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2019 Corporate League

Apr 24, 2019 | Posted by Jon Shaver

     Here is the basic outline of this year's league;    

*  There are three pools

*  Teams were randomly placed in their respective pool

*  Beginning on May 7th, teams will compete in a round robin format against the other nine teams within their pool. After these first nine weeks we will likely use the league points to seed teams into a new set of pool's. Teams with the most points into one pool, teams some where in the middle into a second pool, and teams with the fewest points into a third pool. This is the format we went with last year and it seemed to work well, however if you have feedback about this format we would love to hear it. As long as the weather cooperates there should also be an extra week or two to play a team of your choosing. 

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3
The Lefties 4 Putts The Fanny Packers
2 Balls 1 Hole Tee Matts CHAD
AnD Birdie Derby New West - Putt Pirates
Bogey Knights Canada Cartage Eddies Painting
Fleet Brake Birdie Bandits Vinegar Strokes
Weapons of Grass Destruction Sawshanks Shocker
K & G RAM 2 Guys 1 Cup  
AMEC Balls of Fire TaG
LED Signs Fort Garry Hack n Slash
Spindoctors Bushwhackers BTM


In terms of the basic format we will play best ball match play. That means that on each hole the best score from either you or your team mate will be put up against the other teams best score on that hole. If your team has a better score you will be rewarded a stroke and vice versa for the other team. If both teams tie on a hole no strokes are awarded. Players will also be given strokes based on their handicap compared to other players in that match, this will be indicated by a black dot on a given hole. 

In one match there are a possible of three league points to be earned, one point for winning the front nine, one point for winning the back nine, and one point for winning the match overall. In the case of ties these points will be split for half a point for each team. In the end you guys do not need to worry about scoring or handicaps that is for us to take care of in the proshop, your only responsibility is to write down the number of strokes you had on each hole and tally up your total score at the end of the round (and enjoy an evening on the course). The purpose of this league is to have fun with some light hearted competition, and not to stress over formats or scoring.   

For those of you without team names please shoot me an email with your team name or comment on this post. 


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