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Jul 31, 2020 | Posted by BP

July 30

What a beautiful day at the LGC.  Greens were slick and smooth, humidity was much lower, and it was overall a perfect day to play.

Also perfect is that we continue to keep Mr Chicken Feed and his group of Duck callers off the money list.  In fact the winning team last night were the Poles and Holes – led by captain Mini Sippy’s 35.  Also contributing to the team’s great score was Graham Beare’s Net 30!  New putter must have been working, eh Graham?

We had a tie for second between the Big Gingy’s crew or Orange Balls, and my crew.  366 was two shots behind the best, but was still a great effort by both teams, however it was Matt MacCann’s ridiculous Net 25 that propelled the Orangies into the tie.

The Hack and Slashers have quietly kept in the running all year with plenty of weekly head to head wins, but seldom in the money.  This is most likely because their captain has been the picture of inconsistency.

The previously mentioned Mr. MacCann was our Low Net man for the week.  The Low Gross guy… well he got lucky.

Our weekly Canadian Tire Card winner was Norm Wilson.

Next week is the busy week as we have the annual Lefty-Righty Ryder Cup playing as well.  The last few years have seen a marked improvement in pace of play and we expect the same to continue!

Jul 18, 2020 | Posted by BP

Heat, Rain, Shanks, Chunks, and 34's

It was a mixed bag of weather Thursday, so it’s only fitting we had a mixed bag of winners this week!  Ties for Low Gross.  Ties for Low Net.  Some new guys on the money list.  We even received some rain!

Our winners this week were the Masters Blasters, led by Ron Darroch’s sand-bagging 29.  The team barely had any scores under 40 on the gross side, but the Net side led them to victory.

They barely beat the second place team of the FOREnicators by one shot.  Keaton Willis carded a smooth 36 to lead the way.

Next best of the rest of the pack were the Deuce of Hazards, who rode Gordy’s Net 30.  We can talk all we want about Gord because we know there’s no way he’s ever going to read this… lol

We had a split pot of the Low Gross cash this week with Graeden Geiger and Kyle Sippel both firing a 34.

There were three who split the Low Net pot with smelly 29’s – Bones, Jim Riedel, and Ronny D.

Last but not least our Canadian Tire Card Winner of the week was Wayne Askin!  Wayno – don’t be buying a snorkel set.

Have a great weekend.  Stay cool.


Jul 10, 2020 | Posted by BP

Hot Tomale

We did it.  We shut out this little guy and his squad!!  HIGH FIVE!

Captain Sy’s crew were the best of the week, but BARELY squeaked by for the win.  But a win’s a win!!!  A full squad of net scores under par helped the team!

We had a tie for second between the Brendan/Brenden’s.  Captain Magoo’s crew rode Brad Buchanan’s Net 30 HARD in order to get to 369.   Meeko – what happened?

My crew had the table set by Coach Harrigan and Teddy Ruxpin turning in some solid scores early, and had I not putted like a blind plumber, we could’ve been good!

Riley was the low man again, but there were a bunch of scores that could’ve challenged him yesterday.  The ball is flying forever, and the greens are smooth as a baby’s bottom!

Craig Skochinski had the career 9 last night with a net 24.  Eagled the first hole and never looked back!

Our Canadian Tire Gift Card winner was Jeff Newbigging.

My apologies – I’ve completely buggered up the sidebar and lost all of our data.  Working at fixing it, but I’m not having a lot of luck.

Break out the rain dance boys – we need some precipitation!



Jul 4, 2020 | Posted by BP

Drug Testing Contemplated for DHD

Now – it’s not that wish ill-will on one of my friends, and I do enjoy coming up with a new name for him each week, but I am getting sick and bloody tired of talking about Mathew and his group of sandbaggers.  So, can we all as a group just try a little harder so that his bloody team doesn’t win again.

So yes.  They won. That’s all the press they are getting.

In other news…

We had a tight race for second place this week.  Two teams tied at 368 to split the 2nd and 3rd place pots.  First off were the Big Gingy’s team of Orange Ballers led by Brady Lane’s and Zachary firing off 39s.  But more importantly was a dazzling Net 27 by don’t call him Doctor Anus.

The other second place team were the $2 Hookers, led by the one and only Jim Yack with a Net 28.  Between his score and Wayno Askin rattling off a Net 32, their team could’ve been the big winners had Pedro been able to score something a little snazzier than a 41.

