Welcome to the Men's League 2017 Season

Sep 11, 2017 | Posted by Bob Dubray

Why did you join Men's Night

     The impetus for exploring a software based scoring system for our Golf Leagues was the promise of some good old-fashioned fellowship in the clubhouse.  We thought it would be fun for everyone to track their scores and the idea of broadcasting the results in the Rusty Putter seemed pretty cool.  I'm pleased to say that the comments regarding our scoring format have been overwhelmingly positive so, for all intents and purposes, you'd have to say it's working.  It has always been my position that the primary reason to join a league is the theoretical social benefits one derives from hob-knobbing with your fellow league members.  Good golf courses abound today and heaven knows if you consider your participation from simply a "cost per round" perspective it doesn't necessarily make sense.  But, not to worry my friends because we have the one thing that non-league players will never have... the security and sense of belonging that comes from being singled out, embarrassed and ridiculed by both your teammates and fellow members!  (This by the way is one of the fundamental differences between male and female golfers)  It is an inexplicable fact that male golfers feel compelled to root out their teammates shortcomings be they physical, mental or weakness of character.  If a member of your team or anyone for that matter, has the yips - you need to know about it and most importantly - you need them to know that you know about it!  The typical male member wouldn't have it any other way.  The way I see it... you can be ignored at any one of the several fine golf courses in the Calgary area but it is only in your local golf league that people care enough to kick you when you're down!  

Aug 23, 2017 | Posted by Bob Dubray

Tombstone 2017


Tombstone 2017


Yes, my fellow Men’s League Participants;

     Our regular season has come to a close and all that remains is our final event called the “TOMBSTONE”. This will take place rain, or shine on September 16th.

    We certainly hope as many of you as possible plan to attend. If you’ve not signed up yet there is a sign-up sheet on the locker room bulletin board. Alternatively, you can sign up at the pro-shop desk or Call the Pro Shop and let Glenn know your intensions. Please sign up as soon as possible so we can plan accordingly. Entries will close September 13th. For those of you who are entering for the first time, rest assured it will be a memorable event. There will be scores of prizes to be won and odds are you leave with something. If you don’t you most certainly are a “USELESS BASTARD”. For those newbies and a refresher for everyone else, here’s an update on the format. Through the year each of us has worked hard at chiseling down our Men’s League handicap. Now you get to double that measly 9-hole number and apply it to your 18-hole score. Now don’t get too excited. You’ll have to be at the top of your game on Saturday, since you’ll only be able to use 75% of your handicap. If this happens to you and chances are it will, where your last shot comes to rest, this is where you must plant your Tombstone. [Stay tuned as the Tombstone placement location may change this year.] Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. If you whiff on your drive you can’t leave your tombstone between the tee off markers. Please plant it off to the side. If your last shot ends up on the green please plant your tombstone to the side of the green. Wait a minute. My last shot ended up in the hole. No, you can’t place your Tombstone in the hole or on the flag or on the green. Place it behind the green but in prominent view. If you happen to end up in a hazard, please place it at the entry point. Well how about that.

   I’ve made it through 18 holes without running out of strokes. I proudly get to place my Tombstone behind the 18th green.  I just wonder how lonely it will be there.  Also, please remember, if you happen to end up in some obscure location like hidden amongst trees or in that blind corner right of the cart path on 12, if the girls can’t find your tombstone it won’t be judged and most likely you won’t have it returned. Yes, I said “GIRLS”! We will be honoured to have 4 of them who’ve unselfishly donated their time to retrieve all the tombstones, tally up the ending results and most importantly they will place judgement on which ones make it to the final four. Yes, there is prize money for the final four. Typically, there are no restrictions towards building your tombstone.  Just remember you have to carry it with you during your round and it cannot cause damage to the course. Now let’s see how imaginative you can be.

            Just like a typical Wednesday we’ll have over 100 entries. That’s Excellent!! There will be 3 scoring flights and each flight pays the top 10 golfers. Yes that’s 30 prizes. That’s pretty good odds of winning. On top of that will be 4 closest to the pin in one shot [par 3s], 4 longest putts, 2 closest to the pin in 2 shots. Is that it for prizes? We’re not even close to the end. You will have a choice to enter 5$ into the pot for a Deuce Pot. That’s over a $500.00 pot if everyone enters. What are we missing???

