Welcome to the Women's Night 2018 Season

Aug 1, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Almost August!!

Where has this summer gone...how is it already August! We only have 6 more ladies nights left, with one of those being Golf Fore the Cure. 


This week we had a tie between Divot Divas and Fore Play! It is quite impressive that both teams had everyone come out and play! Great job ladies! Kathy Mitchell being on one of those teams brought her "A" game to capture the low net winner for this week. 


Our weekly CTP winners were Carolyn Chapman and Juanita Vong! Congrats ladies, your prizes are in the pro shop! Our lcuky 50/50 winner this week was Sherri Helmka. 


The ladies league committee would also like to send our thoughts and prayers to Dianne Scheeringa as she contiues her battle with cancer. 



Jul 26, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Everyone's doing their rain dance!

Well, as much as I was enjoying all that extra roll we were getting out there, it is nice to see everything greening up again out there after those couple days of rain! 


It wasn't a great turnout this week, we only had 28 players out. However, some got luckier than others when it came to dodging the rain! 


The Dizzy Drivers and Fore Play once again switched places at the top of this week's leaderboard! Well done to those teams. Joan Rutherford and Joyce Newbigging helped the Dizzy Drivers finish first with their great low net scores this week! 


Looks like we only had one closest to the pin number as apparently none of us could hit the green on 4 Vintage! Congrats Katrina on CTP on 7 Vintage your golf balls are in the pro shop!


Be sure to sign up for golf fore the cure in the pro shop! It is on August 14th at 5:30pm with a dinner and wine tasting to follow. Non-members are welcome so bring your friends!

Jul 18, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun!

Well we can add another great Tuesday in the books for this ladies league season! We had yet again another super turn out with 46 ladies playing yesterday. 


Fore Play walked away with another victory this week...might I add that their entire team was out to play, which is amazing! However, we still need to find a way to stop them as they are quickly running away with the lead! 


The Dizzy Drivers fell short by just a couple of points yesterday to capture second place! 


Our special winners this week were Sandy Baker and Brittany Lane and our 50/50 winner was Cindy Mara! Congrats Ladies! :)


Golf Fore the Cure is fast approaching...all the information and sign up sheets are in the pro shop!! You want want to miss it!

Jul 4, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

Happy Canada D'Eh

Good morning Ladies!

I hope everyone enjoyed their hot long weekend. Lucky for us this weather is still continuing! 


It seems these past few weeks both Fore Play and Dizzy Drivers have been bringing their "A" game as they keep flip flopping between first and second place. This week Fore Play ended up on the top. Might I also add that the attendance from all of the teams has been outstanding each week of ladies league! We had a tie for low net this week between Dina Kritzer and Sandy Neable, great work girls!


Our closest to the pins go to the sisters Bev and Ellen! Congrats ladies! Pick your prizes up in the pro shop! Lastly, our lucky 50/50 winner of $22.00 was Darlene Werth! :)


See everyone next week!



2 for 1

Jun 27, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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Raddlers on the Range

Jun 13, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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Terrible Tuesday

Jun 6, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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Beauty Day for Golf

May 30, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committee

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First one in the books..

May 23, 2018 | Posted by Ladies League Committ

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May 22nd – First Ladies Day

June 5th – Radler on the Range

June 12th – Wedges and Wine

June 19th – Putting with a Pint

August 7th – Toonie Drive Day

August 14th – Golf for the Cure

September 11th – Ladies League Closing Scramble

Weather on course
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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Amy Fischer $54.3
2 Leah Anne Goody $48.25
3 Carmen Martin $44.1
4 Theresa Redpath $37.85
5 Nan Kaufman $35.95
6 Liz McClement $34.75
7 Sarah Nichol $32.7
8 Anne Keeso $32.35
T9 Darlene Werth $31.85
T9 Sherri Helmka $31.85
11 Sandy Baker $30.45
12 Amy Harron $30.3
13 Joyce Newbigging $27.65
14 Judy Westman $26.2
15 Juanita Vongsoupath $24.65
16 Kathy Mitchell $24
17 Cindy Mara $23
18 Anne Stirling $22.2
19 Joan Rutherford $21.85
20 Tressa Rozendal $21.25
T21 Donna Ruby $20.75
T21 Jill Johnson $20.75
23 Bev Dadson $20.45
24 Sandy Neable $20
25 Carolyn Chapman $19.7
26 Jensen Chapman $19.35
T27 Katrina Klemp $18.85
T27 Kailey Brisbin $18.85
29 Katie Scott $18.6
30 Judy Danbrook $17.95
31 Becca Newbigging $17.65
32 Brittany Lane $14.25
33 Katherine Parsons $12.7
34 Dina Kritzer $11.9
35 Jenn Berfelz $11.75
T36 Mae Brooks $11.65
T36 Ellen Langer $11.65
38 Darlene Roeder $11.5
T39 Shelly Carter $9.85
T39 Kaitlyn Werth $9.85
T39 Rosemary Walter $9.85
T39 Mary Anne Nichol $9.85
T39 Bev Bowman $9.85
T39 Judy Cullen $9.85
45 Hunter Chapman $9.4
46 Olivia Kelly $9.35
47 Aynslie Danbrook $9.25
48 Lisa Moore $8.7
T49 Susan Nuttley $8.25
T49 Brooke Watson $8.25
T49 Taylor Plaskett $8.25
T49 Kelly Fraser $8.25
53 Laura Arand $8.05
54 Melissa Dunnell $7.2
55 Colleen Jackson $7
56 Susan Darroch $6.25
57 Tracy Werth $4.95
58 Kait Colling $2.2
Total Payout $1098.25