Welcome to the Wednesday Men's League 2019 Season

Oct 2, 2019 | Posted by Kristy

Men's League Winners

Hey Guys!


I want to say thank you for participating in our Wednesday Men's League for the 2019 season here at Innerkip Highlands! 


After a shaky start with the rainy spring we had, the summer we were given was absolutely incredible! I hope all of you enjoyed yourselves and were able to make a few new buddies here at the golf club! 


A quick reminder we are having our Finale Event for this season on Wednesday the 16th of October. Either call the golf shop to be put on the sheet or shoot me an email that you are going to participate. The registration fee can be paid either over the phone or next time you are here at the Clubhouse. 


Our Skins winners for the finale week of competition are as follows: 


Wednesday Men’s League Skins Winners


Peter Bogdon - #9

Dan Capling - #6

Scott Murray - #8

Mike Riddell - #1


Michael Carr - #3

Albert Mann - #4

Stan McDougall - #8

Robert Micak - #2

Doug Palmer - #9

Roy Williams - #7


Our Team Champion is the Bush Whackers! They won the playoffs along with the regular season. In case you forgot, here are the members of the winning team: 


Innerkip Highlands Golf Club
Wednesday Afternoon Team Winners
Atterbury, Ted Bush Whackers
Bogdon, Peter Bush Whackers
Brown, Douglas Bush Whackers
Brown, Tyler Bush Whackers
Burke, Charlie Bush Whackers
Delaronde, Doug Bush Whackers
Dougan, Robert Bush Whackers
Hewitt, Chris Bush Whackers
Meszaros, Les Bush Whackers
Painter, Brendan Bush Whackers
Rohfritsch, David Bush Whackers
Smith, Jeff Bush Whackers
Suerich, Mike Bush Whackers



Our Low Gross Champion is Charlie Burke! He is also our 2019 Club Champion, for those of you who didn't know, so it's safe to say Charlie has had a great year of golf! Congratulations Charlie!!


Thank you again for participating and joining us for another season of fun here at the Kip! Hope to see you next season. Cheers!


Sep 12, 2019 | Posted by Kristy

Playoffs Are Underway!

     It's time to grow your beards cause we're headin’ to the Post Season!  How does it all work, you ask?  Well, this nifty Q & A that should explain it perfectly;

League Playoffs  -  Q & A

Q: What is the format?

A: The format of our Playoffs is similar to the FedExCup format, yet is still accompanied by the participation points.  Simply stated, each team competes against the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.


Q: What happens to the points my team earned during the regular season?

A: Teams will start the playoffs with the same number of points they accumulated during the Regular Season.


Q: How are the points distributed during the playoffs?

Position Week One Week Two Week Three
1st 60 75 94
2nd 50 63 78
3rd 40 50 63
4th 30 38 47
5th 20 25 31
6th 10 13 16


Q: Will participation still count?

A: Absolutely! Participation Points will be added to the Performance Points listed above.


Q: What does it all mean?

A: The team in 1st place at the conclusion of the playoffs will be our Wednesday Men's League Champions!  A distinction that admittedly carries little weight out in the real world.  Beyond that, not a whole hell of a lot.


Q: How long will the playoffs run?

A: The playoffs will run for three weeks - Wednesday September 11th, Wednesday September 18th and Wednesday September 25th.


Good luck!



Sep 3, 2019 | Posted by Kristy


Hey Guys!


Quick reminder that there is no men's league competition tomorrow afternoon due to the Club Championships being held this weekend. 


Don't forget to sign up for Club C's if you are interested in competing!!


See you soon!

Aug 28, 2019 | Posted by Kristy


We are getting close to playoffs in the league here...who can belive summer is almost over! 


Don't forget to register for Club Championships if you are interested in competing! 


