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Team Contact List

May 16, 2019 | Posted by Jon Shaver

Hey Guys, 

Here is a contact list should you need to contact another team to reschedule a tee time. 

From now on if you cannot make your time on Tuesday night it is your responsibility to contact the other team and reschedule then book with the proshop. 

Please review the contact information I have for you and if it is missing or incorrect let me know so I can update it ASAP. 

Bogey Knights: 

Ashley Pond 403-510-5392 ashley@luxwindows.com
Klaus Hagen   kdhagen@shaw.ca


Weapons of Grass Destruction 

Bob Pitman 403-285-5033 bpitman@pmltd.net;
Brennon Buist 403-909-7755 brennon@epicroofing.ca;


Fleet Brake

Bill Bereza 403-660-0624 bbereza@fleetbrake.com;
Dennis Tremble 403-248-2073 dennybegood@hotmail.com



Garry Heenan 403-990-8048 GWHEENAN@GMAIL.COM
Kevin Emsley 403-874-4226 shop@bootstransport.ca


The Lefties 

George Worrall 587-433-3703. gworrall@telus.net
Brad Crocker 403-408-7018 bcrocker56@outlook.com



Michael Jug 403-614-4571 michaeljug@shaw.ca
Cam McIntosh 403-312-0842 pmsigns@shaw.ca



Dennis Stetz 403-850-2190 dktstetz@shaw.ca
Alex Huddleston 403-461-1102 Alex729Huddleston@gmail.com


2 Balls 1 Hole

Gord Romashenko 403-850-9271 gord.romo@gmail.com
Sheldon Romashenko 403-464-0789 sheldonromashenko@gmail.com


LED Signs

Wade Stinson 403-390-2663 wade.stinson@sick.com
Paul Striegl 403-383-0818 sales@ledsignscalgary.com



Colin Stroeder 403-651-2870 colin.stroeder@amec.com
Mike Reid 403-923-1684 mike.reid@evrazna.com



Mike Droppo   mike_droppo@transmountain.com
Ross Huddleston 403-899-1464 ross.hudd@shaw.ca


Birdie Bandits

Steve Sirivath 403-390-2124 sirsteve9@gmail.com
Luke Ganzer 403-875-7532  



Bruce Matthews 403-835-9161 brucematthews01@hotmail.com
George Coletti 403-875-2255 george_coletti@cpr.ca  


Fort Garry 

Steve Anderson 403-809-9589 Sanderson@FGILTD.ca 
Ken Bay  1-587-226-2298 kbay@fgiltd.ca


Canada Cartage

Tim Pennel 403-619-4157 jtpennel59@gmail.com
Rick Bewick 403-605-3175 rwbewick@gmail.com


Birdie Derby

Richard Derbyshire 403-998-6968 derbyshirerick@hotmail.com
Ron Handziuk 403-389-4874 rhandziuk@specialtyveneers.com


Balls of Fire

Kurt Mckee 4034679691 kgmckee99@gmail.com
Phil Lawrence 4039904944 Golf@p.anorc.com


4 Putts

Ian Pullen 4037714267 ipullen@shaw.ca
Troy Peterson 4038261492 troy.peterson@me.com



Ozzy Dix 403-616-6104 ofdix@hotmail.com
Kelly Martyn   kwmartyn@shaw.ca


Tee Matts 

Matthew Gutfriend 4039783153 matthewgutfriend@gmail.com
Matt Johnson 4036672506 mattjohnson6@hotmail.com


The Fanny Packers 

Davin Jackle 403-998-1744 davinjackle2023@gmail.com
Casey Allan 4038076670 numkey@hotmail.com



Shay Hanratty    shay@thermalal.com
James Hanratty    jhanratty@live.ca


New West - Putt Pirates 

Manpreet Sidhu    manpreet.sidhu@newwesttruck.com
Tyler Favali    Tyler.favali@newwesttruck.com
Mason Scott    Mason.scott@newwesttruck.com


2 Guys 1 Cup

Tyler Gguenther 403-554-3790 tgrambo@hotmail.com
Chris Hunt 403-560-9116 chris.david.hunt@gmail.com


Hack N' Slash 

Jason Graham 587-433-3819 jagraham@wescodist.com
Shane Armstrong 403-464-8287 teknojok@shaw.ca. 



Angelo Daneluzzi 403-815-6022 daneluzzi@shaw.ca
Curt Haugrud 403-899-3893 curt.haugrud@plygem.ca


Vinegar Strokes

Vince Bordun 403-998-0765 vince.bordun@gmail.com
Kevin Britter (403) 837-4474 kevinbrittner@gmail.com



Tim McArthur 403-540-0054 tim.btm@shaw.ca
Brad McArthur 4038130311  



Mike Dirrane 403-510-6623 mike@prominentinstrument.com
Sean Chamnet 403-510-6623 schamney@wesco.com


Eddies Painting 

Rick Pauloski 4038608925 rickp.harmin@shaw.ca
Rob Rathwell 4036818089 ottawa-rob@shaw.ca



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