   Oh yes, there will be a 50/50 Draw. If its at all like the last few years you can expect this to be a huge pot. If you’d like to step up and take charge of this years sales just let us know. Yes, there will be lots to give away this year and with that in mind we’ve decided the proceeds from the 50/50 draw will be donated to the Chestermere Food Bank. Keep this in mind when/if you choose to buy a ticket(s). A special thanks to all of your participation throughout the season. Of course, I’d be remiss if I did not mention our major sponsors again. Thanks so much to the following for their generous contributions this year;

  • Hole #1 Sponsor: FIRST GENERAL ---Jared Maillot
  • Hole #2 Sponsor:
  • Hole #3 Sponsor:
  • Hole #4 Sponsor: LAKESIDE GOLF CLUB – Wayne McBean, Glenn Carr
  • Hole #5 Sponsor:
  • Hole #6 Sponsor:
  • Hole #7 Sponsor: CAON SERVICES INC. Verne Cornwell
  • Hole #8 Sponsor: LW SURVEY –Troy Dashkewytch
  • Hole #9 Sponsor:
  • Scoring Sponsor:
  • Print Services Sponsor: EMERSON CLARKE PRINTING –Len Knight            


And of course, we’ll be having a main course. Bring you appetites for a great meal prepared and served by our own Rusty Putter kitchen and staff. The cost of the meal will be applied to your accounts. Those of you who are non-club members will make this payment along with your green fee prior to the day’s event.

      When do we play? Play is scheduled as a 2 pm Shotgun Start. Please prepare to be at the club by 1pm. Remember there will be 100 plus guys having to sort out foursomes, which hole do I start on, who am I golfing with, should I hit the driving range and practice green, did I remember my tombstone and meet and greet those you haven’t seen all year because they typically never golf when I do. Remember this is meant to be a fun event mostly organized by a handful of volunteers. There are many hours spent through the year to ensure the league runs without to many hiccups along the way. If you are interested in any small way shape or form, we will not turn away any volunteers to manage or assist next season.   



Bob Dubray

Lakeside Men’s League Committee

Aug 11, 2017 | Posted by Bob Dubray

Men's League 2017 Playoffs

Playoffs?!? You Talkin' Bout Playoffs???


     It's time to grow your playoff beards cause we're heading to the post-season!  That's right, my friends, the Regular Season will close next week and our 4-week playoff for the Lakeside Cup begins Wednesday August 23rd.  How does it all work you ask?  I've created this nifty Q & A that should explain it all;

Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.


Q: What’s all this stuff about divisions?

A:  In order to make the playoffs competitive, the top four teams in the Standings at the end of the Regular Season will be placed lovingly in the Championship Division.  The bottom four will be stuffed with little care into the Consolation Division.  For the duration of the playoffs, you're only competing against the teams in your division.  


Q: What happens to the points we earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with the same number of points they accumulated during the Regular Season. 


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

A: As stated above, we're competing in a Medal Play format for the playoffs where teams earn points based on where they finish relative to the other teams in their division. Points for week one is as follows;

1st:  16 points

2nd: 12 points

3rd:   8 points

4th:   4 points

IMPORTANT: The points will increase exponentially as the playoffs unfold. (Details to followin coming weeks)


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely!  Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above. Yes everyone’s involvement has a huge bearing on your teams performance. 


Q: What does it all mean, man?

A: The team in 1st place in the Championship Division at the conclusion of the playoffs will be the 2017 Lakeside Cup Champions (a distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world). 


Q: What if my team doesn't win the Championship division?

A:  In that case, it’s all about the money.  Payouts will be made to all teams in the league, however the total purse at this point in time is still undetermined as all incoming funds have not yet been received. 


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for four weeks - Wednesday August 23rd, Wednesday August 30th, Wednesday September 6th and Wednesday September 13th.


Q: What happens after playoffs?

A: If the weather we’ve experienced over the last couple months is any indication we’ll still have several weeks and opportunities to golf. More importantly of course is our closing Tombstone event to be held Saturday September 16th. This is most certainly an event you cannot afford to miss out on. For those of you who are entering for the first time, rest assured it will be a memorable event. There will be scores of prizes to be won and odds are you’ll leave with something. If you don’t you most certainly are a “USELESS BASTARD”. For those newbies and a refresher for everyone else, updates on this event will be posted in the coming weeks.


