Welcome to the Tuesday Senior Men's League 2019 Season

Apr 16, 2019 | Posted by Andrew

Test Starting List

Hello Gentlemen,


This is a sample of the starting list that will appear each week throughout the 2019 season. We look forward to seeing everyone soon!


Senior Men’s League 9:00am Shotgun Start for
Tuesday, May 1st, 2018
Central 1A 1 Gary Hoger Central 1B 1 Mike Graham
2 Ian McGregor 2 John Falkingham
3 Steve Gamman 3 Steve Pressey
4 Gilles Gervais 4 Dan Kilbank
North 9A 1   North 8A 1 Dave Smith
2 Bob Lapointe 2 Bob Matheson
3 Terry Perkins 3 Mel Swenson
4 Wayne Cashman 4 Byron Scrim
North 8B 1 Darl DiMillo North 7A 1 Charles Fauteux
2 Dan Cogliati 2 Eric Fransky
3 Don Raymond 3 Len Taylor
4 Derek Harris 4 Lars Krantz
North 6A 1 Roly Mailloux North 6B 1 Steve Hall
2 Kim Lauzon 2 Brian Prosser
3 Doug Stafford 3 Ross Urquhart
4 Rudy Blohon 4 Paul Douglas
North 5A 1 Ron Morin North 5B 1 Bob Schuller
2 Howard Friendly 2 Marv Sywyk
3 Jim Eddy 3 Bill McKee (Guest)
4 Brian Overton 4 Grant McClelland
North 4A 1 Paul Anderson North 3A 1 Glenn Beaton
2 Steve Buckles 2 Ivan Wawryk
3 Harvey Scott 3 Steve Mandigo
4 Gord Wilkins 4 Rick Swan
North 3B 1 Pat Jennings North 2A 1 Harvey Nielsen
2 Gerry Gilmore 2 Bob Tutt
3 Gary Yates 3 Jim Tugwell
4   4 Wally Kania (Guest)
North 1A 1 Russ Tully North 1B 1 Colin MacPherson
2 John Uberig 2 Tom Van Camp
3 John Leech 3  
4   4  
Central 9A 1 Norm Freeman Central 9B 1 Ken Koffman
2 Ray McInnis 2 David Currier
3 Don Gregory 3 Joel Anslow
4 John Rutherford 4 Derek Holloway
Central 8A 1 Keith Armstrong Central 7A 1 Russell Bond
2 Ian MacDonald 2 Raymond Hull
3 Raymond Klassen 3 Dave Webb
4 Stan Nixon 4 Andy Rayburn
Central 7B 1 Don Cormier Central 6A 1 John Miller
2 Ed Hamilton 2 Bob Wells
3 Mark Brennan 3 Tim Reid-Wilkinson
4 Lawrence Crawford 4  
Central 5A 1 George Fitzgerald Central 5B 1 Steve Clark
2 Keith Kemp 2 Alan Russell
3 Bob Reilly 3 Liam Henes
4 Gord Robertson 4  
Central 4A 1 Don Gibson Central 3A 1 Wayne Frietag
2 Dale Gilmer 2 Doug Sorgat
3 Bob MacDonald 3 Dave Stinson
4 Neil Usher 4 Carmen Moloughney

Mar 27, 2019 | Posted by Andrew Robertson

2019 Tuesday Senior Men's League

Hello Everyone,

Welcome back for the 2019 golf season at Manderley. Welcome to the NEW Tuesday Senior Men's League Website!  We are excited to announce we’ll be using a new online scoring system specifically designed for our league.  Thanks to this unique web based program, players can track their individual and team performance. We will also use this site to post the weekly starting list, as well as our contest winners!

     The idea behind the program and scoring is simple... the more you play - the better it is for you and your team. Important: The teams are for scoring purposes only.  You are welcome to play with whomever you please on a league day. 


     No changes from last year. A team score will be determined by the total of the two (2) highest Total Stableford scores posted by the team, plus a point for each guy that played.  So even if you have an off day, you still earn a valuable participation point and, of course, they can always step it up and count the following week. 

     Guys who can’t make it or those stranded away from the golf course can now log onto the league website to see how their team is doing, and how their team ranks.  Another bonus is the program actually maintains a separate league handicap. Handicaps are automatically updated and applied based solely on your league scores. That, my friends, is pretty exciting!

      The more guys we have in the league, the better for all. If you have any questions please send us an email (leagues@manderleygolf.com).  I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun again this season. 


Yours in Golf,

Andrew Robertson
General Manager
613-489-2092 ext.235

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