Welcome to the Women's Night 2019 Season

Sep 4, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Last League Day

Morning all,


Well, it is sad to say but yesterday was the last day of our ladies league...it felt like it just flew by. Next week we will have our final dinner and banquet, so make sure you let us know if you will be able to make it! 


This week's results were as follows:

ForePlay was able to capture 1st place with the Big sHooters coming in closely behind them at second...it is nice to see some different teams on the top for the last week! Kathy Mitchell was our low net winner with a great score! 


I hope to see everyone at the banquet! 

Aug 23, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

2 More Weeks!!

Hi everyone, 


It is so hard to believe that we only have 2 more league days left until our final ladies league banquet. There is a sign up sheet in the pro shop for the scramble, so be sure to sign your group up!


August 6th - 8th we hosted the GAO Junior Match Play event here at the club so we did not have a ladies league that week. However, it was great exposure for the course to be able to host a tournament like that.


August 13th - Dizzy Drivers and Divot Divas were once again at the top of our scoring this week. We had a 3 way tie for low net between Anne Stirling, Taylor Vines, and Laura Arand - awesome shooting ladies! Our closest to the pin winner was Dina Kritzer and Brittany Lane took home the 50/50 for the week. 


August 20th - Divot Divas came in first place with the Big sHooters coming in a close second. Our low net winner was Bev Bowman this week with the great score! Mary Anne Nichol was our Kempston Werth winner and Sandy Neable won the 50/50 pot. Congrats ladies. 


See everyone next week.



Aug 1, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Ladies League in July

Hi all, 


Thank you for being patient with these blogs... I beleive we have a couple of weeks to catch up on. 


July 9th - Brenda from Reif Estate was here for a wine and cheese tasting...Isn't their wine just delicious!! Be sure to have some next time you are up for dinner. Now onto the results...The Dizzy Drivers brought home the first place position with the Divot Divas following them up in second place. Our low net winner was Carolyn Chapman and our 50/50 winner was Bev Dadson! Great job to all the ladies we played!


July 16th - It was kind of a rainy day as we were supposed to be joined by Ross from Sleemans however he got rained out! We have another date scheduled for August so all you ladies can try the Splash coolers...they are so light and refreshing! Fore Play managed to hold onto first place that week with the Dizzy Drivers coming in second place. Our low net winner was Carol Hagerman and our 50/50 winner was Shelly Carter. Awesome shooting ladies...and thanks to all who managed to dodge the rain and get their rounds in!


July 23rd - GOLF FORE THE CURE!! What another successful event we continue to hold here at the LGC, and it is all because of the participation from our ladies league. We raised just shy of $1000.00 ...I'd say that is pretty good! Side note - there were 67 pars made between the groups!! Great playing!


July 30th - What a lovely day we had! This weeks results were Fore Play in first and Divot Divas in second. The low net winner was Tracy Werth and our 50/50 winner was Joan Rutherford! 


Next week will be kind of crazy around here as we are hosting the GAO Junior Match Play event all week so there will only be 9 holes open for playing. Ladies League is still on but it will be Vintage! 


See everyone then.

Jul 3, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Playing Catch Up

Morning everyone!


I hope you all had a super long weekend...we couldn't of asked for better weather! I apologize but I am a few weeks behind on my blogging so bare with me as I give you the results from the last 3 weeks!


June 18th 

On this date the Big sHooters got their first win of the seasn...congrats ladies. It was with the help of Sandy Baker who rallied of an AMAZING score to both help her team capture the victory as well as win the low net for the week. The Divot Divas came in a close second behind them. Anne Stirling was our lucky 50/50 winne and Tressa won the closest to the pin! Great job ladies. 


June 25th


The teams above just switched places with Divot Divas in first place and Big sHooters in second for the week. That week we had a 5 way tie for low net...way to go ladies!! Jill Lewis won the 50/50 and Tressa once again goes home the the closest to the pin prize...you seem to be very good on those par 3's Tressa!! Congrats!




Well... it wasn't the best turn out we could have asked for with both holidays and the on again off again rain but we managed to still managed. Dizzy Drivers came to play yesterday, as they came out on top for the first time this season! Good job ladies. The Divot Divas snuck into second again this week! 


There was a 3 way time this week for low net with Brenda Sippel, Carmen Martin and Laura Arand...fantastic shooting gals!!


Our 50/50 winner this week was Kourtney Richardson and Darlene Werth won our closest to the pin prize!!


Just a reminder that we have our Reif Wine and Cheese tasting next Tuesday from 3-4:30pm on the patio, so if you are around make sure you pop over to see our wonderful rep Brenda!


Secondly, Golf Fore the Cure is fast approaching...there is a sign up sheet in the pro shop! Make sure to stop in a register your team to help a great cause!!


Have an awesome week,  see everyone next Tuesday :)


Hello Sunshine!!

Jun 12, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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Week Two!

Jun 5, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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Ladies Day is Finally Here....

May 22, 2019 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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Women's Night Sponsors:

Sleeman Brewing

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Ladies League 2019 Events


May 21st - Triple Bogey Tastings @ 3-6pm

June 25th - Toonie Drive Day

July 9th - Reif Tasting

@ 3-4:30pm

July 16th - Sleeman Tasting @ 3-6pm

July 23rd - GFTC @ 5:30pm Shotgun

August 20th - Sleeman Tasting @ 3-6pm

September 10th - Ladies Closing



Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Brenda Sippel $48.05
2 Anne Stirling $39
3 Shelly Carter $37.45
4 Bev Dadson $36.05
5 Judy Westman $33.45
6 Katrina Klemp $33.3
7 Sandy Neable $30.8
8 Amy Fischer $29.45
9 Tressa Rozendal $27
10 Jill Lewis $26.15
T11 Judy Cullen $25.3
T11 Rosemary Walter $25.3
13 Kourtney Richardson $23.7
14 Mary Anne Nichol $23.5
15 Kathy Mitchell $23.4
16 Joan Rutherford $22.75
17 Hunter Chapman $21.8
18 Carolyn Chapman $21.55
19 Amanda Ewing $21.35
20 Brittany Lane $20
21 Theresa Redpath $18.8
22 Sandy Baker $18.3
23 Carol Hagerman $16.15
24 Dina Kritzer $15.95
T25 Bev Bowman $14.8
T25 Carmen Martin $14.8
T27 Darlene Werth $14.45
T27 Laura Arand $14.45
29 Colleen Jackson $14
30 Abbey Stirling $13.2
31 Mae Brooks $13
32 Tracy Werth $12.75
33 Joelle White $12.3
T34 Leah Anne Goody $10.75
T34 Erica Magee $10.75
36 Kelly Fraser $10.55
37 Sarah Nichol $9.5
T38 Juanita Vongsoupath $9.2
T38 Sherri Helmka $9.2
40 Anne Keeso $7.8
41 Kait Colling $6.8
42 Kate Tervit $6.7
43 Kailey Brisbin $5.75
T44 Jenn Berfelz $5.25
T44 Jensen Chapman $5.25
T46 Aynslie Danbrook $4.65
T46 Taylor Plaskett $4.65
48 Cindy Mara $1.5
Total Payout $870.6