Captain Sy’s team was almost good enough to win some money with 369, but they weren’t.  So they didn’t.

Multiple rounds under the Net 30 watermark added several names to the wall of shame.  The two best were Rob Annis and Frank Poynton with Net 27’s.

Low Round for the week, and showing he’s still got it, was Former Doctor Eyeballs, with a lovely 33.

Tim Ford is the lucky winner of the Canadian Tire Gift Card this week.

Thanks for playing guys!



Oh no... he did it again....

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Second Match-Play Bracket

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Keeping things rolling

Jun 19, 2020 | Posted by BP

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Week 4

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Week Three WEEEEEEEEE 233!

Jun 5, 2020 | Posted by BP

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Week Two and ROLLING

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Off and Running!

May 22, 2020 | Posted by BP

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Last Players Score Entered 4 days 21 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Riley Conners $258.25
T2 Dean Robichaud $142.75
T2 Bill Watson $142.75
T2 Scott Nieuwland $142.75
T2 Don Harrison $142.75
T2 Sean Eaton $142.75
T2 Jim McCutcheon $142.75
T2 Luke MacLennan $142.75
T2 Fred Norman $142.75
T2 Mat Harrison $142.75
T2 Dan Collins $142.75
T2 Jon Soltys $142.75
T2 Bryon Gebhardt $142.75
14 Graeden Geiger $140.5
15 Jeff Fotheringham $131.25
16 Sean Hudson $114.5
17 Lavern Topp $112.25
18 Pat Downey $94.75
19 Rod MacKenzie $81.5
20 Kyle Sippel $81
21 Steve Palmer $74.25
22 Nick Seiler $69.25
23 Wilmar Bakker $67.5
24 Dave Seguin $66.5
25 Matt MacCann $64.5
T26 Murray Beirnes $61.5
T26 Scott Weidinger $61.5
T26 Rick Town $61.5
T26 Gord Soden $61.5
T26 Matt Town $61.5
T26 Paul Whitfield $61.5
T26 Bill Berfelz $61.5
T26 Scott Sharpin $61.5
T26 Ross Danbrook $61.5
T26 Neil Anstett $61.5
T26 Ralph Bakker $61.5
37 Brenden Parsons $59.75
38 Stewart Skinner $58.25
T39 Dave Dickey $57
T39 Darren Penny $57
T41 Brady Werth $56.75
T41 Gary Linkert $56.75
T41 Kevin Sholdice $56.75
T44 Darren Kerr $54.75
T44 Jeff Sippel $54.75
T44 Brent Dekoning $54.75
T44 Matt McCracken $54.75
T44 James O'Brecht $54.75
T44 Evan Burgess $54.75
T44 Graham Beare $54.75
T44 John Fotheringham $54.75
T44 Rick Freeman $54.75
T44 Wayne Hill $54.75
T44 Steve Boyd $54.75
T44 Blake Clemes $54.75
T44 Paul Hak $54.75
T44 Ken Code $54.75
58 Matt Fischer $50.25
59 Ron Darroch $48.5
60 Rob Annis $47.25
61 Carter Collinson $43.25
62 Jamie Stirling $42.75
63 Craig Skochinksi $42.25
T64 Bruce Murray $40.75
T64 Wayne Askin $40.75
T64 Tom Vongsouphath $40.75
T64 Stephen Hurst $40.75
T64 David Campbell $40.75
T64 Nathan Dietz $40.75
T64 Jeff Newman $40.75
T64 Chris Weishar $40.75
T64 Peter Nichol $40.75
T64 Evert Scheeringa $40.75
74 Evan Fallis $38.5
T75 Rob Zavitz $37.25
T75 Chris Hawkins $37.25
T75 John Robinson $37.25
T75 Tony Verbeek $37.25
T75 Chris Dietz $37.25
T75 Brian McMurren $37.25
T75 Lucas Jamieson $37.25
