barkies. Whenever you hit a tree, or into the trees, and save par, highlight the hole. This is a challenge if I've ever heard of one! Good Luck!

We hope to see you out here this weekend.

Until Monday.... Keep dreaming of the fairway!

Posted by: Brad Forwell | Jul 11, 2017 04:41 PM

Aw shucks you guys. Thanks for submitting my “not so hole in one”. I have to admit it was pretty exciting. But now I have to buy you all a beer.


Jul 7, 2017 | Posted by Carly

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2017 Monday Men's League

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Low Net Captain

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Last Players Score Entered 1 hour 43 minutes ago

$ Here Comes the Money $
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Jade Farwell $197
2 Dave Ferneyhough $187
3 Don Goldrup $179.5
4 Roger Telfer $178
5 Jud Maillette $158
6 Bob McVeigh $150
7 Harry Barber $115
8 John Funk $108
9 Derrick Stryker $99
10 Greg Schwab $91
11 Richard Stumpf $90
12 Larry Pillon $75
13 Gary Simons $73.5
14 Dan Reid $69
15 Bill Weiler $65
16 Noah Wiles $60
T17 Dan Prior $45
T17 Stan Winegard $45
19 Mark Hopkins $40
20 David Hughes $30
21 Ronald Johnston $22.5
T22 Brian Wettlaufer $15
T22 Ernie Day $15
T22 Scott Charles $15
Total Payout $2122.5