Welcome to the Kincardine G C Men's Night 2018 Season

WANTED: Todd "TK" Farrell and Kyle "Baby Face" Boulton for the shootout at the KGC Corral last Thursday. These young guns are notorious members of the Howse Hunters Gang and came into town burning the breeze with three-by-nine smiles showing off their tombstones and put 21 slugs each into 72 other namby-pamby, tenderfoots that just happened to be moseying 'round and mindin' their own beeswax that day. The scofflaws were last seen absquatulating down to sponsor Miss Laura's Hawg's Breath Saloon to fill their table muscles fulla' John Barleycorns. By the bye, "Chuckwagon" Charlie Hunter and "Deadshot Darren" Fritz were the tall hogs at the trough as they t'wer'nt two whoops and a holler from plots #3 and #7, dagnabbit! Now, who can argue with that!


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