Here are the skins winners from the week before last 



Wednesday Men’s League Skins Winners


Charlie Burke - #2

Peter Douwes - #7

Jeff Hall - #9



Alan Dunlop - #1

Stan McDougal - #5, & #6

Robert Micak - #7


And last week's winners


Wednesday Men’s League Skins Winners


Joe Bryson - #7

Doug Delaronde - #8

Paul Fraser - #9

Brendan Painter - #6

Brad Peister - #4

Peter Zuwala - #3



Ron McKerron - #4

Mike Suerich - #2 & #7

Roy Williams - #5


Last week in Team Play, the Bush Whackers, the Bogey Boys and the Pitching Wedgies won out. In the overall standings the Bush Whackers are still well ahead of the competition with 12 wins and only 3 losses this year. 


See you tonight!



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Week 1!

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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team


Bogey Boys


High Ballers

Low Gross


Charlie Burke


Peter Bogdon

Low Net


Ross Taylor


Roy Williams

Peter Bogdon


Gross Flight +3 to 5.0

Skin Value: $13.00

Peter Bogdon

Dan Capling

SCOTT Murray

Mike Riddell

Net Flight 6.0 to 25.0

Skin Value: $6.67

Michael Carr

Albert Mann

Stan McDougall

Robert Micak

Doug Palmer

Roy Williams

Weather on course
3℃ / Light snow
Full Forcast

$Here Comes The Money$
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Charlie Burke $189.34
2 Al Davidson $88.67
3 Brad Peister $71.33
4 Ted Atterbury $67.13
5 Tim Howard $55.17
6 Chad Myers $47
7 Mike Suerich $46.93
8 Joe Bryson $46.5
9 Brendan Flanagan $46.47
10 Allen Myers $45.2
11 Roy Williams $45.13
12 Doug Delaronde $40.03
13 Frans Michiels $36.8
14 Jeff Hall $36.67
15 Paul Fraser $36
16 John Murphy $35.73
17 Rod Anderson $34
18 Randy Lichti $33.34
19 Rob Kuhn $31.47
20 Jamie Warren $30.67
21 Colby Mohr $26.93
22 Brendan Painter $26.66
23 Tyler Brown $24.3
24 Robert Micak $22.33
25 Bill Burnett $21.3
26 Peter Parkinson $21.1
27 Peter Zuwala $20.66
28 Peter Douwes $20
29 Ron McKerron $19.8
30 Dan Capling $19
31 Bob Boomer $17.33
T32 Bruce Ballantyne $16.8
T32 Michael Carr $16.8
34 SCOTT Murray $16.67
35 Doug Palmer $15.33
36 Wayne Noseworthy $14.4
37 Stan McDougall $14
38 Milt Tully $13.6
T39 Scott Douglas $12.5
T39 David Rohfritsch $12.5
T41 Greg Mohr $10.5
T41 Doug Crane $10.5
T43 Jim Pasick $10
T43 Les Boggs $10
45 Alan Dunlop $7
T46 Matthew Schustyk $6.8
T46 Ron Sauve $6.8
T46 Phil Roth $6.8
T46 David Power $6.8
T50 Ernest Collinson $5.6
T50 Kevin Noll $5.6
T52 Mike Lavigne $0
T52 Peter Bogdon $0
T52 Douglas Brown $0
T52 Robert Dougan $0
T52 John Eccles $0
T52 Brian Finnie $0
T52 Steve Flanagan $0
T52 Cam Gloade $0
T52 Dave Hall $0
T52 Randy Hawes $0
T52 Chris Hewitt $0
T52 Jonathan Poole $0
T52 Jesse McDonald $0
T52 Philip McGill $0
T52 David Mcclanahan $0
T52 Les Mezaros $0
T52 Bob Poetz $0
T52 Mike Riddell $0
T52 Atif Shamsher $0
T52 Jeff Smith $0
T52 Bart Wilfong $0
T52 Steve Wilson $0
T52 Glenn Worrall $0
T52 Rence Amos $0
Total Payout $1521.99