Welcome to the Ladies League 2015 Season

Sep 17, 2015 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

And the League Winner is!!!

WELL, how about that!!

At the end of the regular seaon after each team had played the other three, three times, the standings were:-

Bunker Babes 183, Dangerous Divas 156, Whiffers 136, Golfettes 129. Going into the 3 rounds of Playoffs, team totals were halved.

After three playoff rounds with points allocated as listed on the Sept 1 blog, the final standings are:-

Dangerous Divas 169, Bunker Babes, 135 Golfettes 127, and Whiffers 115. ( See Standings under Playoffs on Garrison Golfscoring.net web site).



100% proficience, (score counted every time she played)       Deborah Reimer

Average Low Gross                                                                           Colleen Ward    41.64

Average Low Net               Donna Kearney and Jenny Ellis tied with                     36.67


100% attendance (15 times) Marilyn Brown and Jenny Ellis

Average attendance for the League, 34 players.

Take a look at the statistics on the web site, to find all sorts of interesting data.

We have 2 more Tuesdays to play, but no more League. THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING.

Sep 9, 2015 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

Playoffs Week 2

Dangerous Divas were out in force, 11 players, and have now overtaken the "Babes". The D. D's lead  by 10 points. Golfettes scored very well, overtaking the Whiffers. League standings are as follows: D. D's 134, B. B's 124, Golfettes 102 and Whiffers 97. Hang on to your hats as we head into the final League day next week, September 15th.

41 "Leaguers" braved the heat and played their hearts out for some very low scores. Colleen Ward shot 37 gross while Alice Petryk was 30 net, both D. D's. Honourable mentions go to Deborah Reimer, 38 gross, and Noreen Jarvis, 31 net.

After next week we have 2 weeks of "fun" before the Closing Day Scramble and dinner on Sunday October 4th. Please sign up for this either at the Pro Shop or in the Ladies locker room.

Sep 2, 2015 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

Playoffs Week 1

League  competitors were out in force, 39 in total, for the first week of the playoffs. End of season points have been halved in order to add "spice" to the race to see who wins.

Sept 1st winner is the Dangerous Divas Team, well done, you are hot on the heels of the B.B's in overall points, see below.

Before Sept 1 results came in points were as follows: Bunker Babes 91, Dangerous Divas 78, Whiffers 68, Golfettes 64.

After play on Sept 1 points are as follows:                       Bunker Babes 106, Dangerous Divas 103, Whiffers 85, Golfettes 78

Pia Noble had a very good round and went low with 31 net, while Colleen Ward was low gross with 41, both are D.D's.

Would you believe that there has been a different winner each week in the low net category!!

Two weeks to go.                                                WHO WILL WIN? 



Aug 30, 2015 | Posted by Jenny Ellis


Playoffs are upon us for the next 3 weeks. Results for the regular season are: Bunker Babes 183, Dangerous Divas 156 Whiffers 136 Golfettes 129. congratulations to the B. B's, but the season is not yet over!

After much discussion with the 4 Team Captains and Jim Laidley League rep. the playoff format is as follows:

Playoffs are similar to the Fed Ex Cup, yet is still accompanied by the usual participation points and weekly prizes.

The playoffs are contested in a medal play format.  Simply stated, teams compete against all of the other teams for a piece of the weekly purse, which is represented by points.  The lower/better your team's score, the more points your team will earn for that particular week.

  • Teams start the playoffs with half the points they earned in the regular season.
  • Teams win points based on their weekly place relative to each other, so there is no more Team vs Team.
  • The number of points available each week increases to add challenge, excitement and the opportunity to make up ground quickly if your team does well and those above you falter. 


First Round -     Sept 1         

                                1st Place team:  14 points

                                2nd Place Team 12 points

                                3rd place team   8 points

                                4th place team   6 points


Second Round -    Sept 8           

                                1st Place team:   20 points

                                2nd Place Team  14 points

                                3rd place team    8 points

                                4th place team    2 points


Third Round -      Sept 15         

                                1st Place team:   26 points

                                2nd Place Team  18 points

                                3rd place team    10 points

                                4th place team    2 points



During the playoffs:

  • Participation points still count
  • Weekly prizes will still be awarded.

Have fun, play well and good luck!

2015 Ladies League

May 20, 2015 | Posted by Jenny Ellis

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This Week’s Impressive Performances…

Final week of Playoffs

Low Team

Dangerous Divas



Low Net

Julia Sobolewska






















































Money List
Pos. Name Winnings
1 Marilyn Brown $37.5
T2 Julia Sobolewska $35
T2 Sherry Telford $35
T2 Donna Kearney $35
T2 Pia Noble $35
T2 Vicki Moore $35
T7 Donna Davis $30
T7 Judy Pitt $30
T7 Colleen Ward $30
T7 Janet Hazlewood $30
T7 Margaret Williams $30
T7 Cathy McNutt $30
T13 Marianne Becker $27.5
T13 Alice Petryk $27.5
T13 Janet Pentney $27.5
T13 Liz Flesch $27.5
T17 Marie Elyse Dugal $25
T17 Fran Micks $25
T19 Suzie Julien $22.5
T19 Nancy Morrow $22.5
T19 Janet Coathup $22.5
22 Noreen Jarvis $20
T23 Nadine Jarvis $15
T23 Chris Barrick $15
T23 Jenny Ellis $15
26 Joy Hunt $12.5
T27 Betty Arnold $10
T27 Irene Malinowski $10
T27 Anne Holsworth $10
T27 Anna Paziuk $10
T31 Jacqueline Gaudreau $5
T31 Judy Poirier $5
T31 Toshena Anstey $5
T31 Rita Samms $5
T31 Pat Dent $5
Total Payout $762.5