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Mens Night Week 6

Jun 12, 2018 | Posted by Kwas

Hey Everyone,

That was windy. The lack of deuces was perfect evidence of that as we had 4 deuces. 3 of which did not pay into the pot (Gautam Sinha, Jamie Buchan, Mike Rijavec) Which meant that Jeff Wiseman took home a $295 gift card. Mike Rijavec made up for his lack of deuce pot winnings by taking home low gross and low net. He fired a 37 which translated to a net 32! Good work!

We started awarding a prize to the humanitarian who fixes the most divots during their round - be sure to record how many you repair at the bottom of your scorecard next week.

A reminder to sign up for our June 30th 6/6/6 Event - call the proshop (403) 932 1100 to book that or just pop into the shop to book.

I sent an email to all of you with a link to the US Open pool which costs 20 bucks. Fill it out online and send your money to rileybgolf@gmail.com



Below are the scores for Week 6.

The Lofts 232 vs BogeyMen 233
Bunker Boys 236 vs Weapons of Grass Destruction 234
Whose Your Caddy 227 vs Clutch 0
Dirty Baker Dozen 228 vs Fists of Furyk 253
Shankapotomuses 225 vs GlenEagles Pros and Joes 243
No Gimmies 228 vs The Ocho 242


And for proxies:

KP from Sand #2: Erin Furnell

KP #3: Ralph McCall

Long Putt #9: Dave Marcine

KP #12: Phil Taylor

Longest Putt #14: Todd Holt

KP From Sand #18: Jay Huehn


Perfect Attendance: James Buchan

19th Hole: Dave Smale

Humanitarian - 90 divots fixed - Mark Kish


Deuce Pot Winners $295:

Jeff Wiseman


Thanks for coming out!



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