That is all for now,


Bob Dubray

Lakeside Men’s League Committee

Apr 9, 2017 | Posted by Bob Dubray

Pre Season Primer in Golf Etiquette

     The most important matters, behavioural issues and social graces for the gentleman golfer.


Given the typically competitive nature of a weekly Men’s Golf League, one might expect each participant to "putt out on every hole".  I realize, that this can be painful to watch, but I strongly suggest you avoid any leniency with respect to this rule unless of course the foresome you're in are all teammates.


Pace of Play

Because very few gentlemen golfers are capable of determining the order and actually getting their ass onto the tee in a timely manner we strongly encourage all players to practice "ready golf".  The term, “ready golf”, by the way, was devised right here in Chestermere when, I won't mention names, finally realized and accepted that he would never earn or be entitled to the "honour" on any tee, anywhere, or at any time.


Unsolicited Instruction

It is one of the confounding yet irrefutable truths of the game that a man with an index of 39 thinks he’s Bob Toski when he learns his playing partner is a 40.  The rule here is very simple… if they don’t ask – you don’t say. Golf is a game of self-discovery.  If they want your help, they will ask. 


The Beverage Cart

Only young, attractive and shapely women should ever be permitted to operate the beverage cart.  Please bear in mind that it is incumbent upon the gentleman golfer to always treat the “hottie” that is operating the vehicle with the utmost respect regardless of the following;

(i) her physical appearance; (ii) her manner of dress; (iii) her willingness to pretend that you are even remotely interesting. 


Gambling is Good

This writer understands that most everyone enjoys playing the game with a small wager on the outcome.  It increases the interest level and exposes your opponent’s weaknesses for your entertainment but please remember this; no one cares how you structure the wager or how high the stakes are as long as, at the conclusion of the round, all debts are satisfied immediately… in cash.  No cheque, no promissory note and no perky suggestion that the bet be carried over to the next game.  When it’s over, pay up.  Oh, and no coins.  The gentleman golfer pays his gambling debts with real paper money.  Just to be safe, come prepared to finance a complete and total collapse.


You Are What You Shoot

I am here to tell you that the moment you set foot on the 1st tee people only care about one thing - what kind of game you have.  Once the pegs are in the ground no one gives a damn about the wealth you’ve amassed or the knobs with whom you hob… be it right or wrong; in the golf world it is your handicap that defines you my friends.  And, I guarantee you this… people will judge you and your relative value to the club depending on your index - sorry Tony.  It is that number that ultimately determines your position in golf’s hierarchy.


The Dick Out

The only rule in golf that is recognized immediately, interpreted correctly and the penalty assessed 100% accurately is the Dick Out.  I don’t care if the Virgin Mary was playing alongside the Good Lord Himself.  If He popped one up and His ball came to rest short of the “ladies” tees I am certain the Holy Mother would demand a Dick Out.  Hey, I realize it might be a little crass but it is a rule.



That is all,

The Origin of Men's Night

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Draft Preparation

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Welcome / Pre Season Review

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  Men's League Sponsors:


Greatness Refined

Hole #1 Sponsor

You're In Good Hands

Hole #2 Sponsor

Driven to Design

Hole #3 Sponsor

Unparalleled Customer Service

League Hole 4 Sponsor

Alberta’s Friendliest Golf Course

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Your Travel Experts

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Your One Stop Machine Shop

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Bringing Home A Little Closer

