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Week 7

Jul 10, 2018 | Posted by Riley

Men’s Night Week 7


Hey guys. Hope everyone is well. What a beautiful night for men’s night – thanks Mother Nature!  Not only were we provided with great weather, it was a great night of golf too – some low scores, exciting prizes (Taylormade M4 Driver!) and a nice $89 for each deuce pot winner. Low gross winner was Duane Sobie this week with a 37, and Chris West took low net score with 30.


Below are the scores for week 7!


And the proxy winners for the night:

#1 KPBP: Kevin Walsh

#3 KP: Scott Loone

#6 Gully Draw: Tyler Reid

#17 Hill: Rick Armstrong

#13KPBP: Casey

#16 KP: Brad Hopper


Perfect Attendance: Garry Brooks

19th Hole: Jay Bruchet M4 WINNER

Useless Hacker: Calvin Roberts



Deuce Pot Winners:

Jay Longden

Matt Foudy

Dave Holmes

Efren Ramos

Tyler Wood 


That’s it! Hoping next week is just as great as today was. We’ll see you guys then.



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