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You're my boy, Wood!

Jul 19, 2018 | Posted by The MNC

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to tonight's main event! In this corner, weighing in at 122 pounds and pushing 94 years of age, the recipient of a brand new plastic hip - Paul "Woody" Widmeyer. And in the opposite corner, weighing in at a combined 12,210 pounds, from Kincardine Men's Night, it's 66 other golfers.
"You sure you're ok with this, Wood?"
"Just ring the "earmuffs" bell, you horse's ass!"
"You're my boy, Wood!!"
Thursday night men's night went old school with Woody Widmeyer collecting 25 points to lead all the pledges. Will Vandeklippe was right behind him with 24 points and could have won but he had his first HOLE-IN-ONE on #3 and went "streakin' through town right after to celebrate.
Needless to say, Will also got the closest to the pin on #3, while Ken Davey found some time between Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond to stick it tight on #7 - "Once it hits your club, it's so good!"

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