Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2016 Season

Oct 4, 2016 | Posted by Carly

And the Winner Is....

Congratulations to The Back Nine Bandits for winning this season! 

After two weeks and a rain day, we were able to finish off our Playoffs with a bang! Yesterday's fabulous weather allowed everyone who could schedule it in, to play!

Unforunately, due to low participation numbers in both weeks of the playoffs, the Hackers and Whackers did not receive any playoff points. Thank you to those four players that came out each week on the Hackers and Whackers team. This goes to show that participation each week is so very important for the team! Making sure that your teammates come out each week is the most important aspect to the league, and always handing in your scorecard is the second most important thing! Please remember that for next season.  

The Playoff Standings




1 Back Nine Bandits 290 45 19 354
2 Boyz in the Woods 268 41 18 327
3 The Bogey Boys 213 42 19 274



Back Nine Bandits Boyz in the Woods The Bogey Boys Hackers and Whackers


Ralph Beam

Mark Beckham

Sean Causley

John Christman

Paul Feth

Brad Forwell

Erik Frye

Jud Maillette

Tim Mitchell

Larry Pillon (Captain)

Barry Rogers

George Schmitt

Neal Trent

John Wahl

Bill Weiler

Zeljko Zugaj


Dave Anderson (Captain)

Brian Burchatzki

Glenn Chelsom

Jim Davis

Ernie Day

Len Dunnett

Bing Feng

Dave Fitton

KG Forwell

Brian Hahn

Pat Knechtel

Harry Milburn

Michael Nuber

David Oberholtzer

Gary Simons

Steve Wilson

Prent Beckham

Hank Boldt

James Gjesing

Jeremy Goetz

Jack Graham

Tom Gutpell

Gerry Hill

Brother Ed Hohenadel

Colin MacGregor

Amin Murji

Leon Ribey

Patrick Schnarr

John Scoyne (Captain)

Richard Stumpf

Allan Wessels


Abner Baer

Brian Eckensviller

Larry Harris

Bill Hohenadel

Robert Metcalf

Blair Morrow

Blake Ralston

Harold Russell

Ken Schade

Bob Schmitt

Matt Shantz

Brian Wettlaufer

Del Wideman

Ian Wormsbecker (Captain)




If you haven't picked up your league participation gift yet, please come to the Golf Course to do so - it's a lovely engraved beer glass for you all to enjoy! 


League registration will open November 1st online for everyone, so if you plan on joining again for next year, please register early! That way you will be sure to receive all my emails about the orientation night, team draft picks, and what to except for next season.


If you have any questions, comments, recommendations or concerns about the league please let me know! I am dedicated to growing the league and making it the best it can be - so please know that your comments are taken into consideration.


Thanks for a wonderful season and can't wait to get you all back next year!

Don't forget, there is still lovely fall golf weather so don't pack the clubs away yet! Fall rates and your Club Card discount will bring the cost of your golf game even lower than your Men's League rate! So Get Golfing this fall!


Take care and keep dreaming of the fairway!


Sep 13, 2016 | Posted by Carly

Men's League Closing

A very successful evening was had last night by all those who joined us for the Men's League Closing Event.

For those of you who missed it, see below the quick synopsis!


Men's League Closing Event

We had a total of 31 men participate in our 9-hole scramble on the Red Nine. We had a Longest Putt on #2, a Closest to the Keg on #6 and a Longest Drive with a Stress Ball on #9. Now, my favorite was the stress ball drive - we had several float into the parking lot (nearly taking out a car), a few stumble just off the tee, but most of the balls landed right in front of the tee box.  The challenge here was to replace the stress ball with your regular golf ball and try to make your par. 3 Pars were made last night on #9 by Leon Ribey, Blair Morrow and Tim Mitchell. Each of these players won a sleeve of Callaway Golf Balls from one of our sponsors - Green Shield Canada. Now, more information on the winners of last night!


Skill Challenge Winners

Longest Putt - John Christman. Won a $25 gift card to the LCBO

Closest to the Keg - Gerry Hill. Won a bucket of Beer Glasses and coolies

Longest Drive with the Stress Ball - Ian Wormsbecker. Won a Callaway Duffel Bag


League MVPs

The League MVPs were players who counted the most for their team. Each MVP received a wine package of a Red and White wine from our sponsor Red&White Realty.

Hackers and Whackers - Ken Schade with 12 rounds counting for team points

Back Nine Bandits - Larry Pillon and Bill Weiler with 11 rounds counting for team points

The Bogey Boys - Leon Ribey, Richard Stumpf and Allan Wessels with 11 rounds counting for team points

Boyz in the Woods - Steve Wilson with 10 rounds counting for team points


Most Frequent Players

These are players that have played 15 rounds this season (May 9 - August 29). Each Frequent Player received a $10 gift card to the Home Depot.