League Hole 8 Sponsor

Serving Calgary & Area Over 25 Years

Hole #9 Sponsor

Criminal Defence Lawyers

Print Sponsor

Fair, Honest and Forthright

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Randy Krawec $225
2 Ken Elias $166.75
3 Matt Taylor $161.09
4 Wayne Copeland $159.27
5 Kelly Watkins $141.16
6 Trevor Wood $133.42
7 Allan Maillot $133.34
8 Troy Prusky $122.56
9 Derick Czember $119.85
10 Ian Willet $115.89
11 Les McMahon $105.04
12 Duke Berthlot $105
13 Wayne Finkbeiner $100
14 Tim Young $99.58
15 Jared Maillot $94.6
16 Denis Holden $91.25
17 Brandon Squire $89.76
18 Short Bob Short $88.08
19 Tom Lee $74.76
20 Derek Verhegge $73.97
21 Korey Doiron $73.33
22 Jim Chocholik $72.5
23 Ron Sinclair $69.33
24 Peter Carriere $62.19
25 Steve Rafuse $61.67
26 John Feeney $60.58
27 Ken Friesen $60
28 Perry Keller $58.33
29 Paul McCormick $57.5
30 Tim Reid $56.25
31 Chris Grassie $55
32 Brian Allan $54.42
33 Dave Tsukishima $52.52
34 Yvan Pelletier $52.38
35 Barry Porter $49.81
36 Ian Warrack $48.33
37 Troy Dashkewytch $47.54
38 Sandy MacDonald $46.89
T39 Neil Sikora $44.79
T39 Booker Zaytsoff $44.79
41 Hugh Adams $41.42
42 Bob Johnson $35.54
43 Tom Adams $34
T44 Mike Bignell $33.33
T44 Walter DeCastro $33.33
T44 Len Knight $33.33
T44 Glenn Pineda $33.33
T44 Guy West $33.33
T49 Delaney Brister $31.67
T49 Ray Barham $31.67
T49 Verne Cornwell $31.67
T49 Ian Murdoch $31.67
T53 Skip Cummins $31.43
T53 Curtis Dobush $31.43
55 Ken Doolan $27.25
56 Ken Ammann $26.25
T57 Marcel Beaulne $25
T57 Paul Kwasnik $25
T59 Steve Lafford $23.56
T59 Tim Nicholl $23.56
T61 Long Ha $23.33
T61 Daryl Aarons $23.33
T61 Marc Levine $23.33
T61 Kevin Chim $23.33
T61 Paul McLoughlin $23.33
T66 Kraig Severson $21.09
T66 Don Montpetit $21.09
T66 Allan Stiff $21.09
T66 Dan Bates $21.09
70 Wayne McBean $21
T71 Bob Dubray $20.71
T71 Fraser Johnston $20.71
T71 Rohan Bender $20.71
T74 Dorn Cassidy $18
T74 Warren Smandych $18
76 Wayne Bygrave $17.54
T77 Dan Evdokimoff $0
T77 Tom Wharton $0
T77 Garry Bewernick $0
T77 Clint Black $0
T77 Rod Boivin $0
T77 Rory Brown $0
T77 Josh Wylie $0
T77 Brian Wood $0
T77 John Beal $0
T77 Jeff Badyk $0
T77 Jerry Vandenberg $0
T77 Brian Hatton $0
T77 Joe Asplund $0
T77 Dave Brown $0
T77 Rod Carter $0
T77 Garry Cork $0
T77 Brian Dennis $0
T77 Marty Fulkerth $0
T77 Mike Gillis $0
T77 Robert Gregory $0
T77 Matt Hasegawa $0
T77 Al Hennessey $0
T77 Al Toney $0
T77 Jim Huber $0
T77 Chad Mullin $0
T77 Phil Ness $0
T77 Andrew Neuner $0
T77 Marc Pascoli $0
T77 David Potts $0
T77 Joe Samulenok $0
T77 Greg Sereda $0
T77 Jason Smith $0
T77 Bruce Burton $0
T77 Robert Nakoneshny $0
T77 Glenn Carr $0
T77 Craig Strachan $0
T77 Dave Nielson $0
T77 Sandy O'Brien $0
T77 Reston Paquette $0
T77 Peter Popil $0
T77 John Reitmeir $0
T77 Carl Rideout $0
T77 Mike Stan $0
T77 Francois Suanez $0
T77 Chris Morys $0
T77 Robert Sutherland $0
T77 Josh Taylor $0
T77 Dave Toderian $0
T77 Wayne Weger $0
T77 Willie Wiebe $0
T77 Thomas Wilson $0
T77 Dale Zawyrucha $0
T77 Paul Moucha $0
T77 Jim Mitchell $0
T77 Frank Cendach $0
T77 Harry Harbaugh $0
T77 Barry Christison $0
T77 Pat Corbiell $0
T77 Justin D'Angelo $0
T77 Steve Gunby $0
T77 Martin Hall $0
T77 Sal Handel $0
T77 Ivan Heidecker $0
T77 Scott Megaffin $0
T77 Bryan Herman $0
T77 Wes Huffman $0
T77 Brent Ladds $0
T77 Randy Leier $0
T77 Wayne Lougheed $0
T77 David Lubi $0
T77 Cory Major $0
T77 Mark McRoberts $0
T77 Brad Andrews $0
Total Payout $4483.97