Bienvenue à la Saison Men's League 2018 Season

Oct 1, 2018 | Affiché par Bob Dubray

It's All About This

It all started in late April when our 12 captains came together to select their teams. Teams is what it's all about! Our Men's League turned a corner a few years ago and since that change of direction the interest and support at Lakeside has really begun to snowball. And that’s not just from our snow-day during our Men's Closing last Saturday. Yes, the secret to a successful league is to promote comradery amongst the team members, friendly competition and provide awards which all players regardless of their ability have equal opportunity to win. Most of all the success of our league is based upon the weekly participation of its members. At the end of the day we award the team that comes together and puts their best performance together during the playoffs. This year the accolades go to the “SCREW BALLS” and captain Steve Gunby. Congratulations on an incredible playoff run.


Have a great off season, and hope to see you all back into the swing of things next April.