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Miami Slice

Jul 19, 2018 | Posted by The MNC

Cue up the rockin' theme music and clips of palm trees, flamingos and gratuitous bikini shots - it's time for this weeks episode of Miami Slice. In this episode, Don "Crockett" Rosart and his partner Derrick "Tubbs" Burrows aren't looking for gun runners or dope smugglers, nope, this time it's a robbery - someone has stolen all the sand from the beaches in the area. After some intense investigating, it turns out it was an inside job. Over the last 4 weeks Don Rosart has been "bagging the sand" and keeping it for himself - worth over 23 points on the streets. Crime doesn't pay but it gets you a first place finish and a chit. Catching Don in the act with 22 kilos each was his own partner Derrick "Tubbs" Burrows, and other supporting characters Dennis "Tubbs" Burrows, Dan "Tubbs" McFadden (I don't know why they all have the same nickname :) and Keith "Tubbs-a-comin" Colley Jr. Dennis Burrows was so excited that afterwards he showed off his moves and some swag from our sponsor West Shore by taking the closest to the pin winners down to the beach - #7 Lou Battaino and #3 Ken Davey. Surfs up!


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