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Monday Mens Night Week 3

May 16, 2018 | Posted by Kwas

Hello Gentleman!

What a night for golf. Finally got some luck on our side for you guys and it ended up being an awesome night weather wise.  JJ Vanderstam posted his second low gross of the season with a 35! Colin Van Hansen (student of boothby golf) shot a low net of 27. Not many deuces on the course this week resulting in a 105 dollar deuce pot! Useless hacker of the week was our very own Slade King.

Here is the breakdown of week 3 results:

Bunker Boys 221 vs BogeyMen 235
Clutch 0 vs The Ocho 224
Dirty Baker Dozen 227 vs GlenEagles Pros and Joes 225
Fists of Furyk 216 vs Shankapotomuses 220
Whose Your Caddy 231 vs No Gimmies 221
Weapons of Grass Destruction 211 vs The Lofts 245


Low gross - JJ Vanderstam (35) 

Closest to BP #1 - Rob Daumler
Longest putt #4 -Bruce Sittler
KP #8 - Rob Daumler
KP #12 - Marcel Berube
Longest Putt #14 -Rudy Moortgat
Closest to BP #17 - Dave Colin

19th Hole - Devon Walliser

Useless Hacker - Dave Smale 

Perfect Attendance - Juan Merino


Travis Birdsall
Glen Stalker
Rich Young

Enjoy the rest of the week and we will see you all on Monday! 




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Low Team

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