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Who's the new guy?

May 31, 2018 | Posted by The MNC


In the history of great shows there have been instances when the lead character has to leave for various reasons - (Suzanne Summers - contract issues, Shelley Long - movie career (awful, awful, awful choice), Charlie Sheen - tiger blood, Steve Carrell - to save us from literally laughing ourselves to death) and a replacement is brought in with the hope that the show can stay on top - enter Dana Murray. In his first season, episode 3, Dana took the lead over the 74 member cast of "Men's Night - The Musical" and became the star of the show - 4 birdies, a score of 34 and 21 points had the live, studio audience going absolutely subdued with a roar of cricket chirping, throat clearing, one awkward sitting ovation and an unexplained tumbleweed. Well done Dana, you are officially part of the Men's Night cast.
In the supportive role, there were two gentlemen that made absolutely, terrific shots to be closest to the pin on #3 and #7 but i can't remember who they were so Nuts to Them.
See you Thursday


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