Welcome to the Brantford / Kitchener Men's Indoor Golf League 2018-2019 Season

2018 - 2019 Indoor Golf League

Nov 5, 2018 | Posted by Pat Alpaugh

     Welcome to the Wednesday Night Men's League Website We are excited to announce we’ll once again be using our online scoring system that was specifically designed for our league.  Thanks to this unique web based program players can track their individual and team performance, and we'll have the ability to display live scoring in the bar as the night progresses.

     The idea behind the program is simple; the more you play, the more you help your team.  Important: The teams are for scoring purposes only.  You are welcome to play with whomever you please on a league day.


     For the regular season, teams will compete in head-to-head matches.  Teams that win their match will earn 10 points, 5 points per team if there is a tie and 0 for the team if they lose but, and this is important – supporting your team is a big part of this format  – teams receive 1 participation point for each team member who posts a score as long as they (the team) reach the minimum number of players required (5). A team score will be determined by the total of the two (2) lowest gross and the three (3) lowest net scores posted by the team.  Players that don't count toward the team total can almost assuredly count on being singled out and suitably labeled on both the TV and this very website.  They will, however, earn a valuable participation point for the team and, of course, they can always step it up and count the following week. 

Team Rosters * are available by clicking on PLAYERS and Teams in the Drop-Down Menu.

* Rosters are subject to change as more people sign-up and we get an idea how many of the new guys lied about their handicaps.

     One of the hi-lights of the program is the actual real-time scoring.  As the staff enter the scores, the standings, individual performances (good/bad), our Deuce Pot, team information and a whole bunch of other cool stuff is updated in real-time online.  Guys who can’t make it on a Wednesday can log onto the league website to see how things are shaping up.  Another bonus is the program actually maintains a separate league handicap so you can stop worrying because each team will be balanced with an equal number of liars, lowlifes, sandbaggers and cheats.  Handicaps are automatically updated and applied based solely on your league scores.  That, my friends, is pretty good.

     League Play begins Wednesday November 14th and runs for ten consecutive weeks so let's spread the good word and get as many people involved as possible.  League details are available at indoorgolfclubs.ca or you can contact the location nearest you;

Brantford                                         Kitchener
          3 - 49 Dalkeith Drive                     7 - 1373 Victoria Street North
Brantford, ON N3P 1M1                     Kitchener, ON N2B 3R6

1-844-GOLF-IGC                              1-844-GOLF-IGC


So, Any Remarkably Insightful Predictions Regarding Our First Week?


Aries | March 21 to April 20:  All your hard work will finally pay off on November 14th.  Just not for you.

Taurus | April 21 to May 20: The kind of pressure you’ll feel on the 14th would kill a lesser man, which, unfortunately, is exactly what you are.

Gemini | May 22 to June 21: Next week's game will include moments of valour, resolve and vigor which would be really neat if you had even a basic understanding of what those words actually mean.

Cancer | June 22 to July 21: The stars predict you’ll have a terrific day at Player's next week which just goes to show how wrong the stars can be sometimes.

Leo | July 23 to August 23: Look to your playing partners for encouragement and wisdom.  Yea, right.

Virgo | August 24 to September 22: The stars see nothing but pain and misfortune for your Men’s League team, but you probably like that, you sick bastard.

Libra | September 23 to October 23:  A wonderful Men’s League experience looms ahead for all Pisces, which stinks, because most of the people reading this won’t be a Pisces.

Scorpio | October 24 to November 22: Don’t waste time developing a healthy body image.

Sagittarius | November 23 to December 21: The events of next week’s round will closely mirror all the other terrible rounds of golf you’ve played in your life.

Capricorn | December 22 to January 20: No matter which path you ultimately take, or which choices you ultimately make, your next round will still end with you shooting a score slightly higher than what it could have been.

Aquarius | January 21 to February 18: All of your money problems will soon be solved, if you can just make a few more god-damned putts. 

Pisces | February 19 to March 20:  The stars indicate that Wednesday November 14th would be a good day for you to really go low but hey, this is you we’re talking about so the stars probably aren’t holding their collective breaths.


That is all,




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This Week's Hi-Lights...

Low Team

Team Two

Low Gross

Gross Flight : Handicap Range +5 to 4

Brad Steedman

Gross Flight : Handicap Range 5 to 7

Mike Lestage

Gross Flight : Handicap Range 8 to 30

Larry O'Sullivan

Low Net

Mike Lestage


Net Flight +5 to 30.0

Jack Wratten Jr.

Deuce Pot

Gross Flight +5 to 30

Jason Bracken

Mike Lestage

Danny Marsh

Brad Steedman

Last Players Score Entered 5 days 6 hours ago

Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Jack Wratten Jr. $147
T2 Danny Marsh $24.5
T2 Mike Lestage $24.5
T2 Brad Steedman $24.5
T2 Jason Bracken $24.5
T6 Brad McIver $0
T6 Chuck McCrae $0
T6 Craig McConnery $0
T6 Jordan Matwyko $0
T6 Jeff Alpaugh $0
T6 Demoi Dyke $0
T6 Brian LaPointe $0
T6 Cody Keating $0
T6 Kevin Horn $0
T6 Adrian Holt $0
T6 Ryan Heeg $0
T6 Marc Hallett $0
T6 Alex Grinton $0
T6 Dan Douwes $0
T6 Todd Downey $0
T6 Ron Douwes $0
T6 Jim Delisle $0
T6 Don Daniels $0
T6 Don Cullen $0
T6 Jim Cassidy $0
T6 Rob Butler $0
T6 John Buccilli $0
T6 Ryan Boehm $0
T6 Pat Alpaugh $0
T6 Phil Letto $0
T6 Brendon Martin $0
T6 Vince Vodola $0
T6 Dan Poort $0
T6 Mat Tisdale $0
T6 Mike Smith $0
T6 Jim Skinner $0
T6 Ron Siminoski $0
T6 Jeff Shannon $0
T6 Mike Schaeffer $0
T6 Peter Ruoho $0
T6 Trevor Randell $0
T6 Dave Pugh $0
T6 Chris Pollinger $0
T6 Joe Persia $0
T6 Chris Martin $0
T6 Larry O'Sullivan $0
T6 Scott Newsome $0
T6 Randy Moyer $0
T6 Chris McLean $0
Total Payout $245