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Week 5 Schedule

May 31, 2019 | Posted by Jon Shaver


Grove - Hills

3:42 Bogey Knights Fleet Brake
3:51 Sawshanks RAM
4:00 BTM Electrical Shocker
4:08 Bushwhackers 4 Putts
4:17 Two Balls One Hole LED Signs
4:25 Hack & Slash Eddies Painting
4:34 K&G The Lefties
4:42 2 Guys 1 Cup CHAD


Creek - Grove

3:42 AnD The Spindoctors
3:51 Tag Thee Fanny Packers
4:00 Weapons of Grass Destruction AMEC
4:08 Fort Garry Balls of Fire
4:17 Birdie Derby Supersoft
4:25 New West - Putt Pirates Vinegar Strokes
4:34 Birdie Bandits Canada Cartage
4:42 Tee Matts Bye Week 



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