Welcome to the Ladies League 2017 Season

Sep 18, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

League Ends

We called it a day after completing our 12 weeks of regular competition. The 3 rounds of playoffs have been cancelled due to having had to cancel 5, yes 5, weeks due to inclement weather! 

The final team standings are:    1st  The Wedgies                    252 points

                                                          2nd  Par Tee Girls                  232 points

                                                          3rd  Swing'n Sisters               200 points

                                                          4th  Designated Drivers         168 points

The Designated Drivers struggled all season, mostly due to lack of attendance. Next season I would recommend a different method of Team selection.

There were some mistakes in the inputting of scores, mostly for the wrong colour of tees played from. I have tried to rectify those players whose tee colours were wrong. The final outcome was not affected by these mistakes.

It was a joy to watch players improve as the season progressed: Toshena, reporting that she can now hit over the ditch on #15 with her second shot, Carole reporting how close she is to breaking 100, Debbie, reporting many less 8's on her score card, Margaret wanting to keep her score card because she had her "best score" ever, Rita and Pat reporting, "a very good game", to name a few.


Aug 9, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

The Wedgies are on a roll

The Wedgies are on a roll having won on Aug 1 and 8. See the Garrison League web site for the detailed results. Of note was Judy poirier's sparkling 38 gross on Aug 1st, winning her low net as well. Yesterday, Aug 8 saw a tie for low net of 31, with Margaret Williams prevailing on a count back from Pat Morrison and Chris Barrick. Carole Beaudin-Hayes was close behind at 32. She has been so close to breaking 100 for the first time, perhaps next week. 

      We have 3 weeks of catch up before the regular League ends on 29th, then it is playoffs, unless players wish to end early and not have playoffs. The Captains may have an opinion.


Jul 21, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

Neck and Neck, how close is that?

Players handicaps certainly have evened out by this 7th League Day, and the results bear witness. Par Tee Girls tied with the Designated Drivers at 246 strokes each, closely followed by The Wedgies at 247 strokes and Swing’n Sisters at 248 strokes. (PTG’s beat TW’s and DD’s beat SS’s).

Lori Christie, 40 low gross yellow tees, tie broken (Colleen Ward).

Pia Noble, 42, low gross red tees, tie broken (Vicki Moore)

Cathy McNutt, 32, low net, tie broken (Sandie McNabb).

In the Statistics Department, Joy Hunt leads in the Low Gross average of 40.67, closely followed by Lori Christie with 41.8. Low net average is lead by Fran Micks with 35.40 followed by Marianne Becker with 36.6.

Tip of the day--- a glass of beer BEFORE play leads to relaxation and perhaps a better score according to several who have tried this.

Jul 17, 2017 | Posted by J. Ellis

Chicken BBQ proved to be very popular

Shawn outdid himself in the kitchen with chicken kebabs, baked potatoes and salads. The women really appreciated his efforts.

Despite being told that we there would be no toilets, water or power available, 53 arrived to play. The information proved to be incorrect except for the power outage which lasted fully 5 minutes!!

On the course, The Wedgies won the day, just 2 strokes better than the Swing'n Sisters. Designated Drivers defeated the Par Tee Girls and are moving up in the rankings.

On a count back Colleen Ward proved to be the best 41 gross over Lori Chritie (also from Yellow Tees) and Vicki Moore from the Reds. Annette Kemper and Toshena Anstey tied for low net with 32 each, with Annette winning on the count back, well done.

Congratulations to Club and Senior Club Champion Lori Christie, and Pia Noble, the Club and Senior Club low net winner.

Swing'n Sisters swish to the win.

Jul 7, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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Fine conditions lead to low scores

Jun 22, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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The Wedgies to the Fore

Jun 15, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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Beware of ticks.

Jun 3, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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May 25, 2017 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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Sept 5


Swing'n Sisters 245



Rita Samms 29



Rita Samms 40



     Lori Christie 43



Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
T1 Toshena Anstey $35
T1 Margaret Williams $35
T1 Cathy McNutt $35
T4 Sandy Murphy $30
T4 Marty Jordan $30
T4 Noreen Jarvis $30
T4 Sue Heward $30
T4 Donna Davis $30
T9 Donna Kearney $25
T9 Marilyn Brown $25
T9 Judy Poirier $25
T9 Susan Nelson $25
T9 Pat Morrison $25
T14 Pat Dent $20
T14 Rita Samms $20
T14 Marianne Becker $20
T14 Wendy MacKay $20
T14 Fran Micks $20
19 Pam Kendall $17.5
T20 Irene Malinowski $15
T20 Anna Paziuk $15
T20 Anne Holsworth $15
T20 Judy Pitt $15
T20 Sandra Walsh $15
T20 Lori Christie $15
T20 Carole Beaudin-Hayes $15
T20 Barbara Yates $15
T20 Annette Kemper $15
T20 Pia Noble $15
T30 Nancy Morrow $12.5
T30 Janet Hazlewood $12.5
T30 Marion Fader $12.5
T30 Maria Zielinski $12.5
T30 Sandie McNabb $12.5
T30 Linda Tripp $12.5
T30 Irene Stevens $12.5
T30 Nancy Gaudet $12.5
T30 Jackie Morris $12.5
T30 Chris Barrick $12.5
T40 Coralia Reid $10
T40 Donna McQuillan $10
T40 Sherry Telford $10
T40 Alicia Gordon $10
T40 Joan Stevenson $10
T40 Hope Lemieux $10
T40 Judy Chown $10
T47 Nadine Jarvis $7.5
T47 Amanda Gallagher $7.5
T47 Vicki Moore $7.5
T47 Betty Slade $7.5
T51 Jenny Ellis $5
T51 Donna Perrin $5
T51 Sheila Kingston $5
T54 Alice Petryk $2.5
T54 Linda Kelly $2.5
T54 Joy Hunt $2.5
T54 Suzie Julien $2.5
T54 Betty Arnold $2.5
T54 Randy Prue $2.5
T54 Aylesworth Barbara $2.5
T54 Debbie Smith $2.5
T54 Colleen Ward $2.5
Total Payout $910