Welcome to the Ladies League 2016 Season

Sep 9, 2016 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

AND THE WINNER IS - - - ! ! !

The CHICKS WITH STICKS rallied their forces and surged over the finish line with a final flourish brandishing their STICKS in triumph.

Final tally is: Chicks with Sticks 272, Hopeful Hackers 267, Thunder Birdies 266, and Gimme Pars 253.

Marianne Becker joined Pia Noble (with an awesome 39 gross) in low net of 31. Pia was also low gross from the Reds and Lori Christie had a 39 from the Yellows.

After 15 weeks the 2016 League is finished. Two more FUN Ladies Nights remain, Sept 13 and 20, before the Closing Scramble and Banquet on September 25th.

Sep 2, 2016 | Posted by Jenny E.

Round 2 playoffs with 1 to go

The Team scores are close. Thunder Birdies won the day and have taken the overall the lead passing  the Chicks and Gimme Pars. 

Scores for August 30th: Thunder Birdies 245, Hopeful Hackers 247,  Gimme Pars 255 and Chicks with Sticks 257.

Overall standings are: Thunder Birdies247, Gimme Pars 241, Chicks with Sticks 235 and Hopeful Hackers 234.

Joy Hunt excelled with a 38 gross from the yellows, and tied Amanda Gallagher for low net at 32. Fran Micks had a sizzling 42 gross from the reds.

One week to go!

Aug 25, 2016 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

Round 1 of Playoffs

The Gimme Pars lead the way followed by Thunder Birdies, then Hopeful Hackers, then Chicks with Sticks. Chicks were hurt because they had 7 participants only while the others had 11 and 12.

Overall standings are Chicks with Sticks 224, Gimme Pars 223, Thunder Birdies 217, Hopeful Hackers 190. 

Amanda Gallagher came in low with a net 33, congratulations (43 gross which included 2 OBs, impressive).

Special mention goes to Barbara Yates, and Maria Zielinski, each with 34 net.

Points awarded rise next week, the race is on!




Aug 21, 2016 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

3 rounds of playoffs begin

Playoffs in round robin format begin on August 23rd. Standings at the end of the regular season are:

Chicks with Sticks  215, Gimme Pars  197, Thunder Birdies  195, Hopeful Hackers  190.

For point format for the Playoffs see the league information on the Club House and Pro Shop notice boards.

Points are awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places each week. At the end of 3 weeks, the playoff points are added to the end of season total, to decide the Grand Winner! Of course participation points are added also.

NEWS FLASH  Marion Fader had a HOLE IN 1 on the 7th. Congratulations Marion.


Last League Day coming up

Aug 7, 2016 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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Gimme Pars Squeak in by 1 Stroke

Jul 27, 2016 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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Keen Players Lead to Low Scores

Jul 13, 2016 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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Winning team

Chicks with Sticks



Low net

Marianne Becker

Pia Noble tied




Low Gross/Red

Pia Noble




Low Gross/Yellow

Lori Christie



Closest to pin on #7

Jan Hazlewood


Longest Putt on #9

Jackie Morris





Weather on course
-15℃ / Mainly clear
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Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Marion Fader $40
T2 Vicki Moore $35
T2 Maria Zielinski $35
T2 Alice Petryk $35
T2 Judy Poirier $35
T2 Pat Morrison $35
T2 Chris Barrick $35
T2 Margaret Williams $35
T2 Coralia Reid $35
T10 Suzie Julien $30
T10 Pia Noble $30
T12 Lisa Freeman $20
T12 Marianne Becker $20
T12 Debbie Slack $20
T12 Linda Kelly $20
T12 Amanda Gallagher $20
T12 Randy Prue $20
T18 Jill Moore $15
T18 Donna Davis $15
T18 Susan Nelson $15
T18 Judy Pitt $15
T18 Janet Hazlewood $15
T18 Jean Sutherland $15
T18 Cathy McNutt $15
T18 Donna Kearney $15
T18 Sherry Telford $15
T18 Barbara Yates $15
T18 Carole Beaudin-Hayes $15
T18 Sue Heward $15
T18 Noreen Jarvis $15
T18 Pat Dent $15
T18 Marilyn Brown $15
T18 Rita Samms $15
T34 Jacqueline Gaudreau $10
T34 Donna McQuillan $10
T34 Jessica Bouchard $10
T34 Fran Micks $10
T34 Wendy MacKay $10
T34 Irene Malinowski $10
T34 Janet Pentney $10
T34 Pat Butler $10
T34 Toshena Anstey $10
T34 Lori Christie $10
T34 Elaine Eaton $10
T34 Pam Kendall $10
T34 Liz Horton $10
T34 Irene Stevens $10
T34 Betty Slade $10
T34 Sharon McCreery $10
T34 Colleen Ward $10
T34 Nadine Jarvis $10
T34 Anne Holsworth $10
T53 Marjery West $5
T53 Joy Hunt $5
T53 Jackie Morris $5
T53 Sandra Walsh $5
T53 Betty Arnold $5
T53 Mari Sun $5
T53 Carole Martineau $5
T53 Nancy Morrow $5
T53 Jenny Ellis $5
Total Payout $975