Welcome to the Wednesday Men's League 2018 Season

Sep 14, 2018 | Posted by Jennifer Kells

Playoffs Concluded

If you want to know what I have to say about the conclusion of the playoffs, you will have to come to the scramble and prize luncheon on Wednesday, September 19th.  The horn will sound at 9am sharp so be sure to be here early enough to get to your starting hole in time -- teams and starting holes will be posted that morning.  Lunch and all sorts of super prizes will follow. 

See you Wednesday,

Sep 8, 2018 | Posted by Jennifer Kells

Gang Green Makes a Move

Well folks, in case you didn't notice, it was stinkin' hot on Wednesday, and maybe even the broilingest league round we've had this season.  When Mel Hawkins came in afterwards, he responded to my polite "hello" with "Hi Steamy."  Now, I was initially a little flattered that this was the new nickname he had apparently chosen for me, but then I realized he was so heat-adled that he had simply lost his ability to use conjuctions like "it" and "is."  

Despite the balminess, the Bus Drivers did exactly what they needed to do on Wednesday (placed a solid 2nd to win 35 playoff points) and have now taken top spot in the team standings.  I know what you're thinking - boy oh boy, Captain Payne, also known as the 2018 Men's Match Play Champion in case he didn't mention it to you, must have played really well -- but it was actually Jim Manley that pulled up his white tube socks to net an ever-so-low 56.  Well done, young man.  As for Hicks With Sticks, they did exactly what they didn't need to do on Wednesday - placed 6th to earn a very uncool 10 playoff points.  Kudos to Chuck Eldridge for giving it the old college try by firing off his best round of the season, but teammates Lickfold, Blair, Brown and Dike pretty much played like toddlers with full diapers.  As for Captain Loucks, he embodied the very definition of mediocrity out there and I can only guess that he is saving the fireworks for next week's last playoff game.

In other playoff news, the Ball-ievers didn't help or hurt themselves out there and maintained their 3rd place position in the standings, while Gang Green showed an uncharacteristic flash of brilliance and won the day, rising to 4th in the standings.  They have Angus Fitzgerald to thank.  He's as inconsistent as all get out, but this week he shot his best round of the season to net a sweet 55.  This may be the team to watch as they are suddenly only 9 points out of 2nd place.  No doubt about it, with 50 playoff points available for 1st place next week, things could get pretty exciting!

See you Wednesday,


Aug 30, 2018 | Posted by Jennifer Kells

Playoffs Begin

Our playoffs got off to an exciting start this Wednesday when the beat-down, broke-backed, bone-tired Shankensteins started the day a massive 34 points behind their nearest competitior and ended it just 3 points away from 7th place.  Yes, Colin Entwistle's weary team won round one of this three week event and I really must attribute that to Hockaday.  Low Gross winner, Low Net winner, his best score of the season ... what didn't this guy do yesterday?  Wear pink shorts, thank God!  

In other playoff news, the Ball-ievers, who started the day in 2nd place just 9 points back from the top spot, tanked hard, placing 6th in yesterday's game and dropping to 3rd place overall.  I think this has to be on Captain Fitzgerald.  I happened to catch him teeing off on the 1st and wasn't sure whether I had just seen a golf swing or high-concept performance art.

As for Hicks With Sticks, this season's Goliath among a bunch of Davids -- well, what starts with F and ends with AIL?  These giants placed 6th yesterday and basically now have three teams within 13 points of them.  Captain Loucks came in looking quite hangdog and when I saw his score, I knew why.  Remember Bob, when it is all said and done only you can make yourself feel bad.  But that won't stop the three jerks you're playing with from trying.

Now, a word about the Bus Drivers.  They didn't win a match until June 6th, then won 5 over the next 7 weeks.  Yesterday, they tied for 2nd place, moving them into 2nd place overall just 1 point back from the Hicks.  Guys, something must be done because if Gary Payne's team wins this thing there won't be a hat big enough for his head!

So we went into the playoffs with the Hicks in 1st (177), followed by the Ball-ievers (168), the Bus Drivers (165), and Breaking Badly (161).   Now it's the Hicks in 1st (201), followed by the Drivers (200), the Ball-ievers (191) and Breaking Badly (188).  But with 40 points up for grabs next week for 1st place, and 50 the week after, one cannot dis-count Par then Bar (163), Gang Green (162), or even the Handichaps (140) and Shankensteins (137).   

