Welcome to the Monday Men's League 2018 Season

Dec 19, 2018 | Posted by Riley


Your 2018 Champs are THE NO GIMMIES!

it was a grind of a season for the best attendance team, they took down some heavy favorites and took home the league title for the first time in franchise history!


moving into 2019 we are compling the league survey data to see if any changes are warnted for the upcoming season.

Registration will begin in the middle parts of January. Stay tuned for updates and emails!



Aug 14, 2018 | Posted by Amy

Mens Night Week 13

Hey guys!


We finally got rid of the rain last night and had some fantastic weather for men's night. Yay!

Travis Birdsall was low gross for the night shooting a 36, and Bob Taylor was low net at 31. Great job guys. 

Divot repair for the night was won by Mike Morrison who repaired 80 divots. Thanks to Dave Hubman, John White and Duane Sobie for also repairing so many divots. 


The scores for this week:

Bunker Boys 242 vs BogeyMen 226
Clutch 0 vs The Ocho 245
Dirty Baker Dozen 217 vs GlenEagles Pros and Joes 216
Fists of Furyk 247 vs Shankapotomuses 227
Whose Your Caddy 218 vs No Gimmies 225
Weapons of Grass Destruction 230 vs The Lofts 227


Proxy winners for the night were:


#1 KPBP: Jeff Pentz

#2 Longest Putt: Marcel Berube

#8 KP: Clay Long

#12 KP: Joel Balcarras

#14 KPBP: Duff French

#18 Longest Putt: Marc Meunier


Deuce Pot winners:


Tyler Dick

Terry Dick (2 of them!)

Travis Birdsall

Collin Von Hansen

Joel Balcarras

Mike Morrison

Shaun McGrath


Thanks for an awesome night guys - everything went really smoothly. See you all next week :)


Aug 6, 2018 | Posted by Kwas

Mens Night Week 12

Hi guys!

Something must have been in the air this week... so many low scores! Jay Huehn claimed low gross with a score of 34, and Terry Hall shot a 35 which allowed him to win low net for the week (27). 


Thanks to those who continue to participate in the divot repair portion of mens nights... we really appreciate all your efforts to keep GlenEagles in pristine condition so that we can all enjoy the course for the rest of the golf season. Mike Morrison repaired 78 divots this week, Mark Kish 48 and Andy Murray 64. 


Onto the scores for this week!

Fists of Furyk 0 vs BogeyMen 203
Bunker Boys 225 vs Shankapotomuses 224
Dirty Baker Dozen 231 vs Clutch 239
The Ocho 246 vs GlenEagles Pros and Joes 235
Weapons of Grass Destruction 240 vs No Gimmies 225

Whose Your Caddy

211 vs The Lofts 228



Proxy winners for the night:


KPBP #1: Myles Blust 

KP in two #4: Trevor Beynon

KP in #5: Dave Collin

KP in two #11: Jeff Wiseman

KPBP #13: John McNaughton

KP #16: Duane Sobie 


Deuce pot winners:


Blair Van Camp

Tom Kwan

Randy Cody

Terry Hall

Todd Holt

Duane Sobie 

Dave Collin


Great work this week guys. See you on the 13th for the next "official" mens night!










Jul 24, 2018 | Posted by Amy

Week 11

Hi guys! Amy here. 


Unfortunately the storm stole a couple of our golfers yesterday, but on the bright side, it actually turned out to be a nice night by 5 o'clock. Mark Kish took low gross with a score of 35, and Devon Walliser was low net for the night at 32. 


Thanks to everyone who continues to participate in our divot repair portion of the night - Mike Morrison repaired 58 last night and won a hat and divot tool for his appreciated efforts. 


Be sure to check out the FedEx cup rankings online to see where you're at.


Below are the scores for week 7!

No Gimmies 228 vs BogeyMen 240
Bunker Boys 231 vs The Lofts 250
Clutch 0 vs Shankapotomuses 229
Dirty Baker Dozen 245 vs The Ocho 0
Fists of Furyk 229 vs GlenEagles Pros and Joes 219
Whose Your Caddy 229 vs

Weapons of Grass Destruction



And for proxies:


KP Barber Pole #1: Lindsay McEachern 

KP #5: Mark Kish

Longest Putt #7: Matt Slomka

KP #12: Jeff Wiseman

KP Barber Pole #13: Rich Young

Longest Putt #17: Randy Cody


Useless Hacker for the week was Will Wynia

19th Hole: Rob Daumler

Perfect Attendance: John McNaughton 


Deuce Pot Winners for the night:

Jeff Wiseman

Travis Birdsall

Craig Forbes

Lindsay McEachern

Gary Pilling


Thanks for coming out guys! Enjoy the remainder of the week and we'll see you all next Monday.

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2018 Monday Men's League / Off Season In Review

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