Welcome to the Ladies League 2018 Season

2018 Ladies League

We are pleased to introduce the new and improved Ladies League. Beginning in 2018 we are introducing a new scoring program specifically designed for our Ladies League. Thanks to this very unique web based program we have the ability to display live scoring in the lounge!

Scoring for this year will be based on a team format; teams will compete in a season-long round robin competition. Team scores are comprised of the total of the teams Standard scores. Winning teams receive 10 points, losers get nothing and in the event of a tie, each team receives 5 points. An additional bonus point is awarded for each participant regardless of the outcome of the match as long as the team fields the minimum players required. All of this information will be displayed on the TV in the upstairs lounge. As players finish their round the scores are entered by the Pro Shop and then immediately displayed on the TV in the upstairs lounge. Ladies League participants can now relax after the round, enjoy a beverage, partake in the weekly Ladies League food special and watch how their team and fellow members did. The information is updated in real-time so the standings and scoring information changes many, many times throughout the day making for some very entertaining viewing. In addition to the overall standings, information regarding each players score, low net, low gross, who beat the pro and how your team Captain played is available on this site at any time of the day.

Sign up sheets will be posted in early April so please get your name in early. It should be a great year!

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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
T1 Judy Poirier $32.5
T1 Joy Hunt $32.5
3 Patricia Underhill $27.5
4 Lori Christie $25
T5 Pia Noble $22.5
T5 Noreen Jarvis $22.5
T5 Donna Kearney $22.5
T5 Jenny Ellis $22.5
T9 Penny Arp $20
T9 Sue Heward $20
T9 Barbara Potter $20
T9 Joan Carstairs $20
T13 Anna Paziuk $17.5
T13 Margaret Williams $17.5
T13 Jacqueline Gaudreau $17.5
T13 Pat Morrison $17.5
T13 Alice Petryk $17.5
T18 Elaine Eaton $15
T18 Pat Smith $15
T18 Maxine Symes $15
T18 Shelly Davis $15
T22 Debbie Smith $12.5
T22 Debbie Hynes $12.5
T22 Randy Prue $12.5
T22 Irene Malinowski $12.5
T22 Barbara Aylesworth $12.5
T27 Marty Jordan $10
T27 Judy Pitt $10
T27 Carole Kinnear $10
T27 Marianne Becker $10
T27 Bev Bacon $10
32 Gail McNabb $7.5
T33 Ina Black $5
T33 Fran Micks $5
T33 Sherry Telford $5
T33 Pam Kendall $5
T33 Coralia Reid $5
T33 Barbara Yates $5
T33 Janet McConkey $5
T33 Maria Zielinski $5
T33 Janet Hazlewood $5
T33 Linda Kelly $5
T33 Vicki Moore $5
T33 Barbara Allan $5
T33 Rita Samms $5
T33 Betty Arnold $5
T33 Sandie McNabb $5
T33 Donna Dunbar $5
T33 Marilyn Brown $5
T33 Joan Lynch $5
T33 Linda Masse $5
T33 Pat Dent $5
T33 Sandra Walsh $5
T33 Anne Holsworth $5
T33 Marion Fader $5
Total Payout $670