See you on Wednesday,


Aug 24, 2018 | Posted by Jennifer Kells

Some Field Notes

The Heron Landing diningroom after Men's League is an interesting microcosm to say the least.  Where else do men get to raise a few glasses and break a little bread together, eyes fixed all the while on a large TV screen that will either judge them King of the Jungle or the Scum that Grows on Algae?  Using the golfscoring.net system for these past four years has given me plenty of time to observe the "animals" that call this unique environment their home, and so far I have identified four main types.

1).  These dudes are really into the scoring system and anything else that has to do with assigning a number to their golf performance, and if their score happens to appear incorrectly, they knock over little old ladies, or at the very least Nancy, in getting to the front desk to report the error.  Or they just holler from the comfort of the diningroom -- "JENNN..."  Jeepers!  Change that to "MOMMM..." and I would feel like I was at home!  Gary Payne fits into this category, and although Ron Newell may not be quite as vocal, I know if you ask him what he shot on the 16th hole on July 12th, 2008, he'll know.  He will also remember the pin placement, the wind direction, and whether that score was above his average (which he knows to the 3rd decimal point) or below. 

2).  These guys care but pretend to be chill about their scores, and if a score gets entered incorrectly, they drum their fingers at their tables for a few minutes, casually stand and stretch, then coolly saunter to the front desk, no hip-checking involved.  Brian Beckett is a good case study for this type of behaviour.  "Not that it matters in the slightest," he said recently, "but I was four over on the front, and then on the back I had that string of pars, birdied 13, bogeyed a couple and took that double on 18.  So obviously I shot a 74, not a 78."  And although this was all said with a smile, I couldn't help but get the feeling that those pearly whites might just sink into my arm if I didn't hurry up and change his damn score to a 74. 

3).  Does this subset of players care about their score or what the scoring system says about them?  It's hard to say because they would never in a million years be so rude and ungentlemanly as to suggest I had entered one of their scores incorrectly.  Take Paul Crapp for example.  Sometimes just for fun I add a whole digit to his score just to see if I can provoke him into complaining, but nary a grumble is ever floated in my direction.  Bless the wheels that never, ever squeak.  Don't change!  

4).  I mention this next type not for their willingness to complain or not about a wrongly-entered score, but because they really enjoy the scoring system and are darn territorial about it.  Take Gary Scott and Phil Chesher.  Their table is the long one by the patio door, and their side is the one that gives them the view of the TV, and God help the newbie that doesn't know enough not to sit there.  Once I considered moving their table somehere else, just to see what would happen, but then I thought, "No, Jen, that's just mean."  The best is when one of the other guys from their foursome sits beside them.  Then it's like those See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil monkeys, and my day is made!      

Wherever you fit into this particular food chain, I hope you are enjoying Men's League 2018.  Playoffs start next week and will run for the next three games, and this is how we determine the best team of the year.  Each team starts with the points they accumulated through the season, but the format changes from match play to medal play in which each team competes against every other team for their share of the points purse.  The points purse goes up by 25% each week, and a quick look at the standings shows 1st place could ultimately be taken by any one of four or five teams (sorry Shankensteins, I think the sun has officially set for you).  So be sure to play, 'cause you never know when you are going to finally bring your A game.

See you Wednesday,

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T12 Mike Lehoux $17.5
T12 Bob Moscrop $17.5
T12 John Lake $17.5
T12 Lloyd Mongraw $17.5
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T17 Brian Balcombe $15
T17 Lorne Dixon $15
T17 Jim Lee $15
T17 Bob Williams $15
T17 Bill Dubyk $15
T17 Jerome Pare $15
T24 Dave Allan $12.5
T24 Paul Graham $12.5
T26 Wilson Carl $10
T26 Paul Gamsby $10
T26 Gary Payne $10
T26 Ralph Johnston $10
T26 Jim Manley $10
T26 Paul Crapp $10
T26 Bob Bolton $10
T26 Bill Ogilvie $10
T26 Brian Withers $10
T26 Michael Bell $10
T26 Val Melanson $10
T37 Dave Fitzgerald $7.5
T37 Mel Orban $7.5
T37 Harry Hockaday $7.5
T37 Chuck Eldridge $7.5
T41 Art Cody $5
T41 Alex Lubimiv $5
T41 Bernie Blair $5
T41 Mike Hickey $5
T41 Gary Brown $5
T41 Brian Beckett $5
T41 Art Carey $5
T41 Phil McKeating $5
T49 Colin Entwistle $2.5
T49 Barry Marr $2.5
T49 Roger Tessier $2.5
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