Welcome to the Thursday Men's Night 2014 Season

Feb 25, 2015 | Posted by Riley B

2015 Season

Things were looking pretty good for an early start. But the snow has fallen and ruined all hope. Although we are still slating an end of March opening date. 


The Mens night is set to open the first week of May with an orientation night the last Thursday of April.


Stay tuned for date changes and any other info.

Oct 4, 2014 | Posted by Riley

2014 in Review

2014 is a wrap for our first year of our Thursday Mens night!!!!!

Our League Champs are the MOTHER HACKERS. These guys were steady all year with 6 wins throughout the year.

Congrats to:

Brad Hopper

Rick Bergshoeff

Captain Dave Christie

Travis Rodney

Kris Wall

Darcy Spicer

Dwayne Dronyk

Greg Coulter

Leif Davidson


Our B pool Champs were Rusty Cup. They were right up there all year but come play off time got knocked off by the champs early on.


Our Horse Race Champ Was Rene Bjornson defeating out Greg Reid.


Thanks again everyone for a good year!!

Stay tuned for a year end email and for registration for next year!!

Sep 29, 2014 | Posted by Riley

Round 2/ Finals next week

Round two is in the books gents we have MOTHER HACKERS VERSING THE HARLEM GOLF TROTTERS for the championship and Rusty Cup taking on Fairway to heaven

For everyone still in the finals you still need to book times as usual if you havent already. 


For everyone else we are having a 5:30 horse race. The price will be the same but will include a roast beef dinner to finsh off the year.

fire me an email if you havent already signed up

Sep 18, 2014 | Posted by RIley


Round one is finished, Things went as planned with no upsets from the lower seeds.


Rudy Moortgat won Kp to barber post on one

#5 KP was Brad Hopper with a deuce to top it off

#9 Long Putt was Greg Coulter 


For the winners   Mother Hackers took down  3 off the tee

                            Harlem Golf Trotters defeated Lying Bastards

                            Boondock Shanks won over Fairway to Heaven

                            Classy Hookers also took down Rusty cup 


The winners advance to pool A and losers to pool B.




For all the losers following next weeks round we will be having a Horse Race on OCTOBER 2nd as a send off for the 2014 season.

We will be having a good baquet dinner and prizes for all the winners. 


for all golfers in the finals we will be adjusting the teesheet to make things interesting and everyone out of the competition will be playing in the horse race


Thanks guys and see you next week



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August 21st

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August 7th

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Week 10

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July 24th

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July 17th

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July 10th

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July 3rd

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Week 4 & 5

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Week 3

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Week 1

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2014 Thursday Men's Night

May 25, 2014 | Posted by Riley Boothby

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Thursday Men's Night Sponsors:

Tommy Gun's Barbershop

Official Sponsor - Cochrane Golf Ranking

Cochrane Toyota Mens League

2020 Title Sponsor

2014 Champions are 








B Pool Champs are

Rusty Cup


Our First annual Horse race was also won by Rene Bjornson