Blair Morrow, Dave Fitton, Gary Simons, Jim Davis, Jud Maillette, Ken Schade, Larry Pillon, Michael Nuber and Pat Knechtel


Low Handicappers

These players were awarded various prizes including a golf shirt, golf umbrella, golf towel and golf balls. These were provided for by our sponsors Red&White Realty and Green Shield Canada.

Erik Frye - 7 handicap

Ian Wormsbecker - 7 handicap

John Scoyne - 8 handicap

Blake Ralston - 8 handicap


High Handicappers

These players received a shoe bag sponsored by Red&White Realty and Merry-Hill Golf Club.

Robert Metcalf - 42 handicap

Zeljko Zugaj - 37 handicap


I would like to thank all of our Captains (Larry Pillon, Dave Anderson, Ian Wormsbecker and John Scoyne) for volunteering to be team captains this year. Also a big thank you goes out to our staff at Merry-Hill - the Golf Shop staff for always taking care of your tee times and transactions, the Food and Beverage staff for providing you with great service, food and drinks, and Fraser, our clubhouse manager, for BBQ-ing your dinner last night! 


Of course I would also like to thank our sponsors this year - Red&White Realty and Green Shield Canada for providing our Men's League with  prizes for the season. If you are interested in sponsoring the Men's League for next year please let me know - I'm always looking for new sponsors to make the league even more interesting and fun!


If you were not able to attend on Monday and you won a prize, please see me at the Golf Shop to pick up your prize. 


We are now headed into Play Offs for the last 2 weeks so I hope everyone can attend and play their best rounds yet!

Have a good week and see you on the fairway on Monday the 19th.




Aug 30, 2016 | Posted by Carly Peister

Playoffs?!? You Talkin' Bout Playoffs???


   We've had a great regular season but it's time to start growing your beards cause we're headin’ to the Post Season!  How's it work you ask?  I've prepared this nifty Q & A for exactly that reason;

League Playoffs  -  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with the same number of points they accumulated during the Regular Season.


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

1st...      20 Points

2nd...     15 Points  

3rd...      10 Points  

4th...        5 Points

*  IMPORTANT: The points will increase by 25% for each week of the playoffs


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely! Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above.


Q: What does it all mean, man?

A: The team in 1st place the conclusion of the Playoffs will be our League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot.


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for two weeks -  Monday Sept. 19th and Monday Sept. 26th.



Please remember there is no league day on Monday, September 5th. Our league closing event is on Monday, September 12th. There are registration forms at the golf shop counter for you all. The closing event will be a 9-hole shotgun beginning at 5:00 pm on Monday, followed by prizes and a BBQ. Please arrive at Merry-Hill for 4:30 on the 12th.


The league will continue until September 26th, upon which the league winners will be announced! 


That is all,



Aug 24, 2016 | Posted by Carly

Coming Into Fall Strong

Although we are nearing the end of August, the best months for golfing are coming up now! Not only should you be into the swing of things now, but when the leaves start changing colour and the temperatures become more comfortable, golf at Merry-Hill become somewhat of a fairytale.

.... Hopefully your scores are seen that way too!


Let's see what happened this week.

The Team Scoreboard for August 22:

Boyz in the Woods 354 vs. Back Nine Bandits 354
Hackers and Whackers 357 vs. The Bogey Boys 360


Which Team is Leading in Team Points for the Season?

1 Back Nine Bandits 267
2 Boyz in the Woods 246
3 Hackers and Whackers 218
4 The Bogey Boys 202


How did your Captains do this Week?

1 Back Nine Bandits Larry Pillon 59
2 The Bogey Boys John Scoyne 61
3 Hackers and Whackers Ian Wormsbecker 64
4 Boyz in the Woods Dave Anderson 67


Who Went Low?

1 Dave Fitton 69
T2 Bill Weiler 70
T2 Ian Wormsbecker 70
T4 Blake Ralston 71
T4 John Scoyne  71
6 Del Wideman 73


To view the "particularly poor performers" click here.... but I'm not mentioning their names on the blog!


That pretty much sums up this week's results. I hope you are all gearing up for our Men's League Closing on September 12th. Stay tuned for registration forms and information on the event. If anyone wants to donate a prize to the league please let me know.


Looking forward to the last few weeks! 

Until next time,




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2016 Men's League

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Low Team

Back Nine Bandits



Low Gross

John Scoyne



Low Net

Barry Rogers



Closest to the Pin

Len Dunnett



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