Welcome to the Thursday Morning Breakfast Babes 2018 Season

Jun 21, 2018 | Posted by Kristy


Hey Babes!


   Another week of friendly competition down! 


  The sunshine was a welcome addition today and helped all of us shed the sweaters we started with! It's June 21st, I want to be done with sweaters for the season! 


  I'm so happy with the group we have had so far in this new league. Everyone is happy to be here and meet some girls who love to golf! 


  This month with the world cup of soccer being played, we were able to have mimosas with breakfast which was very cool...I wish we could have mimosas after our round every week! 


  The skins competition has been going along nicely with a solid amount of participation each week. Always good to see, as it really is anybody's game with the skins! So far, the winners are as follows:

       Week 1 

Joyce Douwes on #11 - $6.67

Christina Yates on #15 - $6.67

Darragh Osler on #18 - $6.67


       Week 2 

Darragh Osler on #12 and #17 - $22


  Your winnings are put onto your prepaid accounts each week. This week, the website is having a couple of technical difficulties for some reason so the winners aren't clear yet but when they are I'll let you know! 


  Deb Brisson is in the lead so far in the league with a low gross average of 44. 


  We are initiating the double par guideline for this ladies league, where if you make more than double par on a hole, we only add what the equivalent of a double par is on that hole. So a couple of your scores are a little less than it said on the card. After all, this is only semi-competitive! 


  Don't forget to use your mulligans when you purchase them ladies!! 


  See you next Thursday! 


Kristy Zuwala

Golf Shop Manager

Innerkip Highlands Golf Club



May 27, 2018 | Posted by Kristy Zwula

2018 Breakfast Babes

     Welcome to the NEW Thursday Morning Breakfast Babes Website!   We are excited to announce we’ll be using a new online scoring system specifically designed for our league.


     The league will run for 13 weeks starting on Thursday June 7th.  We'll play 9-holes of golf, have some laughs and then head into the clubhouse for a weekly breakfast special.  The primary focus of this league is social; sure we'll keep score and maybe have a few on-course "competitions" but it's all about getting out with some like-minded women who enjoy the game of golf.

      Questions?   Comments?  I'd love to hear from you.  Please send me an email (info@innerkiphighlands.com)  This has the potential to be a lot of fun so please, let's spread the good word and get everyone on board this season. 


See you on the 7th,



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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Gross

Kristy Zuwala

Low Net

Trudie Lake


Net Flight 0.0 to 30.0

Skin Value: $0.67

Joyce Douwes (4)

Darragh Osler (2)

Weather on course
7℃ / Partly cloudy
Full Forcast

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
T1 Christina Yates $6.67
T1 Darragh Osler $6.67
T1 Joyce Douwes $6.67
T4 Kristy Zuwala $0
T4 Sharon Leblanc $0
T4 Judy Jonker $0
T4 Maureen Eede $0
T4 Pheobe Eby $0
T4 Catherine Coombs $0
T4 Deb Brisson $0
Total Payout $20.01