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Week 8

Jul 10, 2018 | Posted by Riley

Men’s Night Week 8


Hi everyone! June 28th was an interesting one! Something about tonight brought out many people’s best golf game – with 7 guys winning deuce pot money! Jay Longden took low gross score, and Dan Kelly claimed low net.


Below are the scores for week 8!


Proxy winners:

KPBP #1: Paul Szczerba

KP #5: Mark Sherwood

LP #6: Dave Pederson

KPBP#13: Todd Thue

LP #15: Rene Bjornson

KP #16: Dave Sissons


Perfect Attendance: Hal Firlotte

19th Hole: Stephen Stepp             

Useless Hacker: Art Teppler


Deuce Pot Winners (many of them tonight!):

Dave Sissons

Dave Maksymec

Ralph Sandl

Mark Sherwood

Andy Willigar

Mason Kramer

Carson Hagerman


That’s all from me for tonight guys.  Hope you have a great Canada Day long weekend, and we look forward to having you out next week.



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Low Team

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