T75 Scott McDonald $37.25
T75 Steve Grant $37.25
T75 Pete Galway $37.25
T75 Keaton Willis $37.25
T75 Josh Keil $37.25
T75 Ron Wilson $37.25
T75 Dale Hunt $37.25
T89 Rob Schnarr $36.25
T89 Mike Smith $36.25
T89 Rob Hollinger $36.25
T89 Mike Chapman $36.25
T89 Keith Baker $36.25
T89 Doug Boyd $36.25
T89 Gary Rolko $36.25
T89 Brad Thomson $36.25
T89 Paul Skinner $36.25
T89 Ron Lockie $36.25
T89 Scott Fries $36.25
T89 Jack Gunn $36.25
T89 Cary Werth $36.25
T89 Larry Hudson $36.25
T89 Brady Lane $36.25
T104 Tim Ford $35.75
T104 Rick Richardson $35.75
106 Bradley Haines $35
107 Don Kritzer $34.25
T108 Jim Yack $29.5
T108 Donald Skinner $29.5
T108 Andrew Grant $29.5
T111 Curtis Donaldson $28.5
T111 Cliff Hodder $28.5
T111 Drew McKee $28.5
T111 Scott Bridge $28.5
T111 Jon Fretz $28.5
T111 Dave Meulensteen $28.5
T111 Bailey Matheson $28.5
T111 Todd Norman $28.5
T111 Ron Berlett $28.5
120 Paul Lockie $27.75
121 Chris Hammond $27.5
122 Larry Skinner $24.5
T123 Jay Rickard $23.75
T123 Phil Parsons $23.75
T123 Ron Haasnoot $23.75
T123 Jeff Sage $23.75
T123 James Chapman $23.75
T123 Bill Lang $23.75
T123 Mike Conners $23.75
T123 Curt Nichol $23.75
T123 Kriss Snell $23.75
T123 Ted Scott $23.75
T123 Delio Aguiar $23.75
T123 George Redpath $23.75
T135 Lloyd Martin $21
T135 Reid Gooding $21
137 John Schmidt $20.75
138 Zach Graham $19
139 Frank Poynton $18.75
140 Mark Stanley $18.5
T141 Andrew Coghlin $16
T141 Jerry Harrigan $16
143 Steve Meulensteen $14.5
T144 Nathan Arand $13.5
T144 Trevor Angel $13.5
T144 Billy Jim Scott $13.5
T144 Greg McNally $13.5
T144 Dave Bridge $13.5
T144 Mike Pentz $13.5
T144 Mac MacSorely $13.5
T144 Keith Klemp $13.5
T144 Wayne Koebel $13.5
T144 Curtis Hunter $13.5
T144 Brody Tucker $13.5
T144 Matt Clarkson $13.5
T144 Justin Weishar $13.5
T144 Curtis Berfelz $13.5
T144 Chris White $13.5
T144 Blake Buchanan $13.5
160 Jim Riedel $12.25
T161 Holdyn Lansink $11.5
T161 Connor O'Rourke $11.5
T161 Cam Ridgway $11.5
T161 Dave Magee $11.5
T161 Kevin Reesor $11.5
T161 Blake Nichol $11.5
T161 Brad Buchanan $11.5
T161 Bill McGrath $11.5
T161 Brendan Magee $11.5
T161 Ben Cornell $11.5
T161 Curt McLaughlin $11.5
T161 Curtis Bults $11.5
T161 Ross Livingston $11.5
T161 Pete Verbeek $11.5
T161 Jeff Newbigging $11.5
T176 Bill Edgar $9
T176 Andrew Bauman $9
T178 Bryce Hoover $8.5
T178 Tyler Bitton $8.5
180 Jeff Booth $7.75
T181 Shawn Johnston $4.75
T181 Bill Huether $4.75
T181 Wilf Genzle $4.75
T181 John DeLong $4.75
T181 Bob Richardson $4.75
T181 Dave Werth $4.75
T181 Mark Krabbe $4.75
T181 Wayne Long $4.75
T181 Michael Uptigrove $4.75
T181 Jamie Hartung $4.75
T181 Will Calder $4.75
T181 Mike Lockie $4.75
T181 Alvaro Sousa $4.75
T181 Chad Adamson $4.75
T195 Frank Somerville $4.5
T195 Ryan Goetz $4.5
T197 Mitch Deelstra $2.25
T197 Sandy Vallance $2.25
T197 Ryan Smith $2.25
T197 Tom Walker $2.25
T197 Randy Bauman $2.25
T197 Darren Wideman $2.25
T197 Jamie Burns $2.25
T197 Matt MacLeod $2.25
T197 Dennis Nuhn $2.25
T197 Paul Bartman $2.25
T197 Robert Jackson $2.25
T197 Craig Norman $2.25
T197 Al Mitchell $2.25
T197 Matt Stirling $2.25
Total Payout $8266.25